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Godot Engine Reaches 1.0, First Stable Release

Bob_Who Re:Good (54 comments)

Ha! Samuel Beckett would be proud.

5 days ago

SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities

Bob_Who Re:They are also hiring a Farmer (43 comments)

Cool. They ask for a video that shows them some skills, so I sent them some porn. I know how to make a rocket blast off.

about a week ago

SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities

Bob_Who 300 Jobs for 320 Million (43 comments)

So this works out to less than 1 whole job per 1 million Americans.

Wow. There were more astronauts.

In other words, this will be doing more for the Martian economy, than for Terra Firma.

Well, its a start!

about a week ago

French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

Bob_Who Re:Why are taxi drivers all so horrible? (295 comments)

It is what happens when you live in a country of a billion people, full of the worst poverty you have ever seen.
If you have a job, you are fucking thankful, even if it is the worst job you could possibly imagine. It is better than living in a god damned junk yard looking for scrap metal. It is all in an effort to try to pay off the huge investment the rich white guys made in the plates.

I just don't know whats worse anymore.... carrots or sticks? Maybe I could eat the sticks and whack things with the carrots.

The fact remains that I believe that incentives have everything to do with the way people function. You have illustrated how these incentives play out in the taxi business. Not unlike the comedy TV Series, folks of all types understand that arrangement, and travellers come to expect it.

But this is just more of the same old paradigm of the wealthy getting the serfs to start hopping. Whether slave, indentured servant, day laborer, refugee, disabled, unemployed, prison camp labor, minimum wage employee, intern, apprentice, work study student, migrant laborer, mercenary, etc its all the same: we can rely on desperate people begging for some improvement, no matter how slight. I really believe you're right about certain cultures being more willing to enter these arrangements, albeit, even their religious faith is accepting of the extreme disparity of social classes, and kiss that rich man's ass like a cherub....

Bat make no mistake, that is not going to be a good business plan in the long run. Its worked for centuries, but it leads to a lot of anger and destruction, and frankly, there are just too many people on earth these days to keep up this sort of arrangement.

I do know that everyone deserves a decent living. The people with taxi shields, as well as those without them. The people all need a livelihood, whether or not market economies provide one. We as people need to acknowledge and deal with the people that don't thrive in the economic system that serves many, but not all. And if we don't make that a priority and figure out how to do it then I'm afraid we're doomed to suffer. We're all in this ship of fools, and ultimately we all sink or swim. How we come to terms with Uber, and every other iteration of this very issue, must be done carefully. Ultimately, we need to all share what goes around in this world of scarcity.

Or else the folks with all the cash are gonna get as scarce as the royalty that once ruled...

about a week ago

How Identifiable Are You On the Web?

Bob_Who Totally and completely identifiable... (159 comments)

Always have been, and always will, for as long as light echos through space and time. But nobody really cares who I am. They know who I am, nevertheless.

I am the walrus.

about a week ago

Julian Assange Trying To Raise Nearly $200k For a Statue of Himself

Bob_Who Re:class act (171 comments)

....But I am always seduced by Miss Information!

She is soooo irresistible that I can't control myself!

I believe everything she says because she says all of the right things!

And she wants me all the time....

about two weeks ago

James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

Bob_Who Good use of excessive wealth (235 comments)

Human achievements are not always very well enumerated in a paycheck or in business sales revenue.
Its good when the folks with piles of cash can pay it out to others who have done great things. The money seems to generate so much attention that it illuminates the recipient's good work. I humbly request piles and piles of cash so I could give it away to some peeps, that full time.

about two weeks ago

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Twitterbot

Bob_Who Re:Moron Abandons Handle (54 comments)

This world was built on self-important douchelicks, sonny boy,

Treat your elder feminine hygiene metaphors with a little more floral scenting, applicator tube, or adhesive strip maxi pads.

Captcha: Granny Panties

about two weeks ago

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Twitterbot

Bob_Who Likely story Sara Sorcher..... (54 comments)

In post-soviet fake twitter tweet, balding Russian lampshade wears you!!

about two weeks ago

North Korea Denies Involvement In "Righteous" Sony Hack

Bob_Who Re:What happens in Thai Hotels stays in Thai Hotel (85 comments)

Sony (the electronics firm) is in death throes and the last time they turned a decent profit is when Dubya was pumped for a Middle East invasion. Samsung alone makes more profit in a quarter than Sony made in the last decade.

