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A Worm's Mind In a Lego Body

BiggerIsBetter Re:An interesting specimen (200 comments)

Today, I stumbled across the name again, when Wikipedia informed me that Caenorhabditis elegans is the most primitive animal that sleeps. Now I find that there's a robot worm that I'd consider to be alive.

Does the robot worm sleep?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

BiggerIsBetter Re:TDD FDD (232 comments)

Having some experience with both FDD and TDD, I can attest that test driven culture where automated testing is fully integrated into the dev process pretty much addresses all three of your conditions.

Or combine them. I've seen amazing things happen when the developers are fearful of the testers.

about 4 months ago

Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

BiggerIsBetter Re:It's easy to fix (561 comments)

How far back are you gonna go? Where you were born, or your parents, or theirs? It's 2014... We're all just folk now.

about 5 months ago

The NSA Is Recording Every Cell Phone Call In the Bahamas

BiggerIsBetter There's an app for that. (205 comments)

I guess we have to accept that we can't trust The Powers That Be to respect our right to privacy. Fortunately there are options.

I reckon more folks should be installing Open Whisper Systems RedPhone for encrypting their own calls. https://whispersystems.org/

Then there's always the Blackphone handset for more serious business too. https://www.blackphone.ch/phone/

I supposed if you were really paranoid you could run RedPhone on your Blackphone...

about 8 months ago

How Nest and FitBit Might Spy On You For Cash

BiggerIsBetter Re:Will most consumers care? (93 comments)

On another note, I want something that attaches to a barbell and tracks the speed of the bar and can automatically count my reps by interfacing to a strength tracker app on my phone. I know there is someone on this site that can do that.

Sounds like a good application for a Smart Watch, assuming it has accelerometers, heart rate monitor, etc. I know some folks don't like to train with a watch on, but if you did it could count reps tell you when to slow down, speed up, etc.

about 9 months ago

Kingston Introduces 1TB Flash Drive

BiggerIsBetter Re:Seems it was only a few years ago... (170 comments)

Hard to beat the GB/$ deal with hard drives, but with 1 year warranties and a lot of DOA deliveries, plus quite a lot of drives which seem to die within the first year, I'm not super inclined to put my valuable files on them.

IMHO, the current way to go is big old spinning disks configured as RAID on a NAS for bulk storage, and SSD for PC/Laptop/etc drives. Your valuable files are safe enough and you get great OS performance without breaking the bank on big SSDs...

about 2 years ago

"Anonymous" File-Sharing Darknet Ruled Illegal By German Court

BiggerIsBetter Re:Hindsight is 20/20 (285 comments)

Paging Admiral Ackbar...

more than 2 years ago

Mathematicians Extend Einstein's Special Relativity Beyond Speed of Light

BiggerIsBetter Re:Did you take any science courses at all? (381 comments)

Depends... What's your definition of a negative frequency? A frequency out of phase with a positive one might qualify. I'm pretty sure you can make one of those... and Ars Technica had an article on negative frequency photons a while back too.

more than 2 years ago

They Work Long Hours, But What About Results?

BiggerIsBetter Re:similar issue. Open Plan (285 comments)

While I don't mind answering and helping people, it means I get none of my actual own work done.

Perhaps you misunderstand your job? Sounds like you're a team lead, and if so, a good part of your job is to help other people get their work done. If you don't have time to do the other tasks then you need to delegate them and help where necessary.

more than 2 years ago

The Truth About Hiring "Rock Star" Developers

BiggerIsBetter Re:Its about culture (487 comments)

But, I prefer to find a balance in the middle, one that allows some of the freedoms of coders in a cave but with the feedback and guidance provided by the parts of the company that matter.

Wow. You're awesome. Shame the developers aren't one of the parts of the company that matter.

4. Do not promote your best developers to be managers...

I mostly agree with the list you've written, except for this part. It a) implies that a management role is more important rather than just a different role in the greater team, and b) you'll lose your best seniors if you don't give them a career path beyond just cutting more code.

Until organisations get over their manager > "resource" mentality they're doomed to mediocrity (at best). Yes culture matters, but that's not so much a factor of giving devs a free coke or the tools they ask for, it's about respect, it's about the team (including the testeres, analysts, PMs, etc) and about the collective way things roll. It's more about them than it is about you.

more than 2 years ago

Touch Interfaces In Cars Difficult To Use

BiggerIsBetter Re:Never a good idea.. (233 comments)

What about blind people? They have no problem using real buttons, how will they be able to use the new 'smart' system?

