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Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

BlackHawk-666 Re:Fallacy (878 comments)

It seems odd for you to start out by saying that everything I say is wrong, but follow up with points that actually agree with and validate my position.

It really doesn't matter if some scientists actually encourage people to mock those of religious beliefs, because that is just their own personal choice and not one that is demanded by science itself. It's orthogonal to science and has no real place in this discussion. If there was a scientific doctrine that required you to mock religious people, that would be different but there isn't any such thing. I have however been to several churches and heard from a great many religious people that they are the one true faith and even others within their wider faith (Christianity) are basically wrong - or worse, as damned as the atheists, because they are worshipping wrong. They will usually try not to make it too pointed, but it is clear that each has believed that only their denomination has the real truth.

I wouldn't marry a Christian woman, but not for any reason other than I prize a person's ability to follow logic and reason, and by definition any person of faith has given up some or all of those two qualities. That, and the likelihood that they would find it their "devoted Christian duty" to "save my soul" and "preach the word of the Lord" to me. I'm simply not willing to take anything on blind faith, certainly not something as important as that at least.

I do know however that many churches and many other faiths urge their followers to not marry outside the congregation. That is an entrenched and dogmatic position of an authority that you are required to respect - you are given no choice in this matter other than to accept dis fellowship or a lowered social standing. Marriages are quite capable of working across faiths, so long as you respect the other person's beliefs. By outright claiming that your own beliefs are the only correct ones, you automatically put yourself into a divisive position. At best, the only thing a person of faith can say is "these are my beliefs". Scientists are willing to admit the things they do not know, it's a primary tenet of science.

I wouldn't mind at all if my children became Christians, if that was the path they wanted to pursue and that was their core belief. I certainly would never try to prevent them from accessing materials about Christianity or attending a church. The same goes for them becoming Hindus, Islamists, Buddhist, Wikkan or any other religion for that matter. I would only seek to teach them compassion for others, and a solid moral foundation for life. Neither of those two things needs religion to be taught or followed and each is compatible with any and all of the world major religions. I would try to steer them away from superstitions and closed-mindedness - and would consider it a win if those were the only things to managed to convey to them.

As for WWII, that wasn't fought in the name of science. No-one stood on a podium and cried out that we must invade Poland to increase our knowledge of physics theory. It was primarily about grabbing greater power and control of resources for the Axis, mixed with a truly horrendous extermination of not only Jews, but the mentally ill, physically disabled, gypsies, minorities, and other disadvantaged types. People were killed to take control of their lands, confiscate their artwork, silverware, and other goods. It has absolutely nothing whatsover to do with science apart from the fact that science was used by both sides to fight the other.

I would never state that science is objectively morally right. In fact, science is frequently put to completely amoral uses. You can't blame the knife for the uses it is put to. The same drug that relieves chronic pain for millions of sufferers also works great for date rape. That's not science dropping it into girl's's people.

2 days ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

BlackHawk-666 Re:Atheism offers no values - you have to add them (878 comments)

It's better to die fighting the crowd than to offer either the guests or your pre-pubescent daughters (unmarried girls at the time were generally unmarried because they hadn't had their first period yet) up for gang rape. This tale is morally bankrupt and the only innocents in it are the daughters who were brutally raped.

The angels could have easily intervened. They did nothing even though they instigated the event.

The father did nothing to protect his family, only himself. The mother is equally liable for doing nothing.

I can't see any reason at all why God would have spared Lot. He is as corrupt or more so than the rest of them.

2 days ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

BlackHawk-666 Re:Fallacy (878 comments)

Thanks SlashDot for removing all the text between the < and > signs.

For the record there were




2 days ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

BlackHawk-666 Re:Fallacy (878 comments)

"These people just misuse science as surrogate religion" ...except, one that has less animal sacrifice, doesn't require us to crucify or torture people who spread the word of science, and doesn't generally lead to book burning and pogroms. We don't have to hold forth the idea that the one true textbook written between 2000-3000 years ago is infallible and anything that contradicts it is from sent to deceive us. Science doesn't demand 10% of your income each week and rarely ever holds a cake sale.

Science doesn't demand we marry other people from the same denomination; marriages between a physicist and a biologist are just as sacred. Science doesn't force us into indoctrinating our children into our faith in the one true meaning of Dark Matter.

Nobody has fought a war to eradicate the filthy heretical . It hasn't raped their wives and children then put them to the sword. It hasn't taken control of their lands and forced the remaining...hmm, let's say biologist (unbelievers!) to work as slaves, and indentured their children and their children's children.

So yeh, science, it's just like religion...apart from all that stuff.

2 days ago

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise

BlackHawk-666 Not Listed (203 comments)

Despite having a public gmail account since it was invite only I escaped the list. Password managers FTW!

about a week ago

Carmack On Mobile VR Development

BlackHawk-666 Re:Huh? (60 comments)

Well played, sir. I tip my hat to you.

about two weeks ago

Dell Demos 5K Display

BlackHawk-666 Re:Hijacking this comment (204 comments)

Not likely any time soon. The DK2 has a 1080p display, but due to the extreme field of view this looks more like an old 800x600 display with a screen door effect to boot and chromatic aberration. The CV1 is expected to use a 1440p display, which is a nice step up, but still might not be enough to reduce that screen door effect.