My point exactly.

Sorry to be obtuse, but my writing lacks the sardonic tone insinuated in the subtext. This is a response juxtaposed to the stupidity of accusing North Korea of the attack. If we're going to accuse a Korean rival of Japan, South seems more apropos because they in fact are beneficiaries of Sony's ebbing market dominance.

And yes, this too is stupid. Just like the other stupid. Stupid jokes for stupid folks. Geez, that went over like a lead balloon.

My sense of humor was way more appreciated when Sony was king, last century, before /.

about two weeks ago

The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Bob_Who Re:Can't avoid medical records (528 comments)

But due to the way employment law works, I have to avoid the subject.

Good thing you are more than an employee.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Founder Presents Vision For The New Republic, Many Resign In Protest

Bob_Who Re:Is Hughes clearing dead wood? (346 comments)


An unusually direct show of integrity in today's era of spineless, jellyfish-like hack wannabes.

Right. Sometimes its best to face the music and just be real.

The Japanese word Irimi , comes to mind.

about two weeks ago

North Korea Denies Involvement In "Righteous" Sony Hack

Bob_Who What happens in Thai Hotels stays in Thai Hotels.. (85 comments)

Unless, of course, you are David Carradine, in a pine box, wrapped in a wire coat hanger.

Thailand's international tourism trade of sinful delights and medicinal therapies means that the hotel attack could be from anyone from anywhere under the sun.

Its an all access, multicultural, public venue this is available to just about any business class passport holder on planet earth, regardless of their particular predilections or perversions, ulterior motives, shady dealings or illicit appetites.

So in other words, its probably a criminal or spy or government operation. North Korea is unlikely, but South Korea seems an obvious choice since they have the most to gain from Sony's market share.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?

Bob_Who Its all downhill from here kid... (312 comments)

Welcome to growing older. Notice how there aren't as many Olympians in their 30's? The defending World Champion in Chess isn't even a quarter century old. I realize that your question was regarding new media and attention spans, but life is phenomenological in nature and you are describing an experience shared among aging humans for eons. Next stop: middle age. But don't worry, you figure out a work around to your diminishing capacity.

about two weeks ago

The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Bob_Who Sony Baloney (528 comments)

That old "No Baloney Sony" ad campaign seems a bit ironic now... I have family that worked for them in the mid 90's. I wonder how it will impact folks from 20 years ago...

about two weeks ago

UK Announces Hybrid Work/Study Undergraduate Program To Fill Digital Gap

Bob_Who Re:Repo Man (110 comments)

I think its also crap how you can buy an imported car at times with nearly 1% APR, but an education that does not depreciate or get repossessed must not only accrue ridiculous finance fees, it now must also involve indentured servitude.

I believe you answered your own question: in case of default, a car can get repossessed and sold, an education can't. If you were in the lender's position, why would you lend money to students knowing they could default and walk away from the debt?

Its the only guaranteed loan in the business. There is no risk.

about three weeks ago

Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber

Bob_Who Re:$800k? Same racket, different mob. (329 comments)

how can they really be worth that? Isn't each medallion worth 1 taxi cab? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how 1 taxi cab can bring in enough money to justify that kind of value.

Come to think of it, I'm having trouble with the entire world economy adding up. This fascist groove thing has never added up, and it ain't a free market or level field.

People are unfair, in spite of natures gifts. Welcome to the primitive social human infection of reality - living organic systems led by intangible, experiential , desires.

about three weeks ago

UK Announces Hybrid Work/Study Undergraduate Program To Fill Digital Gap

Bob_Who Re:If this gap exist... (110 comments)

Why is the government trying to help get students educated in CS. if this gap really exists then why don't I have a job in this field, I have an undergraduate degree, and the skills needed.

