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US Government Using PS3s To Break Encryption

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:How does this work? (570 comments)

Without encryption, it can be done with http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html/ which can be found on the ultimate boot CD as well. I've used it a few times to get into machines where users have forgotten their passwords. It will reset/eliminate the multi-attempt lockout. There's others out there as well that do the same thing.

more than 5 years ago

What To Do With a Free Xbox 360 Pro?

Bl4ckJ3sus Popcorn Hour (416 comments)

Sell it, and buy a popcorn hour. Simple. http://www.popcornhour.com/onlinestore/ With that said, I have a 360 and the netflix streaming is very very nice, but no substitute for a popcorn hour and torrents.

more than 5 years ago

Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:And California is releasing the "non violent" (640 comments)

Watched "The Union" this weekend. Very very enlightening. Highly recommended (no pun intended). They really do a great job of explaining the whole history of the drug laws in the US and Canada. They also bring up a lot of great points in regards to organized crime and why it's so prevalent. and It is available via netflix "view it now".

more than 5 years ago

Avatar, Has Sci-fi Found Its Heaven's Gate?

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:Story? (443 comments)

Coincidentally, I was at Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend and they still had that damn waterworld live show still playing! I didn't pay to go see that either...

more than 5 years ago

Real-World Consequences of Social Networking Posts

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:Talk about your catch 22 (451 comments)

"The problem with racial profiling isn't when the people are actually criminals, it's when they're not. It's unjust for innocent people to be subjected to extra scrutiny just because people like them are acting badly."


This is one of the most simple, yet profound explanations of why profiling is a bad thing.

Now, if we can get the rest of our people to start acting right, maybe this profiling stuff will end....

more than 4 years ago

District 9 Rises From the Ashes of Halo

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:Moon (207 comments)

I agree about Sunshine. However, If Danny Boyle hadn't turned it into a "slasher-flick in space" near the end it would have been much much better. The frequent camera flashes and other nonsense kind of messed it up for me. But overall it was a very good sci-fi film.

Moon was spectacular, (Sam Rockwell....well, rocks :-) and I really look forward to Duncans' next film.

more than 5 years ago

Staying In Shape vs. a Busy IT Job Schedule?

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:It's all in what you eat (865 comments)

Parent is 100% spot on right. Let me tell you about my situation. I had been steadily gaining weight since 1994. Started around 190 and ended up at 280 before I'd finally had enough. Switched to low carb (atkins specifically) and started working out a few times a week. I've lost 60+ pounds since Sep. 08 and kept it off. I went from 44" waist to 38" in that time. My health has improved drastically and overall I feel great.

Cut out the sodas... if you have to drink something besides water, try crystal light or wylers light. Or if you must have the carbonation, try Coke Zero or Sprite Zero. Give low carb/ high protein a try and don't believe all those BS stories about it ruining you kidneys or stuff like that.

Get the atkins book and the atkins cookbooks. There are tons of them around and people are selling them dirt cheap on Amazon now that the low carb "fad" is over...

There's a lot of resources online. One I like to go to is http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/ The lady has a ton of really really good recipes.

more than 5 years ago

SSN Required To Buy Palm Pre

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:Screaming SSNs in a crowded store! (543 comments)

You insensitive clod... That's my real SSN! And you've just broadcast it on the whole interweb!

more than 5 years ago

Mariners Develop High Tech Pirate Repellents

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:pirate repellents (830 comments)

As a former marine, I can tell you this.... Marines will sleep anywhere. I used to catch a lot of shuteye under/inside a turning CH-53e while waiting for other birds to launch. A connex box would be a luxury. And as a matter of fact, we used them for shops (workspaces) a lot of times anyway. Easy to transport, they aren't too heavy to offload via 53e/ch46, pretty roomy inside and protected from the elements. As far as food goes, MRE's are delicious and nutritious. I friggin love 'em. Even as a civilian I "procure" them whenever I can for camping and survival rats. Problem solved.

more than 5 years ago

South Korea Joins the "Three Strikes" Ranks

Bl4ckJ3sus Re:IN KOREA (278 comments)

It's been done before.... way back in the AOL days in the warez chatrooms. You want something, ask and then you immediately get like 20 1.44mb files in your email. I see a return to this someday maybe.

more than 5 years ago



Netbooks are more vulnerable to hackers

Bl4ckJ3sus Bl4ckJ3sus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Bl4ckJ3sus (1081165) writes "News site Redorbit reports that netbooks are more vulnerable to attacks from hackers due to their lax security. Redorbit interviewed a "marketing manager" at Symantec for his views on netbook security. They also interviewed several other people about the state of netbook security and why "it's not there yet." Nowhere in the article is the mention of which OS makes these netbooks more susceptible to hacking."
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