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Amazon Censorship Expands

Borealis I can put tape over my own mouth too (764 comments)

While I would prefer that Amazon carry a full range of titles encompassing all speech, they are a company, not the government. They are free to carry or not carry whatever titles they choose. While I see no upside to them in not offering a full range, it is their prerogative to select their own wares.

The alternative is that we would force retailers to carry products that they do not wish to carry, which is not something that I see happening in a sane world.

more than 3 years ago

Prosecutor Loses Case For Citing Wikipedia

Borealis Perhaps untrue in this case but not a bad policy (315 comments)

If the only citation you can come up with is Wikipedia then either you aren't doing your job or the citation is suspect. I find no issue with the court's decision, I'd be more inclined to beat the prosecutor with a wet noodle for failing to find a more reliable source.

about 4 years ago

GPS Tracking Without a Warrant Declared Legal

Borealis Re:Sauce for the goose (926 comments)

Why waste time on cop cars, cops don't make the laws. Put them on the cars of judges and politicians.

"My my judge, it appears that your car likes to drive to the local titty bars at least twice a week. Funny how those cars do love the titties."

"Mr. Senator, can you tell me why it is that your car was parked outside of a known gay bar? Were you doing research for your anti-gay legislation....2 times a week for the last month?"

about 4 years ago

Bill Gives Feds "Emergency" Powers To Secure Civilian Nets

Borealis Re:Uh, no, you can't have my network (505 comments)

BP is probably not a good analogy to this as there is to my knowledge no evidence that federal involvement from the initial blow out would have made any difference. The feds don't have a solution to capping the well either (and in fact failed rather disastrously in keeping BP in compliance with existing government overseen safety regulations).

I concur that both feds and civilians would work better in concert than opposition, but for civilian networks you are dealing with an area in which the feds have absolutely no expertise. Every network is configured differently, with different requirements, different hardware and different security concerns. To allow feds access to those networks under the auspices of "security" is a ludicrous proposition. If the feds want to improve security they should look at the government computers (which most government offices receive a failing security grade for) and concentrate on making sure that there is absolutely no kind of all encompassing override (like a government backdoor) that could be exploited by attackers.

more than 4 years ago

Bill Gives Feds "Emergency" Powers To Secure Civilian Nets

Borealis Re:Uh, no, you can't have my network (505 comments)

Do you remember Katrina? Do you really want the feds fucking with your network? It is far more plausible to believe that civilian networks will rebound faster from a cyber attack without federal interference because most civilian networks are run by people who do that sort of thing for a living, with their networks, configured properly for their use. Do you really think some random fed network guy is going to be able to reconfigure your network from afar without prior knowledge of how you have it configured? How will they know your user names? How will they access your backups? How will they know which entries on your administrator list are valid administrators and which ones are planted by cyber attackers?

more than 4 years ago

EA Editor Criticizes Command & Conquer 4 DRM

Borealis Re:Give that man a new job (266 comments)

Jeff Green is the former excellent editor of Computer Gaming World magazine. He's always been on the level.

more than 4 years ago

COBOL Celebrates 50 Years

Borealis "Celebrate" seems to be an overstatement (277 comments)

Given how much programming in COBOL is analogous to building computers with vacuum tubes, I think that celebrations are not really called for. I'm thinking we need a Dr. Kevorkian style mercy killing here.

more than 4 years ago

What Filters Are Right For Kids?

Borealis Re:The simple one. (678 comments)

I second this one. Filterware is a bogus solution in just about any case, as there will always be sites it doesn't filter that it should and sites that it does filter that it shouldn't. The best solution is to put the computer in a place where you can always see what is being looked at.

My son's computer is directly beside mine.

Also, as embarrassing as it may be for you, teaching your children comprehensive sex education at an early age won't hurt them any.

more than 5 years ago

What Has Fox Got Against Its Own Sci-Fi Shows?

Borealis TV executives & SciFi (753 comments)

Simply, I think they don't get SciFi. The SciFi Channel, named after the genre itself ran John Edwards for months and currently devotes at least one day a week to people going around with IR cameras going "I feel a presence". What's another name for "really really bad science fiction movie"? "SciFi Channel Original Feature". I keep waiting for them to redo Night of the Lepus when they run out of types of lizards, snakes, and gothic masonry.

People whose perception of the world is filtered through a layer of ratings analysis are often not the best judge of quality scifi.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Losing Voters Over FISA Support

Borealis He's the only one that could have stopped it. (1489 comments)

He certainly lost my support. While all the aye votes deserve contempt, Obama as the democratic candidate could have thrown his weight into it and stopped it. As much as one person can bear responsibility I blame him for not doing his damn job.

more than 6 years ago


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