You're not supposed to ask that question. What are you, a communist? You might as well put insubordination on the resume. You should change your name to Mr. Smarty Pants. Radical Hippy Stoner Face experience.

about three weeks ago



Sprint, Walmart launch Common Cents mobile

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Bob_Who (926234) writes "As reported on BroadBandRreports, Sprint and Walmart launch Common Cents mobile. Can call it Common Cents or Boost or Virgin or Sprint, its still not as good a deal as you think. Prepay Common Cents cellular at .07 a minute / per text still boils down to $20/mo. bottom line, for some, since your minutes may expire monthly. Its half of the 39.99*/mo price point on my Sprint two year contract (*$46 or so, after surcharges & fees). We must, once again, buy another unnecessary cellphone to add to our collection of toxic land fill. The fact that my old Sprint phone can't be used on this SPRINT network is not only ludicrous, it should be a crime and as harshly dealt with as an oil spill.

No matter how you slice and dice it, cellular is and will always be a TOTAL RIP OFF because it is in the hands of a few corporate monsters who have claimed the bandwidth and have every intention of extorting every possible penny from the market until our dying day, or thereafter, if possible. Until we actually have competition in the market, or we rewrite the LAW we are paying too much.

Gouging the citizens for the benefit of the shareholders may be legal and ethical, but IMHO its immoral and uncivilized to screw the 'many' for the benefit of the 'few'.

Ultimately, we need to change all corporate commerce, or else "eat the rich" will be the new populous slogan."

Link to Original Source



Google search settings are "broken" (rant)

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  about 5 months ago

Google's saved search settings remain a broken, bogus, reminder that Google cannot fix chronic epic failures in the user browsing experience.

I can't believe that after several years time, no matter the machine or version of windows or browser that the "Open each selected result In a new browser window" dialog check box does not function. I suppose this is Google's subtle assurance to the world that: "no matter what we say we are doing, its the user fault if its broken. No matter what assurances we offer to control the data that we amass of your lives, you can count on us to do things according to feature specifications you can't possibly comprehend. When that promise is delivered, we'll just blame you if it doesn't work. We'll pretend that the Emperor has clothes as he indecently exposes himself to world...but it's his ass, and we keep our own covered."

You're like Facebook, only exposed from the behind... Assbook, perhaps?

A broken search settings feature that you pretend functions (if the user just signs in with cookies) remains a stark reminder that you will not keep your word to manage the software or data as advertised or as it is understood by the user. Ironically, this is a pure demonstration of false advertising but we'll blame cookies..... Not only does the feature chronically fail to function for millions, it targets the very users who attempt to control cookies. Still this defect continues to be IGNORED by Google in all of its splendid FAILURE to remind us that something, like privacy and promises, is broken.

How much longer can Google and Microsoft continue to operate in corporate mediocrity on the deluded premise that it's "not their bug" that "it's a feature" and it's somebody else that is to blame for the BAD USER EXPERIENCE? This is the opposite of Quality Assurance - it's consistently defective features that remain dysfunctional as long as the Emperor's bare behind is mooning the world. Meanwhile, you neither confirm nor deny your complacence in the public's self delusion of decency.

Chomsky called this manufactured consent, which you have glibly branded "Don't be Evil". Well then, what does that make you, and how does that really improve the situation for anyone? I guess it pays for a few inflated mortgages, but otherwise its not particularly helpful in the grand scheme of things. Its sad to think that I once lived in a "do the right thing" world that has eroded into the "don't be evil" flaccidity of naked imperial dick.

You're Welcome.

Just remember, I don't need to fix this, you're the one getting paid so you figure it out. I don't care about your ludicrous cookie policies and rationales for why its not broken, so ignoring my insights any longer is just bad service.

Google isn't evil, cookies are evil. It's your fault. If the customer is always right, then apparently we are not the customers. Are we ?

And by the way, the "feedback" function on the search results page is mysteriously broken, as usual. It says "try again later" which is corporate speak for p!ss off! So I'll just post this on the boards where it will fade into oblivion.

I honestly don't expect a reply that I want from Google. Its not about some procedure that I need to do to make it work - its about what Google needs to do to fix the user experience ...or just stick it where the moon don't shine.

Get it?


