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Facebook Ready To Get Into Healthcare

BlueLightSpecial Good...and terrible (99 comments)

As somebody with a chronic condition, I'm in a group or two on facebook about it. Its nice to get advice from real people who have dealt with things before. However, I find that 85% of people that are in the group usually post things akin to "I'm vomiting blood, have horrible pain and high fever, what should I do?" Erm... maybe go to the ER? While its not a bad thing to use to seek out some general advice (especially if you take anything you hear with a grain of salt), a lot of people use it as a substitute for real medical care or as a way to justify their fears of not going in to see a doctor, and that's terrifying.

about 4 months ago


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BlueLightSpecial BlueLightSpecial writes  |  more than 7 years ago I am looking to use an OS emulation/virtualization software (Like microsoft virtual PC) to emulate different OS's, just to try out, tinker with them, and see if I like them, and to learn more about Linux/other OSes other than Windows, I've run windows my whole life, so im pretty new to linux/anything else, other than briefly running and earlier version of Fedora Core. Some ideas of what i'd like to run: Fedora 7, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Slackware. I've used Virtual PC to run Fedora Core 5 awhile back, but I had to change many display settings to get it to be workable, I'm just wondering, is there anything out there thats more compatable with those OS's, or is Virtual PC my best option. The computer I will be running the systems on runs Visa Home Premium (i know i know, im testing new OS's for a reason), and has plenty of free hard drive space and specs to meet program's requirements

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