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802.11ac: Better Coverage, But Won't Hit Advertised Speeds

BobCollins theoretical... (107 comments)

The term "theoretical" is not just standing in for "raw" data rate. In complex data communication, it also covers whether all frequency sub-bands, spacial directions, etc. are also available.

about a year ago

Ars Reviewer is Happily Bored With Dell's Linux Ultrabook

BobCollins Re:Too Expensive (181 comments)

Thanks, Stewie241, for a nice comparative analysis between laptops and OSs. I am a long time user of MacOS (X), Linux/Unix, and Windows (in that order). I currently use OS X because of an application that is not available (nor anything similar) that is only available on OS X: OmniOutliner. I wish there was a Linux solution, and I check every few years, but there is still nothing. I even explored starting an open source development effort, but I decided that I didn't have that much in me. I do make the best of it: MacOS X is Unix. Using MacPorts, I install most any Unix application/tool that I need, so I'm really not missing out. My comment above was mostly about the MacBook Pro hardware which I feel is very well done but premium priced. Based on that, I think that Dell's Linux laptop listed in this post is waaay overpriced.

about a year and a half ago

Ars Reviewer is Happily Bored With Dell's Linux Ultrabook

BobCollins Re:Too Expensive (181 comments)

Nearly 1600 before tax and no user upgradable components? You'd think it was a macbook

Actually 50% more than the new MacBook Pro I bought last summer. The MBP has upgradable RAM, disk (SSD or spinning), and even the ability to swap out the optical drive for a second disk. And believe me, if Apple gets one thing right, it's that "it just works."

about a year and a half ago

Wireless Carriers Put On Notice About Providing Regular Android Security Updates

BobCollins Keep it Android! (171 comments)

A novel idea! Maybe the carriers could stop f**king with the OS and make it easier to upgrade?

about a year and a half ago

NSA Claims It Would Violate Americans' Privacy To Say How Many of Us It Spied On

BobCollins FAA? (221 comments)

Could the writer of posts like this NOT overload common acronyms? FAA, damn!

more than 2 years ago

Own the Last Mile

BobCollins Re:And they said Internet killed the Radio Amateur (172 comments)

One of Amateur Radio's major problems is that it is non-commercial. A lot of what is done and I do on the Internet would violate the FCC rules. I couldn't buy a book from Amazon or even send an email to work saying I was going to stay home sick.

more than 8 years ago


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