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Judge Unseals 500+ Stingray Records

BlueStrat Re:Are these cell emulators licensed by the FCC? (121 comments)

If a device is used on the airwaves in the cell phone bands to emulate a tower, then necessarily, it will have to have a transmitter. Is the device type registered by the FCC, does each emulator have a site license? Does each operator have a license to operate the device?

If it is a "cell phone test device" then it must be associated with a properly licensed technician.

The legal requirements to simply operate the device include much more than the rights of the person of interest. For that reason alone, the concealment of the use of the device would be reason enough to throw out any information obtained from it, even before any case law is considered.

IANAL, but I have had 6 different FCC licenses, and have had to jump through many hoops. (I think only 3 are current now).

The FCC is an Executive Branch agency, the same as the NSA, DoJ, etc.

If any bright-boy at the FCC *did* bring up the legal status concerning use of Stingrays FCC-regulation-wise, he'd be told to shut up, and also quite likely put on a surveillance list as a possible security/leak threat. "The most transparent administration in history" is extremely aggressive about stomping on whistelblowers and their families with government jackboots.


9 hours ago

US Gov't Seeks To Keep Megaupload Assets Because Kim Dotcom Is a Fugitive

BlueStrat Re:Fair play. (164 comments)

Do you have some mechanism for seizing US government assets? Particularly if you aren't another government?


It's called a 'scoped high-powered rifle in the hands of tens of thousands of citizens.

Apply to political leaders until resistance to citizens seizing (reclaiming their stolen) assets stops.


3 days ago

Scientists Discover Diamond Nanothreads

BlueStrat Re:The best application isn't a space elevator.... (79 comments)

Maybe a Variable Sword? []

I was thinking that such an incredubly thin and strong filament would make an ideal ultra-sharp cutting edge for a Vibroblade type of weapon utilizing ultrasonic vibration to multiply the cutting effectiveness even more..

Now, if one were to have a handle from which sprang an end-disc by a telescoping rod, and attached to the circumference of that disc, and extending back down to the handle, were these insanely-sharp nano-threads, heated possibly by electricity akin to an everyday electrical heating element, or by the energy of the ultrasound energy itself such that it appeared like a column of glowing light growing out from the handle, you'd have a good approximation of a Light Saber.

Heck, the slight differences in the precise frequency each thread would be vibrating at would likely cause relatively-low frequency harmonic notes equal to the difference in frequency between each thread. You would have the humming and slight frequency & phase shifts produced by light sabers being swung around.

Wish I had the resources to throw at the problem. Heck, even if it didn't turn out to be exactly a "light saber", an ultrasonic nano-thread sword that could slice through heavy armor like butter would be awesome, not to mention all the practical industrial and medical potential such a tool would posses.


about a week ago

Undersized Grouper Case Lands In Supreme Court

BlueStrat Re:If they're going literal.... (251 comments)

There was plenty of information there, IN THE FUCKING ARTICLES. A crew member testified that he was told to change it out.

Don't jump to conspiracy theories without even bothering to look for the 'missing' information, especially when you've already been pointed towards it.

"Look, you play ball with us and give us the testimony we need against your old boss, and this can all go away."

Don't jump to normalcy bias without even bothering to look at the details of and circumstances surrounding this case.


about two weeks ago

Undersized Grouper Case Lands In Supreme Court

BlueStrat Re:If they're going literal.... (251 comments)

Well, I'm kind of with you that this is evidence tampering.

Are we certain that what was described in TFS actually happened? Are we all certain that the fishermen actually tampered with evidence? Has that been determined to be fact in a court of law?

Could this be a case of low-level government agent acting with incompetence or personal malice, and unwittingly starting a cascade of CYA up the chain resulting in this case? Seems to be a lot of that going around in government circles these days, so it's not an unreasonable question

I mean, did some Fish & Game (or whatever department/agency/bureau was involved) officer miscount either accidentally or intentionally, and this prosecution is simply a CYA for incompetence and/or malice on behalf, at first, of just the field agents/officers, then after it snowballed, also in defense of the prosecutor/AG's office in a double-down on government thuggishness to cover *their* incompetence/malice in pursuing this initially?

That might be a motive for throwing SARBOX at a fisherman like using a nuke to get rid of cockroaches.

