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Facebook Launches Location Based Product

BoldAC Turn it Off (130 comments)

I turned this off as soon as I could.


I get social media. I really like most of it. However, I enjoy my fancy stereo and big screen TV too much to let people know when I am out of town or out of my house.

"Oh, I know that dude. He just bought a fat entertainment system and now his facebook says he's out of town for a month. Woot!"

No thanks.

more than 4 years ago

Wikimedia Confusion Swirls In Wake of Porn Charges

BoldAC Ignorance of the Masses (267 comments)

"Though he remains the president of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wales is no longer able to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content, sources say. Essentially, they say, he has gone from having free reign over the content and people involved in the websites to having the same capabilities of a low-level administrator."

Ignorance of the Masses => Democracy

Will we actually notice any changes?

more than 4 years ago

OS X On the MSI Wind

BoldAC Re:Looks like the site is being hosted on an MSI W (219 comments)


Power management/Sleep work normally for the most part. The only difference from actual Apple hardware, is that you need to tap the power button to wake from sleep, as opposed to screen lid, mouse movement or space tap. Fans work properly, same as on a macbook. They kick in on heavy CPU usage and high temps. However, I must say, the device keeps very cool most of the time. Other pluses include Portability & Price. The 6 cell battery gets you around 5 hours of usage.

Working perfectly:

        * Core image
        * Core animation
        * Core audio
        * Video Out & Graphics in general
        * Wired Ethernet
        * Webcam
        * Internal Speakers
        * USB
        * SD Card Slot
        * Sleep
        * Bluetooth
        * Wifi
        * TouchPad
        * Function Keys


Not able do perform Major OS point upgrades. There is no support for this. Warranty becomes Void. You are totally on your own. Web Cam, Wifi & Bluetooth, need to be activated via the function keys before the OS will see them (very PC like). The trackpad feels a little clunky, however I prefer a small mouse (wired or bluetooth). If you try to save a few dollars by going with the 3 cell battery, you will only get 2 hours of usage.

Not working:

        * Internal Microphone
        * Microphone port
        * Headset port

more than 6 years ago

OS X On the MSI Wind

BoldAC Done in August with Video (219 comments)

I read and saw the videos about triple booting with MSI wind back in August. He's got a video there and a bunch of hard to grab OS X drivers. If you are going to purchase a MSI wind, please note the issues with the non synaptics trackpads in some circumstances.

You will need an extra stick of RAM, DVD drive, and WLAN card as well. This hack will get you up to OS X 10.5.4. The hackint0sh community is usually a point release or two behind.

The planetx64 version also has problems with the internal mic, the microphone port and the headset port.

more than 6 years ago



Does Computer Use Actually Cause Carpel Tunnel?

BoldAC BoldAC writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BoldAC writes "A geek physician has reviewed the medical literature that explores if a relationship exists between computer use and carpel tunnel syndrome. From the article: "Typing at the keyboard or using the mouse for hours and hours upon end just seems like it has to be horrible for your joints, right?" His conclusions certainly seem to contradict the thinking of many: "The current research shows that computer use has very little role in causing carpal tunnel syndrome." It seems that both Harvard and the Journal of the American Medical Association agree with his conclusions. However, I bet many of us on slashdot have different opinions on this topic."
Link to Original Source


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