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Univ. of Wisconsin's 30-Year-Old Payroll System Needs a $40 Million Fix

Bodhidharma Re:Bad Title (418 comments)

The $12m is just for the planning. They originally though $8 million would be enough but it wasn't. The UW payroll system (really HR system) has to take care of around 60,00 employees at several campuses plus county extension branches. There are all sorts of job descriptions with different contracts, vacation, sick leave, seniority, retirement plans, insurance, etc. The previous failure was an embarassment and some reporter figured they could stir up some trouble by making a big deal out of this. It's better that they get all the processes sorted out before they start writing custom code.

more than 5 years ago

Thinking about Rails? Think Again

Bodhidharma Re:(I'm the author of the article) - Please read: (482 comments)

I understand the temptation to try something new. I've wanted to do something in Rails but haven't had the time. Also, I've grown suspicious of frameworks in general. A lot of people swear by Struts, Spring, Rails, Grails, etc. I think frameworks can make easy things dead simple but hard things almost impossible. I do all my web apps as hand rolled MVC using servlets and JSPs. I've never coded myself into a corner with that.

about 7 years ago


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