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Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

Bo'Bob'O Bleeding Edge Victorian Consumer Technlogy (553 comments)

My grandmother has a petal operated singer sewing machine from the early 1930s that still works beautifully.

Sewing machines were a Victorian era household marvel, and really one of the first pieces of modern engineering technology that came into the home. Many were so well built it's not at all uncommon to find them still in great operating condition. You can easily find operating models from the 1800s in any antique store.

12 hours ago

Comcast Takes 2014 Prize For Worst Company In America

Bo'Bob'O Re:What a joke (195 comments)

It depends on what your metric is. I'd be willing to bet that these kinds of companies cause more direct, day to day anger and frustration for a large number of people. Rather then the much more indirect activities of banks.

about two weeks ago

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Relaunches As Data Journalism Website

Bo'Bob'O Re:Re the winter 'misery' (60 comments)

Yes, because clearly the only reason we are concerned about the climate is how much we are complaining and not little things like agriculture and fresh water supply.

Those 'minutiae' that would have been lost in the static to other generations sometimes became trends that became drought and famine.

These kinds of things can and do still happen in many parts in the world, and the first-world may not be immune to major shifts

about 1 month ago

Goodbye, Google Voice

Bo'Bob'O Re:Google Voice still being actively developed (166 comments)

He must be the only developer working on it because google voice has been about exactly the same for what, 5 years? I really liked Google voice, it's amazing for someone who travels internationally and a great way to interact with people using SMS. But it's had these problems for years, and hasn't changed more then slightly in all these years.

I mean, just as an example, when Google came out with IP calling from the web, they added it to gmail and not voice, even though it uses your voice phone number. They -still- haven't added those features into the Google voice portion of the app/webpage.

about a month ago

What If the Next Presidential Limo Was a Tesla?

Bo'Bob'O Project Cost (330 comments)

Considering each one costs $300k I think there would be better environmental pay back just buying 5 random commuters with badly polluting cars a new Tesla.

about a month ago

Ugly Trends Threaten Aviation Industry

Bo'Bob'O Re:The problem is MUCH, much wider ... (473 comments)

"Folk" music seems to be largely forgotten by history.
There are a great number of folk and ancient music groups and organizations out there, and people interested in it overlap widely with people interested in classical. Also, many very famous composers (Dvorak, Brahms) regularly integrated folk music into their work to bring it to wider audiences, well before the days of recording and Alan Lomax.

As for who will be remembered? It's hard to say. Bach was largely forgotten for decades before multiple revivals throughout the centuries. A composer that has limited popular appeal can have a deep impact on other artists and performers that we don't see until after the hype fades. Elvis will probably be interesting to historians, but the many black artists he pulled much of his style from will likely be as much or more so.

about 2 months ago

More Bad News For the F-35

Bo'Bob'O Re:Rube Goldberg (401 comments)

Except Air Superiority seems to be one of the things the F-35 is failing at.

about 3 months ago

Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay

Bo'Bob'O Why only talk about this one Senetor? (510 comments)

Lots of senators have given their support to the NSA, some on stronger terms then Feinstein. I'm in no way excusing her, I completely disagree with her on this, but this is clearly an effort to continue to polarize an issue that is sadly a failure by both major parties.

about 3 months ago

Winamp Purchased By Radionomy

Bo'Bob'O Anyone know anything about Radionomy? (188 comments)

Anyone know anything about Radionomy? I still use win-amp at work, despite the bloat. I like the small 'strip' interface I can put up at the top of my window and I really haven't found a replacement, so I'd like to know if I can expect things to get better.. or worse.

about 3 months ago

Who Is Liable When a Self-Driving Car Crashes?

Bo'Bob'O Re:Boring Drive (937 comments)

If something goes wrong, then there will be an accent. Such is the nature of any endeavor. Yet I'd be willing to bet a passenger in a self-driven car with no user interaction will be far safer then a car with total human control.

about 3 months ago

I think wearable computing will take off...

Bo'Bob'O Re:There'll be a killer app. (254 comments)

Hi there *pause* Bob! How are the *pause* wife and 404 not found?

about 3 months ago

Why CES Is a Bad Scene For Startups

Bo'Bob'O Re:Startups should not be at CES, or CeBIT (89 comments)

If you are looking at a physical product I find it's MUCH easier to gauge both the product and the company by seeing the object, even if just a prototype, in person. Can it still be junk or vaporware if they have a booth and demo? Of course, even from major companies sometimes. But it's still vastly more information talking to a person, getting a card, and looking at the physical item then some random spec-sheet from a company you've never heard of.

Also sometimes searching through a stack of papers for that random product you remember glancing at 3 years ago rather then trying to search through browser bookmarks works a lot better, for me at least.

What i don't need though is a huge stack of paper spec sheets for every single product and iteration, that I can get online, thank you.

about 3 months ago

Searching the Internet For Evidence of Time Travelers

Bo'Bob'O Well don't post about it! (465 comments)

If you post about it, there will be a record of how we will find you. What you have to do is not tell anyone how you are looking, then not tell anyone when you -do- find them. That way, they will never find out in the future how they were fond in the past and try to avoid it when they travel back in time.

Logically, since nobody has ever posted proof of time travelers, that means they must have found some.

about 4 months ago

US Light Bulb Phase-Out's Next Step Begins Next Month

Bo'Bob'O Re:CFLs still suck (1146 comments)

When someone comes up with a phosphor which can decently approximate a blackbody spectrum, let me know.

about 4 months ago

How long do your computer mice last?

Bo'Bob'O Less the 5 years? (361 comments)

It would almost be easier for me to list the ones that have broken then put a lifespan to them.

Ever since I have moved to optical USB mice, of the dozens that I have used at home or work, only 3 no longer work. Ironically 2 of those were "high end" mice. The budget Microsoft and Logitech mice seem to last forever. I only just replaced the original Microsoft optical wheel mouse my grandmother had after ~10 years of use after a button broke. My other ones of that era are still going fine.

about 4 months ago

EV Owner Arrested Over 5 Cents Worth of Electricity From School's Outlet

Bo'Bob'O Re:Message (1010 comments)

People die every day because another driver is going unsafe speeds on the road, but despite what all those deaths add up to it's only in the most extreme cases of reckless driving is anything more then a ticket given.

I agree with the sentiment that this is a behavior is one that should be curbed for countless good reasons. This though is clearly a case where an arrest is completely inappropriate. A citation would likely have stopped the offender with a net gain for law enforcement rather then the cost of an arrest and the fighting and bad publicity that this is going to lead to.

Stopping the unwanted activity at a net gain to the tax payer seems like a much better deal to me.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Beautiful Network Cable Trays?

Bo'Bob'O Re:Industrial look get industrial looking cable tr (250 comments)

Yes, this exactly.

Keep the tray as small and unobtrusive as possible, you actually want to see as much of the cable as possible. Don't try to hide the but find a professional installer that will make the cables neat, tidy as possible. Belden and cables and others have a wide range of colors that you could offer and you could probably find a nice bold one to go with what the designer might like. It could actually be something of a feature if this is a design/tech kind of company.

about 4 months ago

A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

Bo'Bob'O Re:The public Internet is NOT a government project (1030 comments)

It wasn't just that private people became interested after investment in the infrastructure. Government institutions like many public universities had a major part in making use of that infrastructure in a way that was interesting to private people.

Big companies aren't much interested in risky bets when they have a stable business, and little generally companies don't have the resources unless they have some other source of money. Big bets need to be made sometimes for big success, but the flip side is also sometimes they don't pay off. Losing bets once in a while isn't a failure, it's just the cost of progress.

about 5 months ago


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