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Who Says Money Can't Buy Friends?

Bob_Villa Re:What's the point in that? (345 comments)

This is with the same woman. I had sex with my wife at least a thousand times before marriage. once or twice a day every day. Once we were married, it dropped dramatically. In fact, there was a period of 3 years where we had sex twice. Overall we've maybe done it 100 times in 5.5 years at the absolute most. If you extrapolate, it would take me 55 years in this sexless marriage to achieve that goal. Many women lose all sexual interest after marriage, no matter how hard the guy tries.

Do you have kids yet? Nothing takes sex to 0 faster. If not, have some and see what I mean. If you do, lucky bastard. I am lucky to get it more than once a month, sometimes once every two months if she feels bitchy. Ahhh, love. How stupid I was.

And I'm only 28 and want it every day, all day long. What a freaking waste!

more than 8 years ago



Bob_Villa Bob_Villa writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Bob_Villa (926342) writes "I saw this article on CNNMoney about disruptive technologies coming in the future. It talks about a company developing a ceramic 'battery' that can charge in 5 minutes, give a 500 mile range and give performance like a Ferrari. I hope technology like this can really work."

Bob_Villa Bob_Villa writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Bob_Villa writes "I work mainly with J2EE, and have helped with plenty of code reviews in the past in a JDK 1.2 shop.
I'm now in a JDK 1.4 shop and am being asked to help set up guidelines to follow while reviewing the code.
I've searched google, yahoo, and google groups and have only found one resource that talks some about 1.4
guidelines, located here: Java Coding Styles.

There are plenty of 1.2 and pre-1.2 resources out there, but I think they are all pretty outdated since many were written back around 2000, 2001. Do any Slashdot J2EE programmers have any good sites for 1.4?"


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