Sprint, Walmart launch Common Cents mobile

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 4 years ago

As reported on Broad Band DSL Reports.com, Sprint and Walmart launch Common Cents mobile - You can call it 'Common Cents' or 'Boost' or 'Virgin' or 'Sprint', it is still not a great deal. Prepay Common Cents cellular at .07Â a minute / per text still boils down to a $20/mo. bottom line, for some, since your minutes may expire monthly. Unused time and inactive phone numbers may be forfeited, so you better feed the kitty on time. Its half the price of Sprint's $39.99*/mo 2 year contract price point (* $46 or so, w/ surcharges & fees). Unfortunately, the customer must buy yet another new cell phone to add to the collection of unnecessary toxic land fill. The fact that my old Sprint phone can't be used on this SPRINT network is par for the course, as is the fact that value is targeted only for some: Its really better for light users, and terrible at $1 per Megabyte for high bandwidth customers.


Suddenly my first Slashdot "Relationship Change" notification - But Why?

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Suddenly, after years on this site, my very first Slashdot "Relationship Change" notification ever - But Why?

Below is what I received from Slashdot, for the record.

                Slashdot Message for Bob_Who
                      * Message Preferences
                      * List Messages
              Relationship Change
              sent by Slashdot Message System on Monday May 03, @12:05AM
              esme (17526) has made you their foe.

OK Slashdot, who the fuck is this and why do I care? Does this mean we're breaking up? Jerry Springer and Maury will have to pay for the paternity test....

I've been slash dotting a couple of years, lots of comments, moderating, and participation. In all that time, I never had any involvement with [friends, foes, freaks, fans] because I just don't have any interest in tagging virtual users. I just don't need to manage that info, and so far, not one other user has found the need to index me as such. Comments can illicit a response which is a suitably relevant record of interaction with another user opinion - it seems unnecessary to tag that user in any particular way. So far, this reality is consistent, and I never even consider the feature's usefulness. I can keep score on real people, but fail to see the value in defining the imaginary, virtual, or text based entities who are only a handle to an anonymous opinion. That being the situation, it was a real surprise to me when suddenly, for no apparent reason someone needed to define their relationship to me. Weirder still, its a long time slashdotter (based on member #) and furthermore, I am designated a "foe". I don't even bother tagging goatse a foe, so this must be some serious grudge (fuck)

Okay fine, I have no doubt that I say all kinds of stuff to piss people off, but usually, if that occurs, my offensive statement is challenged then and there, with a thread to the post, or simply moderated, or in some way confronted at the point of entry. In other words, friend or foe - its all a reference to an interaction with a specific posting. If I am "foe" its because I posted something specific. It seems to be completely retarded that a person [freak] would make the point of designating an opinion of me without any reference to a topic that elicited this response. Its inane, and meaningless, and retarded. I have spent an hour looking through my recent entries and this persons postings and trying to find some clue as to where we ever had the slightest discourse or interaction. I have no basis to friend or foe them. I just know that for reasons that completely elude me I am designated a foe. So for the record, if I wind up dead or missing for no apparent reason, I hope that dateline NBC will dig up this posting (and my corpse) and discover that although there may be no apparent motive, a reliable indication of the perpetrator is hereby established. You may never find my body, but you'll always have this journal entry as proof that I have a true enemy, cyber-foe, fatwa, hit man, stalker, or whatever - right here on Slashdot.

Its important to understand that people you never knew existed, or who in fact may not exist at all, are quite aware of you, and have made it known to the internet that they consider you a foe, for the record, on Slashdot. Its so special and meaningful when you cannot even begin to guess what could possibly be the relevancy of this antagonism without some little clue or reference to a keystroke interaction.

It just blows my mind that when I finally have my very first "Relationship Change" (like a virgin) notification from Slashdot, that there is not even slightest clue or indication as to why. What is the fucking purpose of it then? Its totally meaningless if this is some random designation. I mean what's the fucking point? I'm completely confused. What a neurotic feature. Its like socially inept "faceless book" non interactive mystery discourse. Its just stupid and creepy, from where I sit. I just have no earthly idea why this person even made the effort to opine their view of me, and yet completely evade any reference to my interaction. or anything I ever said that is meticulously stored and indexed in Slashdot's database.

Oh, you mean I stole your wife, ran over your dog, and got you fired, dented your car? No? I have to keep guessing?

