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I can't drive 55

Blue Aardvark House Re:I don't think that slow drivers are unsafe. (17 comments)

Yes, but most slow drivers are either old people with diminished senses who don't even belong on the road (I live in South Florida, I see this all the time) or sheeple following a speed limit set artifically low in order to generate revenue. I agree, the driver with skill will avoid accidents by preparing ahead of time before actually encountering a slow driver.

However, speed itself doesn't kill, speed differences do. Driving slowly aslo lulls people into inattention. This is why you have a lot of people reading newspapers, applying makeup and such while driving. If everyone drove faster, a majority of these people would take driving much more seriously. I don't condone such activity, driving should be done in a focused manner. And many speed diffs would be eliminated by higher limits. Most folks in 70 mph zones do less than 80, and many do the limit.

Besides, interstates were engineered for safe travel at 75 mph, further evidence that speed limits are set for revenue generation.

I once was busted for 64 in a 50. This might seem fair if it weren't for the fact that was caught at the bottom of a very steep hill, with a long straightaway after it. The cop was there obviously to make quota and generate revenue for his backwater WV town. Plus he hesitated for a moment, and seeing my Florida plate, he then stopped me. Chances are, I would not have been stopped at all if I were a local. Just what we need, selective law enforcement!

Slow drivers aren't unsafe, just unnecessary.

more than 12 years ago


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