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'Webcaster's Right' in WIPO Treaty

Bo Vandenberg The Freedom of Speach Threat is Horrific (60 comments)

So if someone witnesses a terrible act and gets proof and pictures they can be silenced by this nameless pressure on thier ISP.

The vested interests don't even need to defend their assertions to the copyright holder of the image. All they need to do is force the ISP to assert these content rights.

Rather than forcing a dictator into the open to confront a news blog. That dictator might simply convince\bribe\threaten the ISP to pull the plug - just because. No information for the press. No Bigwig denies and has to go to court for injunction. Just the almighty dollar making it hard for Joe Blow ISP to stay in business unless he toes the line.

I bet ISPs would hate that sort of pressure.

There is a reason they call it 'Hosting' not broadcasting. ISP's should be responsible for their network not its content. They are Service providers not Content providers.


more than 8 years ago


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