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Python Scripting and Analyzing Your Way To Love

Bitsy Boffin Re:Sounds creepy .... (188 comments)

So the real thing here is that someone needs to be building a dating website for nerds (assuming it's not already happened).

It did, it used to be called OK Cupid. Really interesting statistical mining blogs, actual matching algorithms instead of "look at purdy picture book", interesting somewhat more nerdly people, interesting experiments ("best face"...), developed by nerds, developers openly highly critical of the way that match.com etc operated (match.com specifically).

Then match.com bought them. I'm pretty sure it's seeded with fake profiles now (sorry, but the chances of a page full of people living in the next suburb to me, here in a small city in New Zealand, with high match percentages... about zero in the real world). There's a focus on images. The blogs have gone. The experiments have gone. The insight and analysis is gone. It's probably only a matter of time before personality profiling is reduced to about 1% of match score (if it hasn't already).

1 year,7 days

Valve To Demo Prototype VR Headset, "Steam to Support and Promote VR Games"

Bitsy Boffin Ben Krasnow (55 comments)

A recent video from Ben Krasnow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfqtKJAnJHg about a quickly hacked togethor "seat input device" mentioned that this has relation to his work on VR stuff at Valve.

about a year ago

Soylent: No Food For 30 Days

Bitsy Boffin I'm not overly fussy about hygiene, but... (440 comments)

I'm not usually one to particularly worry about sterile environments etc, "clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy", but seriously, that factory, and the practices in general, just, nope. That's food poisoning just waiting to happen right there.

about a year ago

Ink-Jet Printing Custom-Designed Micro Circuits

Bitsy Boffin Re:Ironing (37 comments)

Sounds a lot better than the home-brew technique I've use a bunch of times in the past:

Dry film negative photo resist is available on ebay (or in New Zealand from me), briefly it's used thus: cut to size, adhere to cleaned board, expose to UV (sunlight fine) with negative artwork (tracks transparent), develop in weak washing soda solution, etch, strip in stronger washing soda solution. No need to work in a dark room just don't do it in front of a window, normal household lighting is fine.

For more details, see my tips for using Dry Film Negative Photoresist

about a year ago

Finnish Team Makes Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough

Bitsy Boffin Re:THE virus is a bit of an overstatement (202 comments)

. He is saying consuming large amounts of sugar is tied to the onset of diabetes. Which is what the American Diabetes Association also says.

Of type TWO diabetes. This discovery is about type ONE diabetes, the cause of which has nothing to do with the consumption of large amounts of sugar or otherwise. They are two quite different diseases, with different causes, different treatments, and different complications. Unfortunately they didn't get different names, they really should have.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosting Git Repositories?

Bitsy Boffin Re:Try Darcs, you'll like it! (165 comments)

Darcs is lovely. But completely impractical.

It's a real shame because it *almost* does version control right. But not quite.

My main gripes:

  • Slow. Very very painful sometimes, minutes of processing for an operation on local disk slow...
  • Implicit dependencies make it virtually impossible to "cherry pick" - a feature which which is supposed to be one of the single biggest reasons for using Darcs, but which implicit dependencies make almost useless, "you can't have that patch without that other massive patch which you don't want but happened to touch the same file in an inconsequential way".

about a year and a half ago

Kim Dotcom Wins Case Against NZ Police To Get Seized Material Back

Bitsy Boffin Re:Escape clause included for police (111 comments)

They also were ordered to give Kim a copy of everything that they are keeping.

about a year and a half ago

Flying Car Crashes In British Columbia

Bitsy Boffin Re:So many have tried. And failed.. (91 comments)

Helicopters are

1. Hard to fly

2. Have a problematic requirement for a long tailboom with a torque countering thrust at the end of it

3. Or counter-rotating rotors with complex drive requirements

4. Have rotors that are long and ungainly and need to be stowed

5. Need large amounts of power to generate all required lift

Making one into a car means solving all those problems, AND adding all the safety equipment etc that is required for a modern car, AND still having it light enough to get off the ground safely.

Fixed wing, Gyrocopter, or Paraglider based machines are a much easier task than a helicopter based flying car, as evidenced by there being actual existing modern examples of all three (Terrafugia, PAL-V, Maverick), and no existing examples of a helicopter based one.

about a year and a half ago

Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)

Bitsy Boffin Re:# = Crunch (106 comments)

Came to post same, no mod points or you'd get them.

Are we just making up new names for established characters now?

Can I call "E" "Wibbly" or how about redefining "3" as "Wobbly".

One Two Wobbly Four

about a year and a half ago

CSS Selectors as Superpowers

Bitsy Boffin Re:CSS is great, unfortunately designers can't use (190 comments)

To an extent, but as another poster replied, it's more down to simply how the designer's brain works, can't blame them for that, but it doesn't make life easy.

