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Windows Advantage Validation Process On Firefox

Blitzenn tagline: Mosaic? (283 comments)

I don't understand your tagline regarding Mosaic. You don't have to remember it, it's an integral part of any IE browser, even today. Open your M$ browser and click Help then About. Mosaic is still there and M$ still pays licensing fees for it to SpyGlass. If you don't believe me, read the history for yourself.

more than 9 years ago


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Eminent Domain Update

Blitzenn Blitzenn writes  |  more than 9 years ago As stated in the previous entry, Eminent Domain has been ruled by the Supreme Court as a tool that can be used to 'correct' economic depression. There has however been a significant backlash to that ruling from the public itself. Here in New York, there is a project in Syracuse called DestiNY (Capitalization is as the project owners deemed it). It is a project to construct the world's largest indoor facility. It is to be built with in the City of Syracuse. The problem has been that the footprint is so tremendous, that it will require the use of Eminent Domain to secure all of the land that is necessary to build it. For several years that has been quietly being performed by the city's counsel members. It has now however stopped as national attention has been brought to the use of such powers. The city's counsel has passed a bill of legal suspension on the use of Eminent Domain until such a time as New York's legislature addresses the issue. Apparently the state legislature has agreed that changes need to be made to stop the use of Eminent Domain in cases where one company simple wishes to claim the property for their own profit. In essence, one company's profit favored over another's. Perhaps the ruling of the Supreme Court has actually done some good, by creating a large enough outcry of the public to actually force our government to take action and change the laws. I find it sad that the government has to be 'forced' to protect individual rights. It is somehow indicative of the state of our country in my eyes. Perhaps someday we will have a government that actually serves the people and their true best interest. I do wish that for my children at the least. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction. We will have to wait to see if there is will be any backlash from the government toward the people.


Supreme Court Eminent Domain decision

Blitzenn Blitzenn writes  |  more than 9 years ago As I am sure you have heard, the Supreme Court has decided that the power of Eminent Domain is a tool available to City planners and economic depression is a reasonable cause to wield it. This all just smacks to me of what happen during the second world war, or better said what caused it. Instead of physical domination and military occupation of our own country, we are using economics instead. The outcome however is strikingly similar. The Nazi party at the time claimed that it was the Jews that were causing the problems with the country and true Germans not prospering like they were destined to. Now we use the excuse of economics to do the same thing. Instead of Jews we have targeted the poor instead. The rich don't like to look at how the poor have to live. They take up valuable land that could be used better by 'real' Americans to prosper. So we will force them out of their homes and remove the last security these people have, more than likely plunging most into the final throw of complete failure. These are the poor, the people who struggle to pay bills because they don't earn enough to cover them. The ones who don't have access to the credit needed to start somewhere else. People who's homes have little equity to begin with and won't be able to take the fair value cash, minus the bank note and start over. It makes me sick to my stomach to see that so many Americans actually can justify this to themselves. Scary


Slashdot 'Timeouts' go to extremes

Blitzenn Blitzenn writes  |  more than 9 years ago I have been banned from commenting again. Second time this year. If you care to check out my list of comments, you will see that I have had two comments moderated as troll, several months apart, and only two in my whole history here. Presumably because someone didn't like what I had to say. I don't find being marked as a troll on some comments as being offensive to me. I expect that in some cases. The words still need to be said. I simply feel the need, every once in a great while, to respond to comments that are way off the mark. The trouble is that a single modded down comment elicits a month long 'timeout' from Slashdot. That seems a bit excessive, expecially in the light of the percentage of comments the are modded up or left as is. The ratio on my part is 2:493, modded down to up. One can only presume that is beyond what Slashdot considers appropriate behavior.

I have tried to get a response from Slashdot on this, but do not receive even an acknowledgement of my email. I guess they are also embarrased as to how their own system works. It's time to correct the problem Slashdot. I understand the purpose, but the wrong people are being punished here. Perhaps Slashdot does not like People to question the validity of an article or perhaps bring to light the fact the there are cases where the story is wrong or cast in a light that is inappropriate? I am confused as to what the goal is. It is obviously serves the purpose of keeping anyone from questioning anything that Slashdot posts as valid. Whether that was the original intent, it certainly works in that fashion.

See you guys again when I have finished learning my lesson about questioning Slashdot articles.

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