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YouTube's Bandwidth Bill May be Zero

Blimey85 Re:Payments are not the only costs. (188 comments)

This only matters once they reach capacity. If the bandwidth now being used by YouTube was otherwise going to be idle, then they would gain nothing by not using it. Since they already have the fiber in place, and since at least some of it is idle, and since AFAIK it doesn't cost any more to use bandwidth on the lines they already have, have paid for, and are already maintaining, I would think their cost should be very close to 0.

more than 4 years ago

Warner To End Free Streaming of Its Content

Blimey85 When will the madness end? (278 comments)

I use Pandora all the time. I paid the yearly fee and use the app on my computer as well as on my iPhone. One of the main reasons I bought an iPhone was because at the time Pandora didn't have an app for Blackberry. I've discovered a lot of music through the use of Pandora that I most likely would have never heard otherwise. I don't listen to the radio. Haven't watched any of the so called music channels on tv in years, not that they play music anymore though. Have I heard anything on Pandora that belongs to Warner Bros? I dunno. But if I have, if some of the music I've bought because I first heard it on Pandora and really liked it belongs to them, then they've made more money thanks to Pandora than just the advertising revenue. Pandora is a music discovery service. I put in what I like and it suggests other music which I then buy. Who is the moron at WB that doesn't understand that customers won't buy what they don't know about?

more than 4 years ago

Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open

Blimey85 No 3g? (1713 comments)

With no 3G I suddenly don't want one. I love my iPhone and thought this would be great for watching videos and surfing on the couch, but I also want to take it places where I don't have wifi and in the modern age, most things you do require the internet. Seems silly to not include that.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T Wins Gizmodo 3G Bandwidth Test

Blimey85 Results can also depend on the device used. (156 comments)

At one friends house, I can get signal and download apps while my friend can't even though we are using seemingly identical 3gs iPhones. Anywhere in my house, on my wifi, he gets full bars while I can be sitting right next to my router and have it drop to just one bar. I typically get better wifi reception from outside than I do inside, while for him it's generally the opposite.

Just for the record, my iPhone is in an Otter Box case while his is not cased, and I still get much better reception at his house. And no, not his first iPhone 3gs... last one had the same issue for him. And I know other people with iPhones and it always seems like wherever we are, someone will have signal issues while someone else will have great signal... but it varies on who will have the better signal.

more than 4 years ago

Can We Really Tell Lossless From MP3?

Blimey85 All of mine is at 128. (849 comments)

I actually recode all of my downloaded tracks to 128k mp3 files to save space. My ears really don't hear a difference between this and the original files most of the time and it saves a lot of disk space. I have 43,000 songs in my library and as it is they take up quite a bit of space. Plus I stream my library to my iPhone and with the lower bit rate that works better. I'm sure at some point I'll probably wish I had higher quality files but I started this collection years ago and so far it's worked just fine for me.

more than 4 years ago

Disney Buys Marvel

Blimey85 Re:Now the Biggest Question? (423 comments)

What choice do they have? Re-theme the rides/attractions? Not likely. That would cost even more and would confuse people. They may not be happy having to pay Disney but they'll still do it.

about 5 years ago

Student Suing Amazon For Book Deletions

Blimey85 And they wonder why piracy is rampant. (646 comments)

When is the last time TPB or any other torrent site took anything back? You never hear of that. Oh, this movie I downloaded the other night was deleted from my downloads folder... apparently TPB didn't have the rights to distribute it! Not gonna happen. And yes, I know TPB isn't distributing the actual files but you get my point. When piracy is easier than acquiring something by legitimate means, you are increasing the likelihood that the item will be pirated. The legitimate means obviously can't compete on price so they have to offer better quality, easier acquisition, or something else along those lines.

more than 5 years ago

US Videogame Sales Have Biggest Drop In 9 Years

Blimey85 Re:Why I don't buy video games (310 comments)

Good recent games... or somewhat recent... Fallout 3, Gears of War 2... umm... Call of Duty whatever it's up to now... 4 or 5...

Horde in GOW2 is a lot of fun online. 50 waves of enemies against you and a few buddies. If you get a good team it's great.

more than 5 years ago

US Videogame Sales Have Biggest Drop In 9 Years

Blimey85 No good games! (310 comments)

I can only speak for my wife and I but there just aren't any new titles we want to buy right now. Last game I bought was Fallout 3. Since then I've bought all 4 expansion packs. Next game I was planning on buying was Bioshock 2 but now that's been pushed back. There aren't any other games I'm caring about right now. Between Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2, I'm happy.

Maybe rather than blaming everything on the economy they should compare what came out this time last year to what has come out this year. I spend money when games I want to play are released. No good games = no spent cash. It's that simple. For me at least.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Plans To De-Orbit ISS In 2016

Blimey85 Re:Space politics (554 comments)

Not only is it never going up, it's sitting on display in Japan. NASA traded for it to be built but then didn't bother to take delivery and maybe put it on display at one of its own facilities. Tax payers really got a raw deal on that bit of equipment.

more than 5 years ago

Bethesda Speaks On Gamebryo Engine, Final Fallout 3 DLC

Blimey85 Re:The Problem with Fallout3 (101 comments)

I agree with you on most points but keep in mind that not everyone can afford PC gaming. I own an Xbox 360 and I have FO3 and all 4 expansions. I'll be buying the 5th as soon as it hits. I love the game. One of my all time favorites. Had it only been released on PC I would have never played it as I don't do PC gaming. I don't have the graphics for it, nor the budget to upgrade my PC to keep up with gaming.

