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Windows Vista Capable Machines Coming

BinLadenMyHero Re:Hardware Sales (340 comments)

Shouldn't Linix still run "fine" on 32MB? What happened to cause it to bloat?

KDE / Gnome, basically.

Fortunatly, while they are "the default" Linux interface now, you still have choice of many other lightweight environments.

more than 8 years ago


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BinLadenMyHero BinLadenMyHero writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I allways suspected, but now I'm sure, that moderation is done not allways by users who get mod points. Sometimes I have a bunch of old comments modded down at once. Probably some editor feeling insultated by my nick.

I expected that. In fact, I went far longer with it than I hoped, but now it's over, my karma is bad, and the fun is over.

I'll create another account for me.


MOD terrorism

BinLadenMyHero BinLadenMyHero writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Sad to see the moderators (and probably Slashdot editors too) mod my comments down as troll just because of my nick, with no other reason at all. Check my comment history and you'll see.

Well, what should I expect on an American site? My nick name looks like a troll after all, but I didn't choose it just to provoke. That's what I really felt like when I saw the news on 9/11 morning.

Amazingly, at this moment I still have "excelent" karma.

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