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The Battle For the Game Industry's Soul

Boogaroo Re:And they're all shit (272 comments)

Amen to theat. Antichamber has given me more hours of entertainment than I could ever expect. As one reviewer put it, "The biggest challenge is yourself."
As long as you don't look up solutions, Antichamber is of the best games I've ever played. The solutions are truly your own. The game lets you solve it in your own way. I can't really tell you much about it without spoiling it.

The only thing I can say about it is: Antichamber is best experienced by yourself. Solve it by yourself or you will be cheating yourself of one of the best games you'll ever play.

about a year ago

TSA Body Scanners To Show Less Revealing Images

Boogaroo Does it matter? (202 comments)

Does it matter if it's less revealing if the radiation is just as dangerous?
Does it matter if it's ineffective now and continues to be ineffective?

I think we could better spend the money on monitoring the TSA screeners who keep stealing our stuff.

more than 3 years ago

On Monday, AT&T Customers Enter Era of Broadband Caps

Boogaroo Re:Rollover gigabytes (537 comments)

Cingular was the cellphone service that did the rollover thing.
Cingular bought AT&T, and it wasn't until later that they bought the name and renamed themselves to AT&T. Not the same company at all.

Besides, the idea has a fundamental flaw in it.

If you are constantly rolling over minutes/GB, you're over-paying for service.
If you're not rolling over much, you have very little to cover overages.
If you're not rolling over anything, you're paying overage charges.

The whole scenario works for very few people. The rest just feel better about having over-payed every month.

more than 3 years ago

Activists Seek Repeal of Ban On Incandescent Bulbs

Boogaroo Re:CFLs aren't 100% coverage yet (1049 comments)

Indeed. We tried them for our track lighting and the experience was terrible.
One burned out within a week and a half. The rest ran hot to the touch at the base. We returned the entire batch.

more than 3 years ago

Slashdot Launches Re-Design

Boogaroo Re:Thanks for the CPU usage! (2254 comments)

Yikes! You're right.
Just idling one Firefox window on this page shows the process at about 13% CPU usage. No other browsers open, not even an animated ad this time.
I open lots of Slashdot stories as tabs and get to reading them when I get to them. I guess I'll have to stop that.

about 4 years ago

Microsoft Adds 'Do Not Track' Option For IE9

Boogaroo Re:Wow, pretty impressed. (179 comments)

Not everyone is all or nothing about ads.
I see a checkbox to disable ads on this site, but I don't click it.

On common sites I visit that I feel are worth visiting, I don't block their ads either.

All random sites, ads blocked unless I find them to be unobtrusive or worthy of my support.

I'm OK with advertising. It has to overcome a few barriers but it's not something that is altogether horrible everywhere. What really matters is whether I am in control or not.

more than 4 years ago

Stranded California Man Too 'Embarrassed' To Use Phone

Boogaroo Re:self-rescue (33 comments)

This is why I have regular flares, orange smoke flares, signal flash, water, food, bedding, etc...
When I go into the wilderness. I've never had to use anything more than water, food, bedding, matches/lighter, and bandages.
I'm prepared for more, but if the shit hits the fan, I want rescue teams to find me or those I'm with as fast as possible.

more than 4 years ago

Bicycle Thief Barred From Using Encryption

Boogaroo Re:Well, rationally speaking... (449 comments)

While that is a very interesting story, it's certainly not the case for every juvenile offender.I have seen entire families that are crooks use their children to commit robberies, burglaries, shoplifting, and more. The reason is that the kids get slaps on the wrist and zero jail time for committing the same crimes as their older family members. There have been gang members so entrenched in gangs that they've beat their children for wearing the wrong color clothing!


ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A St. Paul father has been charged for allegedly hitting his four-year-old son because the boy was wearing a shirt with the color of a rival gang

more than 4 years ago

Best Buy Unapologetic About Charging For PS3 Firmware Updates

Boogaroo Re:The end of brick & mortar? (454 comments)

Ouch. Sounds similar to my issue. Found a harddrive on the website. Went in to buy it. None on the shelf. Stock check: none in any store in the state.
Drive on the site: $119. Nearly identical drive in store: $189.
Nearly identical drive at Fry's: $109.

I spent $7 in gas to drive to/from Fry's and saved that much in tax alone, had the product in hand the same day, and Best Buy gets nothing except contempt from me yet again.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Lawsuits Target PS3 Jailbreak Authors

Boogaroo Re:Sony should have lost this already. (205 comments)

Torrenting it and then distributing code compiled with it both are, which is what everyone who is using the Sony SDK did. Copyright infringement is copyright infringement. If Sony didn't grant you a license to use the PS3 SDK, then you aren't allowed to legally use it.

