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New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

Bonzoli Re:Lest we Forget.. (128 comments)

Amazing Modded to 0 right away with no response, very nice!!!

3 days ago

New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

Bonzoli Lest we Forget.. (128 comments)

The provision protects genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks and has thus been dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” by activists who oppose the biotech giant. President Barack Obama signed the spending bill, including the provision, into law on Tuesday
Since the act’s passing, more than 250,000 people have signed a petition opposing the provision and a rally, consisting largely of farmers organized by the Food Democracy Now network, protested outside the White House Wednesday. Not only has anger been directed at the Monsanto Protection Act’s content, but the way in which the provision was passed through Congress without appropriate review by the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees. The biotech rider instead was introduced anonymously as the larger bill progressed — little wonder food activists are accusing lobbyists and Congress members of backroom dealings.

3 days ago

Lost Beagle2 Probe Found 'Intact' On Mars

Bonzoli Quick someone (130 comments)

Quick someone send it the command to roll over!!

about two weeks ago

Steam For Linux Bug Wipes Out All of a User's Files

Bonzoli Re:Gotta love Valve (329 comments)

I've recently seen this same mistake at much larger company. Generally having checks and accept prompts in scripts when deleting anything, but especially when deleting recursively, is a good thing. Its one of the first things I expect a level 1 Admin to make a mistake on, and later never do again.
Its also a good plan to make sure your backup drives unmount after the backups. Leaving them mounted is asking for trouble. Actually online backups are a bad idea anyway but its cheap so we do it.

about two weeks ago

Washington DC's Public Library Will Teach People How To Avoid the NSA

Bonzoli Re:Hmm, how about teaching encryption techniques? (81 comments)

What? I didn't say that at all(troll bait?). Odd perhaps you should reread the post. The whole point is, why would I care what you encrypt your data with if I can just get the private part (key, csr, crt,pem,Password,whatever you want to call it today) your using to encrypt the conversation with? I would even encourage the use of said product because I am guaranteed a way to read it?

about two weeks ago

IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce

Bonzoli 40k Geeks and no answers? (481 comments)

Perhaps someone here could come up with an automate methodology to put these folks on the ropes? How about multiple answers, approach it from many directions. Crowd fund, kickstart, background checking, fact checking, and other things? There is this strange aversion to unions after decades of paid for ad campaigns against them, but you all act like helpless children vs. the technology geniuses you are!@! Find a solution, implement the solution, solve the problem. These half baked "can't hold a job doing anything else" politicians are on the offensive, how about you all get offensive instead of whining like you are still in elementary school.

about two weeks ago

Washington DC's Public Library Will Teach People How To Avoid the NSA

Bonzoli Hmm, how about teaching encryption techniques? (81 comments)

I've been wondering what happens if my SSL key signer received a FISA gag order and request for my private keys, how would I know?
Do you know?

I'm suggesting they also teach how to selfsign their certificates and understand how this whole process works.
If I were trying to monitor the internet's HTTPS/SSL traffic i'd go after those private keys soon as possible, especially since there is this belief that your safe if you have a signed pem key for your host/https/tls/etc..

about two weeks ago

White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

Bonzoli Re:How many times done anything helpful? (189 comments)

Oracle's sales teams do this all the time to business. Selling crap to people they really don't need has made many a company rich beyond reason. The cure for this is public college education, everyone would be smarter then. Preferably in hard sciences.

How about instead of tearing things down and whining, you love your country enough to help make something work.

"The ACA gathers money from those like myself who never get sick."
You should understand at some point you will be sick, at that point in your life you won't care about anything else other than getting better or dieing.

Believing you will never get sick is something that should be pondered.

about two weeks ago

The Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means For Amazon's Future

Bonzoli Re:Amazon is waiting for a competitor (155 comments)

Or you could say based on the actual court monopoly findings that MS put out libraries that were intentionally made or left broken so their primary competitors would fail to make a good product that requires them to work on windows 3.1. Please re-read the MS monopoly findings. You might learn more about why some products died.
Or read Amiga magazines article from the 90's where a Phd Amiga Dev found 2 loops, in the OS that MS was paid to create, that did nothing but slow the whole thing down by about 50%.
Or about DR DOS
Or about many other things that made it impossible to compete when the fox had the keys to the hen house gates.

