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Anonymous Takes Down DOJ, RIAA, MPA and Universal Music

Binary Boy Re:wow (649 comments)

They were not arrested by US agents - they were arrested by New Zealand law enforcement at the request of US agents. So there's absolutely nothing unusual there. Likewise, the seized servers were in Virginia. Whatever you might think of the case itself, your outrage over the method of the arrest is a little misplaced - we have mutual extradition agreements with many countries.

I don't know enough about the site to have an opinion; but if a foreign national, living in a foreign country, stole my identity and ran up charges on my US-based credit cards, tapped out my US-based bank, I would sure hope that US law enforcement (assuming they investigated and agreed there was enough evidence to prosecute) could get the cooperation of the government of the foreign country where the thieves lived and have them extradited for trial here.

And again, before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not commenting on the merit of the case, or comparing piracy to thievery, or whatever. I'm simply saying that as per the international cooperation, there's absolutely nothing unusual here, and I would hope not. This is why we have extradition agreements.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?

Binary Boy Re:Avoid Django (287 comments)

Could not disagree more. I've worked with a variety of Web platforms/frameworks; on my current job, there is a bit of Drupal fandom, despite almost no one having any experience (except me) with Drupal - it's just become a popular buzzword here (another story).

So one of my first projects after arriving, management had already had it in their heads that it would be Drupal-based. After digging in to the requirements for a week, working on a prototype/proof-of-concept, I quickly hit some walls and realized I'd be spending as much time patching bugs in existing Drupal modules as writing original code - the data model is complex and Drupal's database abstraction layer is about as ugly as they get.

Annoyed and frustrated, after a few beers with an old friend the night before, I read the first few pages of the Django getting started docs on the way home one night - by the time I got home I felt like I had a strong sense for how the framework was structured, the conventions it followed, etc - the docs were clear, concise, and the framework sounded elegant and straightforward, with a clean design (unlike Drupal, which seems to suffer from no particular design).

I hit the ground running with Django and haven't turned back - since that first night with it, I've not run into any big surprises - everything just works as expected. The code is solid, the design obvious, and I'm really in love with Python (having only written simple scripts with it in the past).

I don't think I've ever found the docs to be wanting, and not sure what you mean by the config being touchy - it practically holds your hand, the integrated debug mode gets you straightened out quickly. It does help to understand what Pythonic code looks like - Django is pretty damn close to a perfect expression of what it means to be Pythonic, so it's advisable to get comfortable with Python itself of course.

The one thing I thought I'd hate with Python - the use of whitespace as structure - I got used to very quickly, with the help of a decent text editor. Otherwise it's been a joy.


more than 3 years ago

Adobe Ends Development of Flash On Mobile Browsers

Binary Boy Re:The Whole Web (485 comments)

Interestingly enough, this perfectly illustrates the folly of Flash on the Web. A single vendor controls the technology, and can pull the rug out from under it at any time, as they just did. The same cannot be said for HTML.

more than 3 years ago

Google and OpenDNS Work On Global Internet Speedup

Binary Boy Re:Akami? (151 comments)

Speaking of squid, its 2011, is squid ever gonna support ipv6? There's not much software out there that doesn't support v6, and squid is probably the most famous.


more than 2 years ago

Explosive-Laden California Home To Be Destroyed

Binary Boy Re:Owner? (424 comments)

This guy had been building up an explosives cache for years and had not blown himself up. Therefore, one can only conclude that he was taking sufficient safety measures to prevent premature detonation. This, in turn, means that it should have been possible to destroy the explosives without endangering the property. Therefore, the tenant didn't destroy the property.

You moron. The guys gardner nearly got killed because of an explosive going off.

more than 4 years ago

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm To Launch Dec. 7th

Binary Boy Re:Sorry Blizzard, no longer a customer (431 comments)

Just to be clear, Real ID - is opt *in* as you have to explicitly use it. Blizzard doesn't automatically give everyone Real ID friend status and then require you to opt out. Or did I misunderstand your use of "opt out"?

more than 4 years ago

US Banks That Offer Transaction History?