There is far too little information here to make any kind of reliable determinations.


about two weeks ago

UN Climate Change Panel: It's Happening, and It's Almost Entirely Man's Fault

BlueStrat Re:My two cents (695 comments)

How about we stop using a non renewable resource critical to many industrial processes to create energy.

Make renewable energy sources as economical, efficient, energy-dense, and as storable/portable as current sources and laws/regulations won't be needed. People will switch to the better/cheaper alternative.

Force a switch to renewable energy sources when they haven't met those goals, and national economies and particularly poor people will suffer from huge energy cost increases.

But hey, screw the poor, as long as the IPCC can advance it's political agenda and jet-setting AlGore gets to cash in on carbon credit Ponzi schemes.


about three weeks ago

The Executive Order That Redefines Data Collection

BlueStrat Re:collection = collection plus action (126 comments)

The recursive expansion will keep it tied up in court forever.

...It's authoritarians all the way down.


about 2 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

BlueStrat Re:silly child. If you ask your parents. (261 comments)

They will gladly tell you that insurance rates have been going up for decades, and having to choose new doctors is something all grownups have to do on a regular basis.

And in addition, if they've paid any attention, they will also tell him that the rates have increased both before and after the passage of the ACA because of government.

I dunno about *your* parents, but mine saw the same doctor for decades, until he retired. Because government made it more attractive for him to retire rather than to keep his practice open.

But hey, let's give government even more of people's hard-earned money and even more control over everything!

"Thank you Sir, may I have another?"

"Idiocracy" was a documentary. Slashdot posters prove it every day.


about 2 months ago

Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

BlueStrat Re:Wake me when chimpanzees invent smelting (224 comments)

Unfortunately people on this planet have used the excuse of a "lack of resources" to justify some of the most amoral and unspeakable actions. We shouldn't be motivated to leave this rock simply because we need more "resources" but because we would like to participate in a meaningful way with the universe.

"...because we would like to participate in a meaningful way with the universe"

The universe does not care and is not capable of judging our intentions or how "meaningful" (what's the measurement criteria? who decides what's meaningful?) our actions are

Stop anthropomorphizing.

You are correct that many conflicts result from competition for resources. The universe has almost infinite resources, so having cheap & plentiful resources available would tend to greatly mitigate resource-driven human conflicts.

At the very least, it will drive the conflicts away from the planet.


about 2 months ago

Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

BlueStrat Re:Wake me when chimpanzees invent smelting (224 comments)

{Wake me when chimpanzees invent smelting} ... and cast weapons made of metal from molds that they manufactured themselves, just so they can kill more effectively.

Hard to tell what point(s) you're attempting to make here.

So, is killing efficiency your yardstick?

I don't see how efficiency relates. Heck, there are species of marine life who eat the egg-clusters and hatchlings of their competitors, and that's upwards of tens of thousands or more.

Or is it the use of tools to kill?

Chimps and other apes will often pick up a branch to swing at another when they are angry/aggressive. Other examples of tool-use by apes is abundant. Google will supply you with examples.

Seems in that regard the only difference is the level of sophistication of the tools/weapons related to the differing complex intellectual levels of the two species.

No doubt if apes had a similar size brain and intellectual capability as humans, the technical level of their weapons would rise as well.

Many people like to attribute some sort of "perfect moral innocence" to animals while humans are somehow forever separate from animals and that all human effects upon animals are "unnatural" and inherently bad and wrong. They also tend to decry human behaviors that have roots in our animal nature as somehow evil and unnatural.

It's an emotional response motivated by compassion and I appreciate that. However, humans are just as natural on Earth as deer or whales. Everything will always effect everything else, and species will go extinct and new species arise as long as life exists.

Since our self-awareness and intelligence and ability to control our environment allows us to avoid natural systems of regulation, we must consciously choose to find a balance between not causing undue harm to animals and nature while not placing undue limitations on the advancement of humanity towards moving outwards into space.

Earth is not a perpetual-motion machine, and we need to leave the cradle. Humanity cannot afford to hunker down, slow progress, and ration out ever-dwindling resources. That's a recipe for extinction.

Balance is the key.