Amazon pissed off a lot of retailers, or you could say ALL of the retailers. They have now pissed off all of the mobile manufacturers.
You might want to look at what happened when Pepsi went from a vendor to Fast food restaurants to direct competitor, and how those chains promptly stopped supplying Pepsi for their customers.
Amazon has now pissed off all the makers of everything really and now have enemies on every front. Not sure what they were thinking.

about three weeks ago

Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Bonzoli Reasons between smoke and mirrors. (580 comments)

My guess is they are more afraid of what is in those emails that hasn't been released yet. Especially if it has something the feds might be interested in or might wreck someone's marriage. Losing 20mil on a movie isn't much compared to that, for an exec that makes millions a year.
If Sony really wanted to make a statement they could release it on dvd or free with ads on any of the many streaming services.
If they bow to hacker pressure now, they just painted a larger target on themselves for future hacker groups.

about a month ago

Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

Bonzoli Freedom! (1051 comments)

Passing laws to take away freedom is not the answer. Educate people and present solid non-biased analysis. Do you think those parents really understood the problems that could happen. Michigan has had poisoning(ddt), failed fluoride water, Nuke plants that disappeared(north of detroit), a new invasive species every week killing everything, massive poisoning of the water, Canadian Trash/medical waste that can't be stopped from coming in, self insured insurance laws(lobbies), and all other types of fun crazy things going on. In the mean time the state isn't exactly great when it comes to funding schools.

I'm from Michigan and education in real analytical thinking for everyone is the big problem. Religions do not want it(what), certain political parties do not want it(guess), manufacturers do not want it(cheap labor), and many sellers of goods don't want it(profits).

Teach them how to think and make their own choices based on facts and rational thinking. Right now you should all be saying where is the real education and why are we not informing them? Not new laws to take away more freedom.

about a month and a half ago

Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

Bonzoli Curiously. (398 comments)

I've worked at a lot of companies over the last 25 years and the ones that went the H1B visa is better route, are all now tail spinning into the toilet, at best they are struggling to stay relevant. There is always room for a good employee, but replacing good ones with unknowns to save short term doesn't appear to work.
It takes about 10 years of promoting H1B yes men and putting them in the food chain in various places. But everywhere I know that did it, is now struggling hard if they survived those 10 years. Just my own observations, but I'd love to see a long term study on the effects to a company when this is the case. Perhaps its an actually a symptom to the problem with management to begin with?

about a month and a half ago

Amazon's Luxembourg Tax Deals

Bonzoli Putting your local Brick buildings out of business (200 comments)

Don't worry I'm sure we can trickle down enough to pay for your schools. Well if we don't skip town or create a new think tank slogan to make you think those damn unions are the reason your schools suck so much. Because certainly you want to very lowest payable person teaching your children and our future how to think.
Remember there are not enough smart people in America for Programming, what could possibly go wrong.

about 3 months ago

Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records

Bonzoli Think of the lawsuits if they keep this data? (190 comments)

All those poor companies that profited from this H1B effort and the US government that helped for various reasons to make it more profitable for those poor companies, could be at risk.
Especially once you consider they were on the backside they going after unions and organizers as politicians with a position.
Think of the Children and the kittens that would be at risk if we keep this 1G of data. We need that disk space for my 7G landmark EQ beta install!

about 3 months ago

Hackers Breach White House Network

Bonzoli Re:Thanks Obama! (98 comments)

Weaponized powerpoint. Someone should copyright that.

about 3 months ago

Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

Bonzoli Next year it should be less than 40M (398 comments)

As people learn the location of the camera's and just stop speeding because of them, the revenue will go down. I expect many people that do speed will take alternate routes. It might be more dangerous in other area's because of the new traffic patterns.

Perhaps someone could have done some actual analysis vs. relying on the company that is selling the equipment?

They have their camera's and the company has its money, time to raise taxes to make payments on the bonds.

about 3 months ago



VoIP for Crossplatform gamers

Bonzoli Bonzoli writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bonzoli writes "Having issues hooking up with your voice communications when your on linux and your squad is on windows? Getting tired of making Wine and Ventrilo work on Linux every time you upgrade? Getting ticked your 5 year old version of Teamspeak that doesn't give up the /dev/dsp audio device wont let you hear the game? Well Mumble is the opensource solution to cross platform gaming. This VoIP Cross platform application supports encrypted connections, ingame directional audio from channel members, graphical overlay to see who is speaking, multiple channels, groups, sysadmin, pulseaudio support, text-to-speech, dbus, and a whole lot more to improve the gaming experience. This isn't just a catch up product, mumble is paving a new road for opensource gaming. http://mumble.sourceforge.net/"
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