Binary Boy Re:Wells Fargo (359 comments)

Care to expand on that? I've been with Wells Fargo for 14 years and, having also had accounts (along with my wife) at several other national banks, and a credit union, it's the one I've been consistently happiest with. Just curious what makes Wells Fargo the idiot's choice.

more than 4 years ago

Neal Stephenson Unveils His Digital Novel Platform

Binary Boy Re:The 500MB Elephant In The Room (157 comments)

The only reason Wired for iPad is so huge is because of the ridiculous approach to laying out the content using a mass of essentially fullscreen images - not text, style sheets, and discreet graphical elements - thanks to the late stage realization that they couldn't ship an app cross-compiled from Flash... so they created a series of fullscreen imagemaps as a last minute hack, seriously bloating the size compared with a more sane approach.


more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Silverlight 4 vs. Adobe Flash 10.1

Binary Boy Re:WebGL (379 comments)

I mainly work on in-house applications - cool stuff (by virtue of the companies I've worked for), but rarely anything seen outside of the firewall. Working in creative environments means UI/UX is paramount to the success of a project.

I've built frontends for these apps in both Flex and using various JavaScript libraries (mainly jQuery). I have no idea what you mean by "they would never scale" - unless you're stuck supporting older versions of IE, I'm hard pressed to imagine a Web-based UI that would require more umph than modern JavaScript interpreters can deliver, but it is possible - I have a number of backend data management tools for a few projects, which I use to manipulate large datasets, and even current releases of Firefox is crushed by the jQuery work I'm doing, though Chrome and Safari both are snappy. For the frontends, I'm fortunate not to have to support IE, so I target Firefox as the minimum platform (it's currently the slowest JS interpreter I support).

As I mentioned, I also used to do a lot of Flex work - frankly, I loved Flex, and have little negative to say about it. It's everything I wanted from Flash technology as a developer - a consistent runtime... a pretty homogeneous development environment, decent UI libraries, solid database connectivity, easy path to compiling "native" apps with AIR... that said, since getting interested in jQuery I rarely, if ever, have a desire to go back. I'm not sure the choice between the two was purely rational, but I find myself longing for Flex much less now doing work that runs on a browser engine than I longed for HTML/JavaScript/CSS when I was working in Flex.

But again, what do you mean by "they would never scale"? Plenty of massive apps use JavaScript on the frontend... yes, older versions of IE suck terribly as a JavaScript runtime, and even Firefox has it's performance limits. If you have to support IE, and are building internal apps, I highly recommend Flex. If you don't have to support IE, just take your pick - learn both. If your UI is so heavy it's crushing your JavaScript interpreter, you're likely doing something very wrong.

more than 4 years ago

StarCraft II Cost $100 Million To Develop

Binary Boy Re:Not so great (414 comments)

Same. Out of the 200-30 or so matches through various phases of the beta, I've had exactly one person who was an ass (and boy was he) - the rest were either largely silent, or actually outwardly friendly and sportsmanlike. I'm not seeing that - I get an almost entirely friendly and sportsmanlike player in every matchup.

more than 4 years ago

SCOTUS Rules Petiton Signatures Are Public Record

Binary Boy Re:While I agree that anonymity is a good thing... (780 comments)

Every single petition I've ever signed involved:

1. Being asked what city I live in, to determine if I'm eligible
2. Being asked if I'm a registered voter, to determine if I'm eligible
3. Being asked if I've signed the petition yet, to determine if I'm eligible
4. Providing both my signature and printed name, as well as the address where I'm registered to vote

It seems to connect the act of my signing the petition pretty well right back to me - I can't imagine it being much less ambiguous unless they took a picture, thumbprint, or SSN.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe (Temporarily?) Kills 64-Bit Flash For Linux

Binary Boy Re:Adobe has one target market: (272 comments)

Flash Player on OSX has sucked since long before the iPhone, though it has gotten significantly better in that time.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe (Temporarily?) Kills 64-Bit Flash For Linux

Binary Boy Re:Got an Education? (272 comments)

Flash 6 was the first version of Flash to support an even remotely usable video codec, and still only supported the incredibly limited ActionScript 1.0.

