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High-Speed Robot Hand Shows Dexterity and Speed

BigScoob Joe Rogan had this already... (133 comments)

worst part of all, I saw this after Joe Rogan sent a tweet on it today... That was before slashdot got it... shit the world is ending...

more than 5 years ago

Abused, But Working Hardware Stories?

BigScoob Cisco 4500.... (1352 comments)

Once had a Cisco 4500 With 1 Ethernet 1 Token Ring and 1 HSSI card running even though the entire bottom of the case had rusted and a hole about 5 inches in diameter had fallen out. The router had never (obviously) been put in the rack and had sat in some water from when the AC Unit (big ass Leibert) had gone out about 18 months before hand. We were able to keep the thing going about 5 more months before we upgraded and killed the Token Ring segment. The damn thing would still be running if we hadn't gone to 100Mb...

more than 10 years ago


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