Beyond just cost, I find console gaming to be far simpler than pc gaming. When I need an update or an expansion it's a very quick and easy process on my console. I don't have to go to any sites or find anything. I don't need to upgrade any drivers. All I care about is playing the game, not tweaking crap to get it to run right or finding out that I should have bought ATI rather than Nvidia or vice versa.

Plus for other games, like Gears of War 2, the online play is top notch on the 360. As far as I know there isn't anything like Xbox Live for the PC, but since I'm not a PC gamer, there very well might be and I just haven't heard of it. I do kinda wish FO3 had a co-op mode. That would be a cool expansion pack... something that added a co-op mode. You and a buddy exploring the wasteland... if only.

more than 5 years ago

Land Rover Unveils "World's Toughest Phone"

Blimey85 I wish the iPhone was like this. (146 comments)

I dropped my iPhone 3g on the pavement about a month ago. Screen shattered. I love the features the iPhone has so I'm not going to switch, but I sure wish it was more rugged.

more than 5 years ago

Serious Sam Remake Coming In Fall

Blimey85 What's the point? (65 comments)

Serious Sam was never about being the prettiest. We loved the first two because of the game play. You ran, you killed, and you either kept killing at a brutal pace or you were overwhelmed by the insane number of enemies. That was it. No complex puzzles. No crazy strategy. Just run and gun and have a blast. Nobody cared that the lawn was flat because we knew if there was a lot of detail, the game would never have run at all. Way too many enemies on the screen to have serious levels of detail.

Now, many years later, computers are faster, we have more memory and all that, but the point of the game hasn't changed. With SS2 they changed things and nobody liked it. For me the main problem was it locked up a lot. I didn't have that problem at all with the first two. I still have the first two and I'd much rather play them as is than prettier versions of the same thing.

Why not instead take the original engine and make a Third Encounter? And then a Fourth Encounter? We LOVED the first two and two more games just like those, different maps and what have you, but same exact style of game play, would be awesome!

more than 5 years ago

Secret US List of Civil Nuclear Sites Released

Blimey85 Work of Jack Bauer. (167 comments)

Jack Bauer released the list as a ploy to lure the terrorists in...

more than 5 years ago

Rumors Flying About New iPhone Capabilities

Blimey85 Re:Hey, new iPhone... (289 comments)

Yea, umm, really? I just dumped my Curve for an iPhone and I gotta say, I couldn't be happier. Of course mine is jail broken so I can run all the extra crap that really makes the iPhone shine but still, comparing what I have to what I had, it's no comparison.

My main issue with Blackberry phones is the lack of software. How long did Pandora have an iPhone version before finally releasing a Blackberry version? How many websites have iPhone versions vs how many have Blackberry versions? Have you tried Mobile Safari? What does Blackberry have that compares?

I thought my Curve was tits until I really sat down and gave an iPhone an honest try and then I was sold. Sure it's not perfect, but I think Apple has done a much better job than any other player in the game, and considering that they've only been at this for a couple years, what excuse does Rim have for being passed up so easily?

more than 5 years ago

Dell Indicates Windows 7 Pricing Will Be Higher

Blimey85 Re:Now If We Could Just Get ... (485 comments)

The Pirate Bay? Really? You do know there are better sites out there, right? I don't know why but I've just never cared for TPB. I've wanted to, since they are popular and I like the stance they've taken and all that. Just don't care for their site though.

The funny thing for me is that I have an HP computer that had Windows on a restore partition. It had the license sticker on the case. The license on the sticker on the case did not work with the Windows on the restore partition. Rather than spend time on the phone to HP, I "pirated" a copy of Windows and then after the install I updated it to use my license... which was more trouble than it was worth. But I'm once again legit... I guess. Funny that pirating it is faster and almost always easier than going through the proper channels.

more than 5 years ago

Firefox Beta Scores 93 On Acid3 Test

Blimey85 Re:Safari and Chrome bound to get better? (282 comments)

The memory usage is pretty insane and I find myself having to restart it quite a bit lately. I miss the days when Firefox was lean and mean. I guess I could dump the latest version and reinstall an older one... which was the best? 1.5.x? I don't even remember anymore. I know 2 added some stuff that was cool but I don't recall if it was where the bloat really started or not.

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Streams Media To the Xbox 360 and PS3 Seamlessly

Blimey85 Re:The real solution is.... (121 comments)

Give me the $$ needed and I'll build myself a pc for playing my media. Until then, I'll use the xbox 360's I already have in various rooms to stream my media. Oh wait, you'll need to give me $$ to build 3 pc's because I currently have and stream to 3 xbox 360's.

And wait again because I just realized I don't really want yet another device in these rooms, especially not one that could get viruses or have other problems. Sure my 360's can get the RROD or crap out for some other reason but I already have them and they work just fine right now. Why add yet another device to the loop when I already have something that works?

Maybe it's just me and what I watch but I don't have any problem with streaming. I'm using TVersity, Grid something or other, and PlayOn to stream from one of my pc's to the network. I can watch stuff on my pc's, Revision3 (DiggNation, Totally Rad Show), stuff on Hulu, NetFlix, and a bunch of other stuff. I also run SimplifyMedia and stream my audio collection to my iPhone when I'm out and get bored with Pandora.

What you seem to be missing is the current consoles ARE pc's. MS and Sony could both add other codecs and completely remove the need for transcoding and I would love that. Why do I need my computer to transcode videos? For divx the 360 handles it just fine. Why not add support for a bunch of other ones? And maybe that's the plan. Maybe that is how Windows 7 will handle streaming... you'll install an update for your 360 that will allow it to stream a lot more formats without any transcoding. That would be pretty sweet.

more than 5 years ago


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