I know that physical object and copyright don't match 100%, but consider the following scenario:

A guy steals a knife from someone. The knife is infinitely reproducible so while the owner hasn't lost anything except control over the knife, it makes the owner of the knife angry.
Using the knife, the guy whittles a bunch of wood into neat little sculptures which are also infinitely reproducible.
Sure you can prosecute the taking of the knife, but what of the sculpture? Does he not have ownership of his sculptures?

more than 4 years ago

Stem Cell Tourist Dies From Treatment In Thailand

Boogaroo Re:Wow (451 comments)

One of the risks of spaying a dog is the increased chance of osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone forming cancer.
My dog was spayed, and did develop osteosarcoma. While the first tumor was noticed on her upper knee and she was taken in to the vet for a biopsy, by the time the results came back two weeks later, the tumor was almost three times as large and she was having a hard time standing up or laying down. An xray confirmed that smaller tumors had already spread to lungs, liver, and several other joints. You are correct so far as my experience with bone cancer goes. It can be surprisingly swift and systemic in growth.

Her system was already inflamed due to breast cancer(something spaying was supposed to help reduce the chances of) and treatment for it. I would bet that the bone cancer was there all along until her immune system could no longer hold it off. If dogs had lifespans similar to humans, I would have taken any opportunity to help her. As it was, it was the end of the road. The vet had no reasonable treatment that wasn't equal to selfish attempts at prolonging life. It was this experience that led me to understand how physician assisted suicide isn't as horrible as some would have us believe.

more than 4 years ago

Stem Cell Tourist Dies From Treatment In Thailand

Boogaroo Re:This will be interesting.... (451 comments)

It is not a hypocritical statement for someone to say that "using a wheelchair has helped me overcome the loss of my legs."
There are ways to solve a problem, without directly reversing the cause of a problem.

more than 4 years ago

A Battle of Wits On the Net's Effect On the Mind

Boogaroo Re:Aren't We Disproving Carr As We Type? (218 comments)

Or is it confirmation?
I don't have to think deeply, I just have to skim through all the deep thinkers posting here and consider the various arguments.

more than 4 years ago

Getting Paid Fairly When Job Responsibilities Spiral?

Boogaroo Re:Ask for it. (495 comments)

Recession nothing.
After witnessing how the Mexican government shut down almost every restaurant, school, movie theater, grocery story, stadium, and more... I keep two months food on hand plus six months rent/utilities on hand.
It was very handy when I got laid off April 1st. Yeah, talk about the worst day of the year to get laid off other than Christmas, but I was prepared. I was re-hired in 6 weeks, but I only burned through half my food.

Having the food on hand meant that being laid off did not lead to a panic mode reaction. Unemployment paid $9.70/hr instead of the $17.35 I was making. Thus, when a job offer for $11.00/hr came by, I was willing to pass it up by not responding. Holding out paid off since a friend of a friend referred me to a job that paid $16.00/hr. I accepted that. It sucks going from tier 3 support to tier 1 support, but there's a clear progression that leads to a $24.00 a job if I play my cards right.

I know some folks here make much more, but the game played is still the same. We all have to face our jobs from the position we're in. I appreciate the game plans and observations in the thread since they really seem to apply to my life and my long term goals.

more than 4 years ago

US Changes How Air Travelers Are Screened

Boogaroo Re:So, basically, Stop Brown People For Being Brow (260 comments)

It's a terrible statistic to start with.
Note the use of the word "intruder" to narrow down the possible rebuttal scenarios and maximize the statistic's numeric value for shock value.
Note that it leaves out the possibility of not needing to shoot the gun as an effective use of a gun.
Note that suicides are also included to maximize the numeric value of people "shooting themselves" and ignores the fact that not having a gun may not change the eventual outcome.

It reminds me of one gun statistic that was released phrased the "possession" of a gun as being mere ownership. Never mind the fact that the gun could have been an old .22 bolt action rifle in a closet at home, but the owner was out on the town and got shot and robbed. The study counted that as showing how people who "possess" guns as being more likely to be shot than non-gun owners. It was laughably easy to spot the data massaging that study had done.

People like to consume the statistics they're given because it's convenient. They're little "facts" they can point to and say, "See! There's the truth!" when it's a distortion of the overall picture or even the opposite of what the numbers actually mean. It's something that's done by everyone who wants to sway public opinion about any subject at all. A little skepticism of statistics is healthy and would go a long way to help people understand when they're getting a fast one pulled on them.

more than 4 years ago



Florida School District Fingerprinting Students to

Boogaroo Boogaroo writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Boogaroo (604901) writes "The Washington County school district in Florida has placed fingerprint scanners at the entrance to Chipley High School. They've also made a decision to run an alternate trial by placing the scanners on buses since most kids in the district ride buses every day.

Since the beginning the fingerprinting, attendance is up, but not everyone is in agreement that the costs and risks are worth the attendance boost."

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