Balance will not be found at the extremes.


about 2 months ago

NSW Police Named as FinFisher Spyware Users

BlueStrat Re:Is Australia different? (73 comments)

In Australia aren't the people allowed to know what their police force's "operational capability" is?

Nobody expects the "operational capabilities" of the Australian Inquisition!


about 2 months ago

Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

BlueStrat Maybe MS Should Ask... (419 comments)

...Who is John Galt?

Along with many other US companies and businesses as the US becomes an ever-more hostile and expensive place to base your business in.

Maybe MS will join the "inversion"-stampede of businesses fleeing the US for friendlier locales.

Once again the US government loads up the trusty foot-gun with its' hubris.


about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

BlueStrat Re:Good Analog Oscilloscopes (635 comments)

My Tektronix 453 is still going strong after being retired from use in avionics testing/troubleshooting/repair. As is the old black-Bakelite Simpson analog-meter VOM.

Another "old" technology I use regularly are vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers like the ones I play through, repair, and design & build. Nearly all the major guitar amplifier makers' current lines of flagship pro- and semi-pro-level guitar amps are tube-based designs.

Many of the most sought-after and expensive studio microphones are also vacuum-tube based (integral pre/buffer amp).

There are actually more vacuum tubes being produced currently than were being produced 30 years ago.

Audiophiles also tend to prefer tube-based amplifiers.

I hope relations between the US and Russia don't deteriorate too badly. Russia is a major manufacturer and exporter of vacuum tubes, as is China. Chinese tubes in general are not as high a quality generally speaking though, in my personal experience.

Oh, and the PC I posted this with is circa 2000 with a CRT monitor.

Do I win an internets?


about 3 months ago

Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

BlueStrat Re:all of the heat missing? (273 comments)

i wonder if there is a "tin foil hat" for too much methane

That would be the refried-bean beret.


about 3 months ago

Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

BlueStrat Re:I seem to remember... (275 comments)

when they're giving something away at zero, presumably that's a at a loss. but I'm not a MBA, so who's to say?

Who's to say??

Why, that would obviously be Billy Preston, of course!

"Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'. Ya gotta have somethin', if ya wanna be with me!"


about 3 months ago

Illinois University Restricts Access To Social Media, Online Political Content

BlueStrat Re:You cannot be surprised? (130 comments)

In the age of the internet, if you have to pay someone to sit you in a room and teach you like a trained monkey you have serious problems that go way beyond education.

I went to college to meet chicks.

"If you want to to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library." - Frank Zappa

"Where's the college library?"


about 3 months ago

The Billion-Dollar Website

BlueStrat Re:Technical People (194 comments)

You are continuing to conflate Medicaid with the ACA

And you seem to be denying that Medicaid is part and parcel of ACA and where those who can't afford the higher costs of ACA insurers end up.

The issues you pretend to understand around Medicaid do not have any relevance to how the VA hospitals are run

They are both ran by government bureaucracies. Government bureaucracies are infamous for waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption. They are no exception and neither is the ACA.

Trying to suggest that the VA hospitals are a model for how the ACA will work suggests you are not honest.

Trying to suggest I am not honest because I see and recognize universal patterns of bad behaviors and poor results from government programs suggests you are defending a political partisan ideology rather than trying to solve real problems.


about 3 months ago

The Billion-Dollar Website

BlueStrat Re:Technical People (194 comments)

> since no doctors take medicaid now (Many are no longer accepting obamacare at all),

That makes no sense whatsoever. Medicare is not Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act to name it properly). Medicare predates the ACA by many years. No one goes to the doctor with an obamacare. They go to the doctor with an insurance plan. The doctor has no way to differentiate that plan obtained through an ACA exchange from any other plan obtained through an employer sponsored plan. They look the same to the doctor. You don't get a card that says Obamacare on it. Mine says Bluecross/Blueshield.

That's for people like you who can afford to purchase insurance. Guess what card poor people and the working-poor whose employer has dropped providing health insurance and opts to pay the penalty instead carry under ACA/Obamacare?

That's right, Medicare/Medicaid.

I'll give you three guesses on what type of new patients GP doctors (the ones that haven't yet joined the increasing numbers of doctors who are retiring early to avoid this train wreck) are increasingly refusing to take on.

