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Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site

BoRegardless Re:It's Not Really Oracle (150 comments)

What you are really saying is that Oracle knew Oregon's exchange would be a POS before they even signed the consulting contract because of the lack of Oregon bureaucrat skills, but they took the contract anyway because they knew they could as they say MILK IT!

Since they knew full well it would fail, they would document everything to the hilt, including specific warnings, while padding up the consulting, knowing full well that they would never finish the job, but would get paid a pile of money anyway to add to Larry's billions.


Pollution In China Could Be Driving Freak Weather In US

BoRegardless Re:china has smog: LA has chinas smog. (156 comments)

It is widely reported in So. Cal. media that 25% of Los Angeles County's smog comes from Asia/China.

2 days ago

Lack of US Cybersecurity Across the Electric Grid

BoRegardless Energy Control Systems Online? (95 comments)

After 10 years of HEAVY security articles & discussion, remind me again why ANY critical infrastructure SCADA system should be allowed to be online?

Come on now. Why? Are we talking total incompetence at the top of these orgs and their watchdogs?

3 days ago

Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

BoRegardless Re:They've got a lot of catching up to do... (431 comments)

Observation from Orange County, California: Kids who do well have parents who literally taught their kids to read and write BEFORE they entered a classroom.

I have seen all races in this group, though some more than others.

It is strictly a parental issue in believing in education and starting it at home, where it must start by example.

5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

BoRegardless I will be the WINEMAKER (730 comments)

Loved everywhere, supplier lively elixirs including ordinary hard apple cider for safe hourly consumption and likely to be the person to run the local waterworks as society then progresses.

5 days ago

IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

BoRegardless Re:see where your taxes go (322 comments)

But the IRS doesn't care. It just asks for more money from Congress to go after more citizens for more money. The IRS doesn't care about how inefficient it is. That is inherently what is wrong with a massively complex government system which is specifically designed to be complex.

There are solutions for this, but it means dismantling the IRS and firing a lot of people, so how do you think we are going to do this. Similar to the quasi-governmental Post Office.

about a week ago

Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

BoRegardless McGill Studies Won't Affect Asia (854 comments)

The existing and future dominance of Asia in creating and increasing atmospheric pollutants will doom the chances of colleges here in the West from affecting the global effect of Asia's pollution.

about a week ago

How a 'Seismic Cloak' Could Slow Down an Earthquake

BoRegardless Re:From reading the actual article, this could wor (101 comments)

I call BS on this. There is a basic "fault" to this argument.

Ground can be solid rock or sedimentary deposits and the two react to quakes differently.

The 1926 Yokohama earthquake had vertical displacement of up around 9 feet as I recall from the books I have on it. A cloak would be worthless.

A slip fault at the San Andreas in Parkfield, CA might have part of your property moving North by some feet compared to the other side. You are not going to be able to stop those amounts of movement.

about two weeks ago

How Facebook and Oculus Could Be a Great Combination

BoRegardless Pioneers (151 comments)

"If VR really is the next frontier " I expect OR to take a lot of arrows. Few pioneers reach old age.

about three weeks ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

BoRegardless Eloi & Morlocks are Coming (107 comments)

Who will your decedents become?

about three weeks ago

Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears

BoRegardless Zero info in article (198 comments)

But it sounds like jumping from the frying pan into the fire by moving to Android, unless they rewrite all the Android code themselves with the help of Russia's equivalent of the NSA.

about three weeks ago

How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

BoRegardless Re:Mystery? (491 comments)

Mystery yes, but the cargo hold with a large quantity of lithium ion batteries in a 3rd world environment, where the rules routinely get bent with 'baksheesh' means we are likely to see a ban on these in passenger jets in the near future.

about three weeks ago

IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages

BoRegardless Doomed I Say (703 comments)

Climate change is inevetible and most ultimately dictated by the same orbital changes that bring us the "ice ages."

What is worse for the earth within our lifetimes is the adequate supply of food, fresh air/water and fuel (supported by mineral resources to do this) for a population which is heading toward 10 billion critters who have an insatiable appetite to emulate or even exceed the US & EU as their God given right!

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Moving From Tech Support To Development?

BoRegardless Go Balls Out (133 comments)

Study night and day and find a small niche with some local small software developer and take whatever server administrative task you can drum up and keep learning and asking questions until you get to "help out" in programming.

Even if you eventually don't find programming is what you want, you will find a handful of other interesting things to work into.

Enthusiasm and hard work pays off.

about a month ago

Earth Barely Dodged Solar Blast In 2012

BoRegardless Governments & Infrastructure (202 comments)

The whole purpose of government is to provide & MAINTAIN a sound and safe infrastructure so people and businesses can reliably go about their work.

Instead we have people quibbling about more important issues like "diversity!"

Time to get some serious people in office who understand basics first.

about a month ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

BoRegardless Long Term "Value"/"Price" in Software (409 comments)

Warren Buffett warned of the lack of long term value in software back in the 90s when he said 'No, I don't invest in Microsoft as I don't understand the long term value.' or something very similar.

about a month ago



Naris: All your internet data is held by US

BoRegardless BoRegardless writes  |  about a year ago

BoRegardless writes "1984 seems closer than we thought when an ex-codebreaker for the NSA reveals that the US records everything that passes through the internet. Does this surprise anyone? Will it change how you do email? Will encrypted email attract unwanted attention?"
Link to Original Source

Hacking? - Moles are Worse!

BoRegardless BoRegardless writes  |  about a year ago

BoRegardless writes "When you put in all the systems and safeguards to prevent web & social hacking, it still leaves open the worst possible case of spying & theft...the insider. I had a fellow businessman who lost all his chemical secrets to a Yale graduate employee who disappeared to resurface in Korea. How do you stop this?"
Link to Original Source

Is $60/month Mobile Data Access Obsolete?

BoRegardless BoRegardless writes  |  more than 3 years ago

BoRegardless (721219) writes "Are Laptop data accounts made obsolete with the iPad?

$60 per month from ATT or Verizon is $720/yr, forever.

If email & Safari via the iPhone is not enough, a $700 iPad with 3G can get you service for $20/month and only on the months you need it. Thus, an iPad user is money ahead inside of 2 years, not to mention convenience aspects.

Data income to wireless networks is going to plummet. What is that going to do to Verizon, Sprint and others?

Am I wrong?"


BoRegardless has no journal entries.

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