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Infinity Ward Lead Developers Axed Unexpectedly

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:Activision (276 comments)

This is where /. needs a (-1, Wrong) moderation option. I would mod troll, but instead, link.

"China’s snapshot of its January trade data on Wednesday came the morning after Germany released official data confirming that it hads lost its status as the world’s leading exporter.
Chinese exports amounted to $1.2 trillion in 2009, while German exports totaled $1.1 trillion, the German Federal Statistical Office said."

more than 4 years ago

BBC Lowers HDTV Bitrate; Users Notice

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:They suck at math too (412 comments)

The MLA would disagree with you -- I don't have my Handbook with me, but according to Purdue's OWL (which matches the MLA Handbook point for point): "Put commas and periods within quotation marks, except when a parenthetical reference follows."

more than 5 years ago

The best pizza I have ever had, I found ...

Bob Wehadababyitsabo New York City (920 comments)

The birthplace of modern pizza (among other things). Lombardi'stalks a big game but is definitely worthy of its reputation.
Pretty hard to go wrong with pizza in NYC in general -- even most of the "Famous" "Original" "Ray's" serve up a pretty decent slice. None of that deep dish bullshit for me, thankyouverymuch.

more than 5 years ago

How Google's High Speed Book Scanner De-Warps Pages

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:Mostest importanly... (209 comments)

There are automatic page turning machines that use puffs of air and a stylus to move through a book.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Receives Record Fine By the EU

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:But where does all that money go? (469 comments)

They must put the funds in escrow until they have settled their final appeals. The float on $1.5 billion is significant, so they are out something regardless of their final verdict. "The company must write a bank guarantee for the fine right away, though that guarantee is held in a bank account until appeals are exhausted, a process that could take years." ref

more than 5 years ago

How Moore's Law Saved Us From the Gopher Web

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:I loved Gopher (239 comments)

Agreed, fuck Gopher. -- Bucky Badger

more than 5 years ago

The Power of the R Programming Language

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:r-project.org (382 comments)

This is hilarious.

about 6 years ago

Apple Announces MacBook Air

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Re:Air (1218 comments)

When shopping for a new Mac laptop about 6 months ago the screen was a significant issue. Matte screens just looked better to me. I couldn't justify blowing the extra cash on an MBP (w/ matte screen) and ended up with a straight MB. The screen has thus far not been an issue, somewhat to my surprise.

about 7 years ago



iPod as lighting rod?

Bob Wehadababyitsabo Bob Wehadababyitsabo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bob Wehadababyitsabo (629809) writes "The Wall Street Journal Health Blog writes about a fascinating medical case involving a jogger, his iPod, and a thunderstorm. "[...] witnesses said the poor guy was thrown eight feet by the electrical discharge. Both his eardrums were ruptured, and his jaw was broken. The first letter [to the New England Journal of Medicine], by doctors who treated the man at the hospital, argued that 'the combination of sweat and metal earphones directed the current to, and through, the patient's head.'" However, a letter in NEJM's Thursday issue disputes the original findings, instead suggesting the iPod earbuds served as a lighting rod, directing electricity away from the patients ears and head and toward his torso. The verdict from the second letter? "A final note on jogging in thunderstorms: much of the very interesting debate that has followed the publication of this case report would perhaps be unnecessary if common sense were as ubiquitous as the iPod.""
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