Reading delicate text and fonts in a no-go with a Rift. Everything needs to be scaled up to deal with the low pixel / degree of view factor. Colours wash out slightly as well I think, but that might just be subjective.

If you live in a hot climate you're not going to want to be wearing the Rift unless you have some nice air conditioning. Things can get sweaty or foggy in there.

I think we can expect to see some improvement in display density, and more accurate adjustments for the chromatic aberrations and other artefacts over the next few years. I wouldn't expect to be replacing my desktop display any time soon with a VR display.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service

BlackHawk-666 Re:I guess I'll just (127 comments)

I'm still using Fidonet you insensitive clod!

about two weeks ago

Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

BlackHawk-666 Re:Somewhere in a trailer park... (247 comments)

And is making five guys come on a TV show with her to take a paternity test.

about three weeks ago

Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

BlackHawk-666 Re:Much Confusion (247 comments)

Only if you can get some massive dude standing outside the simulation to kindly fold the piece of paper for you and push a pen through it ^^

about three weeks ago

33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

BlackHawk-666 Re:The real crime here (465 comments)

People like you are the reason we build prisons in the first place.

about three weeks ago

Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++

BlackHawk-666 Feature Cut (427 comments)

Are there any features of the language that you wish hadn't been added or could now be removed?

about a month ago

Hemp Fibers Make Better Supercapacitors Than Graphene

BlackHawk-666 Re:Potheads assemble! (178 comments)

Marijuana doesn't have the same dramatic effects as meth, and there are people who are long-term users who suffer very few side effects from this drug. There is however a small chance that it can lead to temporary or even permanent psychosis. There is still some debate over this issue, but I can assure you it's quite real.

A while ago I spent some time in a mental facility and one of the patients there was that unlucky 1 in 700,000 who was vulnerable to the psychotic effects that marijuana could cause. He was a good student who was just starting university. Intelligent, articulate, and with excellent grades - he had good prospects for a long and happy life.

His mother worked as a nurse at that hospital so she could spend time with her son, and I received this information directly from her. At uni he tried marijuana, just a few times. I get the impression he was just a typical uni kid enjoying his new freedom and he started to smoke it because his new social circle were smoking it. Pretty typical stuff. He had an adverse reaction (I think over a short time period of maybe week or so) and had to be hospitalised due to psychosis.

By the time I met him, he had been in hospital for 12 years. He had no teeth left, since he couldn't look after them they had to all be removed. He was heavily medicated but was still liable to fits of anger and hitting other patients for something simple like sitting in his chair. He was barely able to speak and never managed more than a couple of mumbled, often unintelligible words. There was a rec room where we could watch a TV which was behind a plexiglass panel we needed to lift up to change channels. He had a tic that meant every 1-2 minutes he needed to get up, walk to the TV, life the plexiglass, run his hand over the top of the TV, then sit down again. He might do this 100+ times in a day.

While it's easy to think there's no dangers using marijuana, and admittedly, they are few and low - it's not totally without cost or risk. This man will spend the rest of his short life in that mental institution, unable to read, play games, go outside, speak to others, share friendships or talk about the good old days. He will never experience any of the myriad of things that you and countless others can - and that is directly attributed to a fairly small quantity of weed he smoked - he wasn't trying any other drugs at the time.

Certainly, he had a disposition towards this happening, but it was marijuana that pushed it over the limit and completely fucked his entire life.

We have a decent welfare system and free hospitalisation in Australia, so he is getting the care he needs. You could argue that as taxpayers who are shouldering that cost we do get a say in whether people consume the drug or not...but, I'm not going to bother with that argument, it's not the important one.

Enjoy the smoke if you can amd avoid it if that's that you prefer. Just bear in mind, however small, there is a chance of psychosis that may in same rare cases be permanent - and weed is a known contributor to this condition.

Role your dice, move your mice.

about a month ago

What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated?

BlackHawk-666 Re:while true (228 comments)

You're going to be replaced by a guy who can replace your job with a Python / Ruby script ^^ ;p

about a month ago

AMD Prepares To Ship Gaming SSDs

BlackHawk-666 Re:For gamers? (110 comments)

A sticker with ultraviolet reflectance so the black lights in your case make it look right wicked and totally worth the extra $80 you paid for commodity hardware with F4tal1ty's name on it.

about a month ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

BlackHawk-666 Dragnet (511 comments)

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up amphetamines."

about a month and a half ago

A Warm-Feeling Wooden Keyboard (Video)

BlackHawk-666 Jarrah (82 comments)

You could do a lot worse than using Australian Jarrah wood. It's lovely looking, hard, and can be brought to a smooth finish. My speaker cabinets use this wood for their veneer.

about 2 months ago

MIT May Have Just Solved All Your Data Center Network Lag Issues

BlackHawk-666 Hooray (83 comments)

Now I can see pictures of other's people's food and children so much more quickly...can't wait..>.>

about a month ago


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