You're wrong.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe (Temporarily?) Kills 64-Bit Flash For Linux

Binary Boy Re:Fuck flash (272 comments)


more than 4 years ago

Treasury Goes High-Tech With Redesigned $100 Bills

Binary Boy Re:Wot? (515 comments)

Wow. Last time I was in Italy (2006) I had frequent trouble paying for may items without exact change - not everywhere, but enough to tell me that, at least at that time and place m,any cashiers expected exact change. For instance, I tried to get a bottle of water and an apple with a 20 and had to go to three markets before one would take my bill.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Bans Jailbreakers From the App Store

Binary Boy Re:So they should (507 comments)

Nonsense - I signed up for the iPhone Developer Program as an Individual, as have many. It's one of the first questions asked, as it determines how you're listed in the App Store.

more than 4 years ago

US Grants Home Schooling German Family Political Asylum

Binary Boy Re:Really? (1324 comments)

Well, I doubt someone who works fulltime is going to be homeschooling. Beyond that, most teachers (particularly at the elementary level) have expertise in educational process/techniques more so than in specific subject matter (though most have some subject matter expertise, but rarely in all - or even most - subjects they teach). Much of this training involves crafting lessons in ways that can be understood and appeal to a broad range of students with different learning styles, needs and capacity. When you have one or two children, whom you know intimately, being a subject matter expert may be much more effective than being an educator. For instance, on a one-on-one basis I know I can teach math and computer science much more effectively than my wife; if I had 30 kids to deal with, perhaps she'd do better simply because she better understands the range of teaching styles and methods available.

My wife is a public school teacher in California - award winning, highly regarded, highly educated, and therefore soon to be unemployed. When we have kids, it may well make great sense to home school, and I wouldn't rule it out.

about 5 years ago

BBC Lowers HDTV Bitrate; Users Notice

Binary Boy Re:Focus group... (412 comments)

Actually, it is possible with some products to get higher quality out of the same or lower bitrate when you're using a better encoder - just because they all output bitstreams that comply with the same spec doesn't mean they are all equal, even when given comparable parameters and the same input. Not knowing what encoders BBC was using, and which they switched to, it's hard to say, but there are certainly better and worse encoders, particularly in MPEG-2 (where there's a long history and lot of variety).

That said, I'd not expect a something as radical as a 50% bitrate reduction to result in better encodes unless the original encoder was the original iDVD - the differences are rarely that extreme.

more than 5 years ago

Comcast to Buy 51% of NBC, GE Goes After 49%

Binary Boy Re:Note to Jay Leno (258 comments)

Bah - I hate his show, have never found him funny, but he is well known for being friendly and down to earth in person, unlike many of his peers - he's a lucky bastard and he knows it. I met him briefly once (working in the automotive media industry in LA) and had a similar experience as the GP, and everyone I know who's had encounters with him has said the same.

Not all celebs are total douches, and making a ton of money doing something that is basically harmless and using it to enjoy your life is forgivable in my book.

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear - I agree with the overrated network whore with pedestrian humor part.

more than 5 years ago



Manning Turned in To Stroke Lamo's Own Ego

Binary Boy Binary Boy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Binary Boy (2407) writes "Bradley Manning, the US Army Private arrested recently by the Pentagon for providing classified documents — including the widely seen Apache helicopter video — may have been duped by wannabe hacker Adrian Lamo, according to Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com. Lamo told Manning he could provide protection under both journalist shield laws, and the clergy-lay confidentiality tradition, and instead immediately turned him in to authorities in an act of apparent shameless self-promotion."
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