They probably shouldn't be driving anyway.

more than 2 years ago

Are Indian High Schoolers Manning Your IBM Help Desk?

BiggerIsBetter Re:No shit sherlock (237 comments)

These resources are replacing India resources as those resources are getting harder to get. Not surprisingly, years of outsourcing to India has built an in country demand. The best and brightest head there because the hours are better, and often the pay is better too.

As for the Indian work quality... it varies. I have worked with some that were as good as any US tech, and some that are mere chair warmers.
It definitely takes 2 to 4 to match a quality US resources, but you can afford to do that.

Any customer can demand US only resources if they are willing to pay for it... but they are willing to do so.

Please don't call them that. It's dehumanizing. They're people, perhaps employees, staff, or workers, but not "resources". Show some respect - they're the people that keep companies producing and keep the managers (who call them resources) employed.

more than 2 years ago

TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

BiggerIsBetter Re:TSA is a 100% failure (1174 comments)

Give us our freedom back you assholes.

Asking nicely has never worked. If it's freedom you want, you have to take it and then you have to defend it.

"Lest we forget"

more than 2 years ago

Snoozing Pilot Mistakes Venus For Aircraft; Panic, Injuries Ensue

BiggerIsBetter Re:No seatbelts? (307 comments)

its not a LAWFUL ORDER you fucking MORON. it a request. you can ignore it.
crew are not LEOs. they cant issue lawful orders.

Federal Aviation Regulations require passenger compliance with lighted passenger information signs and crewmember instructions concerning the use of safety belts.

So sit down, buckle your seat belt, and STFU.

more than 2 years ago

The Ineffectiveness of TSA Body Scanners

BiggerIsBetter Re:Security theatre (494 comments)

There are so many ways one could commit an act of terrorism at an airport without getting on a plane if one were so inclined (I'm not, by the way!) and every time I fly I see more.

The fact that you and others here feel the need to add disclaimers like "(I'm not, by the way!)" says a lot about the oppressiveness of the current regime. People are constantly aware that their comments may be monitored and there may be implications to speaking the truth.

I think I've heard this story before somewhere...

more than 2 years ago

Mysterious Dark Matter Blob Confounds Experts

BiggerIsBetter Re:From my understanding... (151 comments)

Interesting theory and similar to things I've wondered about too. It might one of those theories that's very difficult to prove either way.

more than 2 years ago

Hackers In Space: Designing A Ground Station

BiggerIsBetter Re:Work on the easy stuff first. (95 comments)

The big problem with amateur radio is that commercial traffic is not allowed. That is, no connection to the internet.

Who said internet access has to be commercial? At the low bitrates you're talking about there would be plenty of people donating their bandwidth.

more than 2 years ago

AMD: What Went Wrong?

BiggerIsBetter Re:Products (497 comments)

It certainly didn't help that computer manufacturers have treated AMD as a budget CPU for many years.

Not all of them. Like you say, AMD needs to improve their marketing, right across the performance spectrum.

more than 2 years ago



Three-strikes comes to New Zealand.

BiggerIsBetter BiggerIsBetter writes  |  more than 4 years ago

BiggerIsBetter writes "New Zealand re-introduces three-strike copyright amendment bill, complete with disconnection and $15,000 fines. Creative Freedom NZ has some good links. Be sure to read the bill itself and the remarkably one-sided regulatory impact statement (with sections "omitted"). Looks like the Kiwis are well on their way to getting ACTA in place early, and "consumers" aside, it has serious implications for non-ISP business all over the country."
Link to Original Source

New Zealand Patent Office opens the floodgates.

BiggerIsBetter BiggerIsBetter writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BiggerIsBetter writes "Microsoft has been granted New Zealand patent protection for a "commercially useful" data structure, following in the misguided path of the United States and Australia. There are hints that this may even be applied to database designs, or indeed any arbitrary data container, potentially opening the floodgates for applications and hamstringing innovation within the New Zealand software industry."
Link to Original Source

BiggerIsBetter BiggerIsBetter writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BiggerIsBetter writes "The New Zealand Education Ministry has ordered the removal of Microsoft Office software from 25,000 Apple Macintoshes used in schools around New Zealand. The reason being that Microsoft wanted machines to be licensed whether they used the software or not. "The ministry could not justify the extra $2.7 million being given to Microsoft for software that would not be used," Education Minister Steve Maharey is quoted as saying."


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