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Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life

BotnetZombie Re:Hot stuff (211 comments)

I recall reading that the Goldilocks zone for dwarf stars is quite closer to the star than for our Sun. So much so that the planets in that zone would most likely become tidally locked with the star (IANAA either). That raises interesting questions on the possibilities for life there. The environment would likely be much harsher - violent wind, big temperature difference on each side of the planet, possibly compensated for with atmosphere and oceans. On the other hand, harsher environment might also be a pressure point for more intelligent life to evolve, given that life would arise to begin with.

about two weeks ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

BotnetZombie Re:Finally! (474 comments)

"you can do whatever you want to your own body and mind, just don't do it to anyone else".
I think you answered your own question - you should be allowed to smoke whatever you want in your own home, except if you have children or non-accepting spouse subjected to your chosen pollution. That out of the way, I pretty much agree with your take on this.

about 2 months ago

How To Block the NSA From Your Friends List

BotnetZombie Re:distributed? (224 comments)

Want to listen to music on Spotify? Need a FB account.

That's simply incorrect. You may use your FB account, or you can create a new Spotify only account, which at least is what I did.

about a year ago

In Iceland, Tap Cellphones To Avoid Incest

BotnetZombie Re:cool app (296 comments)

My family tree has routing loops . . .

Ah, the McFlys. Someone is his own grandfather perhaps?

about a year and a half ago

Iceland Considers Internet Porn Ban

BotnetZombie Re:fuck you iceland. (684 comments)

Fuck you (country_name) is just as stupid here as it most often is. Do you feel personally responsible for every damn thing the politicians in your country do? Besides, this proposed lock-down is not gonna happen cause the minister in question will be out of office pretty soon (upcoming elections).

about a year and a half ago

Australian Economists Predictions No Better Than Flipping a Coin

BotnetZombie Re:Economy is not a science. (290 comments)

The fact that evolutionary theory doesn't have (yet) predictive power is the primary reason why ID survives. When evolutionary biology produces falsifiable hypotheses with predictive power, ID will silently go away.

You might want to reconsider that. Take a special look at the what E Coli did, as predicted.

about a year and a half ago

Security Expert Says Java Vulnerability Could Take Years To Fix, Despite Patch

BotnetZombie Re:So long/The way the future was (320 comments)

Perhaps the time is right for a COBOL browser plugin?

about a year and a half ago

Learn Basic Programming So You Aren't At the Mercy of Programmers

BotnetZombie Re:HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (313 comments)

OP stated that JavaScript is not a full blown language. If he's not talking about computability, then another criteria might be IO control which is entirely possible in JavaScript like in most other languages. If he's not talking about that either but instead some missing language/syntax feature, then probably all programming languages fail that criteria.

about a year and a half ago

Learn Basic Programming So You Aren't At the Mercy of Programmers

BotnetZombie Re:HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (313 comments)

JavaScript is Turing complete AFAIK. What do you mean it's not a full blown language?

about a year and a half ago

Going Off the Fiscal Cliff Could Mean Missing the Next Hurricane Sandy

BotnetZombie Re:North Korea (296 comments)

I'm reasonably sure I would be watching it on TV too, but hard times for the public in USA (or Syria) don't make me happy.

about a year and a half ago

Cassini Discovers First River On Another World

BotnetZombie Re:Metric system, please (230 comments)

You do realize that there are quite a few integers between 10 and 20, and between 20 and 30, that serve the same distinguishing purpose as your precise splitting into 40-50-60-70-80-90, don't you?

about 2 years ago

What To Do After You Fire a Bad Sysadmin Or Developer

BotnetZombie Re:idiot? (245 comments)

fired the guy within a few weeks.

Maybe this new manager saw after few weeks that there wasn't really anything to justify keeping the dev around any longer?

about 2 years ago

Verizon Worker Arrested For Copying Customer's Nude Pictures

BotnetZombie Re:A special kind of stupid. (282 comments)

Not a lot. Technical ability doesn't have anything to do with moral reasoning or empathy.

Makes sense.

Arguably, you could make one of those pick-any-two triangles from that collection.