I think at the bottom of it is the common problem that CSS was developed by programmers, not designers, and the programmers didn't understand that the designers don't think like they do, and that they can't think like they do.

As a result, it's just not a good fit for designers, so they use it badly.

about a year and a half ago

CSS Selectors as Superpowers

Bitsy Boffin CSS is great, unfortunately designers can't use it (190 comments)

CSS is great when used properly (although, somewhat hereticly, I would kill for definable constants a-la 'color: PRIMARY_WEBSITE_COLOR;' without resorting to dynamically writing the CSS ).

Unfortunately graphic (website) designers are completely shit at using it. Even simply understanding when they should use an ID and when they should use a class seems to a'splode their brain, "huh, what is wrong with using this same id a bajillion times in the page". Don't even try telling them that "redtext" is not a good classname. Heck half of the time it's ".span1"!

They don't even know (even after telling them half the time) that you can use multiple classes on a single element, let alone combine selectors, everything is a single ID or classname to them. The amount of copy-paste in most web designer's stylesheets is simply offensive, all because their brains don't allow them to modularise their desires into useful reusable CSS classes. Cascade? Inheritance? These are foreign words to the average website designer.

There is no point telling a designer how they should can make their CSS better, they just won't understand. Worse, if the programmer, who does know how to use CSS as it was intended, attempts to fix their stylesheets (or worse, cut up their photoshops into proper HTML and CSS), the original designer just won't understand how to do anything in the stylesheet anymore.

about a year and a half ago

For Jane's, Gustav Weißkopf's 1901 Liftoff Displaces Wright Bros.

Bitsy Boffin Smithsonian Denied Access To Photos (267 comments)

Interesting that the Smithsonian has denied researcher access to photos it holds which could clear up the matter...

"The William J. Hammer Collection is located at the Smithsonian Institute, Researchers are denied access: Hammer Collection archival note denying access to researchers"

you would think that they would at least make copies available. What good are the photos if they are locked away in a vault where nobody can ever look at them?

about 2 years ago

Salt Linked To Autoimmune Diseases

Bitsy Boffin Re:Mother Nature needs to give us kidneys...oh, wa (308 comments)

"The problem with these guesses about salt is our kidneys have specifically *EVOLVED TO* actively and precisely maintain homeostasis of certain key ions"


about 2 years ago

Drone Comes Within 200 Feet of Airliner Over New York

Bitsy Boffin Re:That's not a drone (339 comments)

"Your average R/C aircraft pilot wouldn't be that stupid unless he/she is intent on getting in trouble"

5 years ago, maybe. But with the rapid increase in availability, affordability and desirability of easy to fly aircraft (quadcopters especially), more and more, well, idiots, are playing with them. Even FPV with extreme long distance is well within the reach of amateurs now (legal or not).

These "new" people playing, are doing just that, playing, they don't realise that they are operating aircraft, piloting, and are subject to aviation rules, airspace, and other restrictions on where, when and how they can operate their aircraft.

about 2 years ago

UK Apple Shop Forced To Change Its Name

Bitsy Boffin Oo'ar oo'ar ay (174 comments)

I am a cider drinker
I drinks it all of the day
I am a cider drinker
It soothes all me troubles away
Oo'ar oo'ar ay, Oo'ar oo'ar ay

about 2 years ago

Driver Trapped In Speeding Car At 125 Mph

Bitsy Boffin Re:Kill Switch (1176 comments)

> "If you do that without disengaging the clutch/shifting to neutral, the results at 125 mph could be disastrous."

Engine braking. Try it sometime.

about 2 years ago



Pitch Drop caught on camera.

Bitsy Boffin Bitsy Boffin writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Bitsy Boffin (110334) writes "As reported by the Huffington Post, a Pitch Drop has finally been caught on Camera...

How long would you be willing to wait for a drop of the black stuff in Dublin? After 69 years, one of the longest-running laboratory investigations in the world has finally captured the fall of a drop of tar pitch on camera for the first time. A similar, better-known and older experiment in Australia missed filming its latest drop in 2000 because the camera was offline at the time.


Link to Original Source

Widespead Email Compromise by Yahoo (YahooXtra) in New Zealand

Bitsy Boffin Bitsy Boffin writes  |  about 2 years ago

Bitsy Boffin (110334) writes "Xtra, the largest ISP in New Zealand, which outsources email provision to Yahoo, has in the last two days been subject of a widespread email compromise, causing potentially thousands of accounts to send SPAM messages to every address in their webmail address books.

Discussion at Geekzone centers around this potentially being a continuation of the Yahoo XSS exploit.

While Telecom NZ, the owners of Xtra internet service provider indicate that the problem was "resolved", reports of SPAM from it's members continue unabated.

Telecom NZ are advising those affected to change their passwords."

Link to Original Source


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