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Jon Johansen indicted by the MPA(A)

Bone010101 MPAA are international terrorists, now? (797 comments)

So, more scare tactics from the MPAA. When someone infringes on the free speech of the media, the entertainment industry howls in indignation and raises a ruckus. Now they are terrorizing foreign citizens. I guess they only pay lip service to the first amendment when it suits their needs. Hypocrites. I bought the DeCSS T-Shirt from CopyLeft, and have a hardcopy of the code. This code will remain in my posession for...well...ever. And I might actually take out a personal ad in the local newspaper and put the DeCSS code there. Too bad I can't afford advertising space in Time Magazine. :) While I'm off topic and being moderated down with every word I speak, I just want to ask...where is Red Hat and VA Linux in all this? After they got their multi-billion dollar market caps, why aren't they investing in the defense of this necessary component for DVD playback? Don't they realize that a ruling against them will hurt Linux badly? Linux without DVD will be, in a couple of years, like Linux without CDs nowadays. Yet they remain silent. ESR was crowing and blathering about how we had already won the case. Yet we have the MPAA treading roughshod over the 1st Amendment. We have the MPAA terrorizing non-US citizens. We have had 2 injunctions. Yet ESR, VA Linux, and Red Hat are all mute and seemingly unwilling to help. They got their fat wallets, I guess, and screw the Open Source community.

about 15 years ago


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