If you want to see how well health care is going to be run in the US under the ACA, just look at the VA and the recent news stories concerning it.


about 3 months ago

US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia

BlueStrat Re:Why do you think that (409 comments)

And how easy it is to make the ignorant fearful.
And therefore, how easy it is to make the ignorant violent.

And how easy it is to simply label anyone who disagrees with you as ignorant so that they and their point of view can be marginalized and summarily dismissed without further consideration.

Just ignore the history of government screw-ups regarding dangerous things like radioactive materials, nerve agents, or even nuclear warheads that were all in the hands of "experts".

Geez! Just the thought of bringing an infected and still-living Ebola victim to a large US city is enough to make blood shoot out of your eyes!...Oh, wait...


about 4 months ago

Journalist Sues NSA For Keeping Keith Alexander's Financial History Secret

BlueStrat Re:If true. If. (200 comments)

So the REAL question is what WILL stop it. Saying that "This one is a bad person and did nothing to change it" doesn't work. Saying "The previous one did nothing to change it" doesn't work.
Voting for "The other party" doesn't work.

No, I do not have the answer, because if I did I would be giving it.

What must be done to change the status-quo with minimal violence or bloodshed is to unite people under common values, such as the massive & ongoing civil rights violations/infringements that most people agree are wrong, regardless of what political stripe they self-identify as.

Likewise, the militarization of domestic police forces and their gradual shift from a community law enforcement role to more resemble a national occupation force complete with armored vehicles and heavy crew-served weapons.

Start focusing on what we have in common, not what divides us. Despite what those with power would like you to believe, we have much more in common than we have differences. Those commonalities are also those of a much more fundamental and essential nature than our differences.

Extremely few on any side of the political spectrum in the US (barring government & MIC) wants an Orwellian surveillance//security/police state.

I'd have no problem at all standing side by side in public protests and demonstrations with almost anyone from TEA Party member to PETA and/or LGBT activist and beyond who also was willing to postpone our arguments for our common interests in a free and open society without mass domestic surveillance & data analysis and a militarized police force performing military-occupation and wealth-confiscation roles more than any sort of community-based & controlled "officer of the peace" roles.

Look, people, yes we have beefs over stuff *BUT*, unless we unite and curb government power and size, it won't matter because very soon none of us will have any choices about anything nor any meaningful rights at all.


about 4 months ago



Apple Patent May Pose iPhone Privacy Threat

BlueStrat BlueStrat writes  |  more than 3 years ago

BlueStrat (756137) writes "MacWorld reports that Apple has submitted a patent application for remotely and stealthily activating features like the camera as well as using other features remotely without giving any visual or audible indication to attempt to identify users by voice and even heartbeat. Even the accelerometer, combined with other features, are envisioned as being used to identify if the phone is traveling, in which direction, how fast, and even the type of transport (train, plane, car, etc). The concept is said to be aimed at recovering stolen iPhones, but the possibility exists for many other more-invasive uses to which these features could be put, particularly by domestic intelligence, security, drug enforcement, and local/state law enforcement agencies.

From the MacWorld article regarding hacking/jailbreaking/etc prevention possibilities:

"While the proposed system could appeal to businesses concerned about securing data that workers access on their iPhones, it could also potentially be used by Apple to prevent so-called jailbreaking, which lets users load unauthorized software onto the phone. The patent application says that ways the technology would determine if an unauthorized user had the phone include identifying activities such as hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, removing the SIM card and moving a predetermined distance from a synced device""

Link to Original Source

Legal Threats From A Company On A Forum?

BlueStrat BlueStrat writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BlueStrat (756137) writes "A company or business owner threatening lawsuits against posters to an online 3rd-party community forum doesn't seem like a productive marketing move. I recently came across a possible example that got really, really ugly!

Being a builder of custom vacuum-tube musical instrument amplifiers, I frequent many online forums and specific tech sites. During a typical browse today, I came across this forum thread in Harmony-Central

Apparently, the owner of Sozo capacitors a maker of "boutique" tube-amp capacitors got into a flame-war with some of the denizens. Accusations of re-labeling of other manufacturers' parts were followed by legal threats to the posters. Which, being the 'net, naturally escalated to profanity and beyond.

Even if this fellow from Sozo was totally legitimate and his companies' products were everything he claimed and more, is it worth this kind of display in defense of your company & products?



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