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Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

BlindRobin It's not like ... (242 comments)

We didn't see this coming. The future is here and it's not 'The Jetsons'.

about a month ago

How Japan Lost Track of 640kg of Plutonium

BlindRobin How does one... (104 comments)

say oops in Japanese?

about a month and a half ago

Swedish Farmers Have Doubts About Climatologists and Climate Change

BlindRobin Re:Weather is NOT climate (567 comments)

Exactly - and who gives a fuck what a gaggle of farmers have to say? It's like listening to bunch of dogs analysing dog food.

about 2 months ago

Why the Moon's New Birthday Means the Earth Is Older Than We Thought

BlindRobin Re:Earth is 6000 years old (98 comments)

It's not hatred mate... It's pity mixed with dismay about the state of education and social disfucntion engendered in such beliefs all expressed as what would be seen as good natured ribbing if the mistake being pointed at was hmm lets say mistaking Paris, Texas for Paris, France.

about 2 months ago

The Koch Brothers Attack On Solar Energy

BlindRobin Re:Buggy whips? (769 comments)

hmm - Money=Political Power in America ?
Money=Political Power=Money Everywhere

about 4 months ago

Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

BlindRobin Re:So awesome. (128 comments)

We can only, for your sake, hope that this is a failed attempt at sarcasm. If not, get a pet, perhaps a low maintenance one.

about 4 months ago

College Grads Create Fake Tesla Commercial That Elon Musk Loves

BlindRobin Re:Yes (100 comments)

'Self made' is a myth, all of them had to first develop strong and binding connections with sources of capital, influence and discreet knowledge not their own. It is as much, and more in most cases, the cultivation of these relationships as it is their talents and vision that make for success.

about 5 months ago

Darker Arctic Boosting Global Warming

BlindRobin Old News (378 comments)

To anyone that has been paying (not even very close) attention this is nothing new.

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

BlindRobin Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (2219 comments)

Define 'better'.
For me better implies an increase in utility. Current /. has a very high utility quotient indicating that a complete redesign is unnecessary and a few tweaks here and there would suffice.
So why do it?
Because some people are trying to justify their existence and insure their own niche by pandering to the money bags with a 'vision' to attract an greater more diverse audience and redefining the environment in which they exist. OR The money bags gave them the directive to increase the views and they are just responding to the pressure the only way they know how.

about 6 months ago

Jury Finds Newegg Infringed Patent, Owes $2.3 Million

BlindRobin Arial !??? (324 comments)

I thought all documents presented in court were required to be in comic sans....

about 9 months ago

Your Phone Number Is Going To Get a Reputation Score

BlindRobin Re:Both ways? (136 comments)

OH KAAAYY This post should have a Score:5 Funny but hell some people just have no sense of humour.

about 9 months ago

Google Makes Latest Chrome Build Open PDFs By Default

BlindRobin Not a problem (202 comments)

Ah doan lahk Chrom, ahtohl. Trahd it. Deent lahk it.

about 9 months ago

The Academy For Software Engineering: a High School For Developers

BlindRobin Warning! (56 comments)

Trust issue and cynicism trigger.

about 9 months ago

Is Google Building a Floating Data Center In San Francisco Bay?

BlindRobin San Francisco? (115 comments)

They'll have to sail it around the horn or teleport it because everyone knows they only place to put a floating data centre is at the centre of the Bermuda triangle so that it can take advantage of all the free energy from the astral vortex.

about 10 months ago

Glenn Greenwald Leaves the Guardian To Start His Own Site

BlindRobin Re:Recruited by CIA? (94 comments)

You forgot the FSB, who's to say he can't play well with others?

about 10 months ago

Facebook Building a Company Town

BlindRobin Sixteen Tons (159 comments)

and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I ow my soul to the company store.

about a year ago

Everything You Needed To Know About the Internet In May, 1994

BlindRobin Oh noes! or whaat CERN has wrought (168 comments)

Reaction of us wot were internetizens prior to the dubdubdubya
  Arrrggh I feel web crawler spiders all over my trunk...
  Wuhtevahamahtoodoo? CERN has crossed the moat and the curtain walls are breeched, The Rabble Have Entered and the a-poky-lips is up on us and buggering us like mad daemons under the sundered sky ohhhh woe
Ohhh - pretty colours and such
Not so bad
ahhhhhh sokay.....

about a year ago

How Amateurs Destroyed the Professional Music Business

BlindRobin Let me see if I got this... (617 comments)

When given a choice, people choose what they like. 'Quality' in what people find entertaining or pleasurable is entirely subjective. The music 'industry' has been based on restricting choice and pushing products on largely captive markets. The world has changed.

about a year ago

'Half' of 2012's Extreme Weather Impacted By Climate Change

BlindRobin Re:Superstorm Sandy? (417 comments)

It was no longer a hurricane nor a tropical storm, as it had become an extra-tropical cyclone long before it came ashore. It's size and destructive capacity is what got it labelled a 'superstorm', and admittedly facile if descriptive media shorthand.

about a year ago


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