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How IBM Plans To Win Jeopardy!

Bob3141592 Re:Why is "Watson" such a popular choice of name? (154 comments)

I'd presumed that Watson refered to the assistant of Bell who first understood electric speech. Probably a wink to the quirky and confounding associations Jeapordy delights in.

more than 5 years ago

Pulsar Signals Could Provide Galactic GPS

Bob3141592 Re:I would be pedantic, but... (146 comments)

I seriously doubt that this could be made to work, since General Relativity denies the very notion of simultinaity required to coordinate signals. And this results from two monkey wrenches - the various velocities and accelerations of the pulsars, and the varying and unknown distribution of gravitational fields between the objects. Space across galactic distances is not Euclidean, and the degree of curvature is not constant from one place to another on large scales.

Naturally, I didn't RTFA, but I'd be surprised if this scheme is valid even in principle. See sig.

more than 5 years ago

Artificial Intelligence at Human Level by 2029?

Bob3141592 Re:To heck with Artificial Intelligence! (678 comments)

The real implication to me, is that it will be possible to have machines capable of running the same 'software' that runs in our own minds. To be able to 'back up' people's states and memories, and all the implications behind that.
That presumes you can understand how human thought is made. It presumes real human intelligence can be modeled and implemented by a digital process, which may not be possible. I doubt that even quantum digital computers could do it. It might be possible in the future to simulate our neural machinery without realy knowing how it works, a high-fidelity digital form of a completely analog process, but then you couldn't know what to expect as the result. The way the program was coded and the inputs given it would have no predicitive value. After all, as far as we know a fool's brain is made up just like a genuis's. Of course, I'd be impressed if they could artificially recreate even very foolish human intelligence. I fear that may be the only kind we will ever do. remember, nothing is more frightening than ignorance in action.

more than 6 years ago


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