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Amazon Flaw Lets Password Variants Through

Blig Re:5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99 (159 comments)

Don't you know that md5 isn't safe? You should use sha256 instead:

Bah, amateurs! ROT13 is the most secure! (This is a joke of course. I'm stating this because I just know someone is going to take this post seriously, lol.)

about 4 years ago

Amazon Flaw Lets Password Variants Through

Blig Re:Well I'll be damned.... (159 comments)

Ditto. But on the plus side, it did give me a reason to change my password to something much stronger than it used to be.

Agreed. Did so here too.

about 4 years ago

Facebook Is Down

Blig Re:Isn't it obvious? (448 comments)

There will be mass hysteria, cats and dogs will dance the lambada,

Oh, now *that's* scary as heck.

more than 4 years ago

The Hard Drive Is Inside the Computer

Blig Re:Modem Box (876 comments)

I also get the term "modem box" frequently, in reference to the tower.

Heh, that reminds me of something a friend of mine told me once that happened about 10-12 years back. She worked in tech. support for a local ISP. One day a call came in and someone told her they were having trouble accessing the internet. Well, as my friend started asking questions to the caller like type of computer and operating system version, the callers' problem became very clear to my friend. Turns out the caller had no computer.

Apparently, the caller saw a (dialup)modem in a store, bought it, then subscribed to the ISP thinking that was all that was needed to use the internet. The caller didn't own any computer.

On a slightly unrelated note, she told me that the ISP had setup networked Doom so that all the tech. support people could play Doom between (and no doubt during) calls. After that call she was probably taking her frustrations out on every other support member playing, lol.

Heh, another situation: My father worked for a university in the computer support department. In the early 90's he used to get frequent calls from the university library people to come and remove CD's that students were forcing into 5" floppy disk drives because the students thought they were CD-ROM drives.

more than 5 years ago

OpenOffice UI Design Proposals Published

Blig Re:Whats wrong with Star Trek UI? (252 comments)

Darn you! Now I want an Okudagram LCARS inspired GUI for my word processor! ;-)

more than 5 years ago

Achievements and Optimizations

Blig Re:But does it improve story quality? (294 comments)

How about employing someone to proof-read your posts and check the links?

Are you serious? The lack of proof-read is what makes this place Slashdot! ;-)

more than 5 years ago

DHS To Use Body Odor As a Lie Detector

Blig Re:So all have to do (206 comments)

is invent/patent a cologne/perfume that smells like a lie and poof profit?????????

No, you invent one that smells like the truth. Much bigger profit then. Especially from politicians. ;-)

more than 5 years ago

Facebook's New Terms of Service

Blig Re:My question is (426 comments)

if I were to overwrite all of my information with crap and manually delete each pic, would they still have backups of my information?

Unfortunately, they would.

I'd like to think I can at least partly delete my information!

Well... you see once something is on the internet (ie. through a web site, Usenet post, email list archive, web forums, etc.) it's pretty much there for good. Not too much you or I can do about it. That's why it's a good thing to always think about stuff before you post it or put it on a website.

more than 5 years ago

Best Trek

Blig Re:No Option For The Film Years? (926 comments)

It would be hard to imagine Picard even talking to Garak, let alone getting involved with him. Can you imagine the moral platitudes that Picard would spout when Garak killed the Romulan?
Ah, yes, the two of them in a room would be an interesting thing. I think though that Garak would win the verbal match. What would be even more interesting as if they were in a proper debate. That would be fascinating on so many levels from their points of view.

Picard couldn't handle the DS9 universe. He would probably lose the war with the Dominion.
Well..., the fact is he probably did handle the DS9 universe. Now, of course what I'm bringing up hasn't been shown on screen etc. etc. conjecture etc. etc. But, most likely Starfleet would have assigned Picard to be involved in the Dominion war in some capacity. Picard is a good captain who, when fired up can get determined to go after nearly anyone (another poster mentioned the Borg and Cardassia examples) and intends to not lose. Plus his Sovereign class ship most likely was put to good use. ;-) Actually I could see Starfleet assigning him to head a small fleet of ships for invasion into Cardassia territory. Ah, yes... nothing better then a good Geek discussion to make your day better. Heh. Geek points +5 all around! Woot!

more than 7 years ago


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