(imagine Al Pacino Scarface voice) Well, say hello to my little friend ! (machine guns and dirty bombs) Kaboom! Oops, there goes Philadelphia.....

Or maybe you think I'm John Cussack in Grosse Pointe Blank since I do have a high school reunion coming up....That's it! Its a job! I have a new hit contract! I've been hired to get medieval on this guy's ass. This is the one I'm supposed to "Bada Bing" at Tony's sausage factory.



My /. karma changed today to excellent.

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I've had neutral, bad, and good karma, but I was unaware of excellent. I wonder what I did this time to change it. I also wonder if there might be other karmic levels like 'terrible' or 'transcendent' or 'unknown'. Thanks for the endorsement /. Like my grandmother used to say, "Flattery will get you everywhere."


Slashdot is great service. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 5 years ago Well, I just gotta say that in spite of my previous gripe about libelous troll karma, Slashdot is way, way better than most any scalable portal / social network / news and data exaggerator. I realized this as I was slamming AOL and Corporate America's greed and short sightedness, when it occurred to that at least Slashdot keeps it's eye on the ball and continues to deliver real value to the world. A consistency of value and function, while resisting the kind of decay and degradation one can expect once that "upstart" is sold to big business. But Sourceforge isn't AOL or HP. I'm glad that informed perspectives found in top usenet newsgroups or college classrooms are distilled here with the daily news feed. This bloggy convention seems to work for me here, and at Flickr (also acquired by big corporate brother). If its any consolation, I don't pay to subscribe at either place. But the way I figure it, you guys definitely get value from me. I am generally so committed to free stuff that I'll spend the currency of my quality time, instead of fast bucks. It won't pay the bills, but at least it celebrates Slashdot's collaborative process and growth.


Slashdot Karma is Fascist Crap - Don't Tread On Me.

Bob_Who Bob_Who writes  |  more than 5 years ago Karma: Bad. Screw you pinheads. Your Karma is every bit as bad, so bite me. I'll never subscribe now. In fact I won't submit or comment. Why should I? You pissed me off and now I just want to insult you and put my effort into worthy causes - not your fascist intimidation and conformity imposed by little narrow minds unworthy of the task. Your system is way too loose to start flinging insults at me. So I feel like flinging them back. This is a cure for flame? Interesting choice. I have dozens of posts and yet one "off topic" remark negates my karma score to BAD. This degrades my status, and subsequently, reflects on several hours of GOOD thoughtful prose. You idiots! Oh wait, I guess its BAD when you are the one being called names, isn't it? Now I'm a troll and a flame bait. Just exterminate me. I'm BAD. Clearly people confused by the contrived moderator task thrust upon them will tend to look for fault, and moderate like hard boiled nuns at a catholic girls school. Furthermore, your punitive attack outweighs the positive strokes for "good" behavior. You are all stick and no carrot. That's stupid and annoying, and will never properly motivate an ass like me. Where's the credit where credit is due? Is it all negative score keeping? Is it too complex to find a fair, reasonable system that does not completely tilt the importance of poor content over good? Can't you distinguish blatant spam from a difference of opinion or mild infraction of your divine holier-than-thou standards of humor or rhetoric. Irony, satire, allegory and other literary devices confuse the common 'dork denominator' or perhaps elude them altogether. Like Nurse Ratchett in Kesey's "...Cuckoo's Nest", you want to break Murphy down, and squash the 'unconventional' or the 'misunderstood' like a bug. A BAD Karma flame bait troll bug. If it ain't GOOD, middle-of-the-road homogenized view, then it must be BAD KARMA and we must stamp out BAD KARMA immediately before it spreads. You like that snap! whacking yardstick, don't you Sister Sadist? That's a pretty nasty habit and spanking, from the short end of your stick. Dick. Well, you just suck out loud. Fix your own shit. Your Karma is an insulting label. Its asinine. You're just being a dick. Just like me, right now. How do you like it? Dick for dick, tit for tat. Just like any racist, prejudicial, fuck wad, Nazi, scumbag, n-word exploitation.... this is your BAD karma when you crap on my karma and call me BAD - after all of the mostly GOOD efforts and results I have contributed here. DON'T BE A DICK. KARMA NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Just ask Earl.

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