Doesn't make sense if the previous assertion is valid. It's not like the quality/quantity/time triangle where each part directly affects the others.

about 2 years ago

VR Tech Lets People Interact With Rats

BotnetZombie Re:want fun? try a haiku (33 comments)

counting is your friend
when constructing a haiku
5-7-5 it is

about 2 years ago

The Most Important Meeting You've Never Heard of

BotnetZombie Re:Is there any GOOD news from Dubai? (171 comments)

About 97% of all of the taxes in our country are paid for by about 5% of the wealthy people in this country.

I don't believe you. Where is your proof of that? And don't tell me to google it, you are asserting something that sounds like a fantasy.

about 2 years ago

Can Anyone Become a Programmer?

BotnetZombie Re:Absolutely not. (767 comments)

Don't worry, the other half of the population is smarter than average!
Oh, and to those posters complaining that mean!=median, they are probably completely right if when talking about mean/median intelligence. But when talking about measured IQ - completely wrong. Here, have an explanation.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Comic Books To Start My 3-Year-Old With?

BotnetZombie Re:Tandy Computer Whiz Kids (372 comments)

You may have learned to read when you were 2, but you still havent learned to close your parantheses. Seriously, some people consider that as heinous a crime as leaving the toilet seat up!

more than 2 years ago

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary

BotnetZombie Re:Inspiration to younger users - thing of the pas (212 comments)

OTOH I was a salaried Spectrum games programmer back in the 1980s working for one of the major companies.

Interesting - did you work on some titles one might have played back in the day?

more than 2 years ago



Computer Program Self-Discovers Laws of Physics

BotnetZombie BotnetZombie writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BotnetZombie (1174935) writes "Wired has a story on two Cornell University researchers, that wrote a program equipped with the bare basics of mathematics and an appetite for number crunching and formula creation. This program was able to deduce the law of conservation of momentum as well as Newton's second law of motion. The program does this with a (very intelligently designed) genetic algorithm that evolves its answers until they fit the data. Initially a number of different guesses are tested against the dataset being worked on. Even if all the guesses are far off in the beginning, some are less so than others. The best ones are then selected for further breeding and mutations in a cycle that is repeated until good enough formulas have been found.
The scientists responsible are testing their program on other kinds of data, and claim that they're finding previously unknown patterns in human metabolism. Further applications could be to find patterns in weather, economics, and neurological data to name a few fields.
People in white coats are needed to make sense of the results for now, but surely the needed human behaviour can be patternized and automated in the not too distant future."

Epilepsy patients attacked through forum

BotnetZombie BotnetZombie writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BotnetZombie (1174935) writes "Wired has an article about epilepsy patients being attacked via their forum. The Epilepsy Foundation runs the forum, found here, and it appears that quite many posts included javascript redirecting the readers to pages with flashing lights and disturbing patterns. Going to pages like that means bad news for many epileptics, some of whom are interviewed in the article. Another disturbing part of this story, is that the party being accused of this bad deed is none other than Anonymous, most famous for their battle against the Church of Scientology. Are Anonymous really that bad, or could this be a mean plot by CoS to crucify Anonymous for something they didn't do?"

Scientists Scan Striking Nanoscale Images

BotnetZombie BotnetZombie writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BotnetZombie (1174935) writes "Wired has an article/gallery with very impressive images from the nanoworlds around us, and little stories for each picture. Besides giving an inspiring insight into the world of very little things, images of this kind can help scientists in many fields get a better handle on their subjects. No real need to RTFA, just look at the pretty pictures this time."
Link to Original Source

Two AI Pioneers, Two Bizarre Suicides

BotnetZombie BotnetZombie writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BotnetZombie (1174935) writes "In a recent article, Wired tells the quite sad but very interesting stories of Chris McKinstry and Pushpinder Singh. Initially self educated, both had the idea to create huge fact databases that AI agents could feed off, hoping to eventually have something that could reason at a human level or better. McKinstry leveraged the dotcom era to grow his database, while Singh had the backing of MIT, where he eventually got his PhD and had been offered a position as a professor alongside his mentor, Marvin Minsky. Sadly, personal life was more troublesome for them and so the story ends in a tragic way.

To editors — I had a difficult time categorizing the story, feel free to do it differently."

Link to Original Source


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