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More Quantum Strangeness: Particles Separated From Their Properties

BranMan Re:Limits of Measurement (144 comments)

"This is the argument that Heisenberg used (yes, I've read his book)."

Fine. But did you read it in the original Klingon?

about a month ago

Interview: Edward Stone Talks About JPL and Space Exploration

BranMan Re:Mars Direct - Unanswered? (57 comments)

I just thought of an analogy that may be very fitting. Few know this, but the first submarines used in combat were built during the US Civil War (or WoNA, whatever floats your boat). It was possible, but incredibly dangerous, and more than one was lost entirely.

Fast forward to WWI and WWII, where submarines were solid, dependable, and safe (to a large degree - not including combat of course). And on to the modern nuclear subs - downright luxurious in comparison.

So, Space Flight was in the Civil War era with the Apollo missions to the moon - we could do it, just, and it was incredibly dangerous, and we nearly lost one (13). The Shuttles were more of WWI tech level - still really dangerous, but doable on a regular basis.

We need to reach the stage in Space Flight analogous to nuclear subs, I think, before we can reach Mars. We just aren't there yet. And without wars to push the development (like it did subs) it may take a while.

That's why Mars is 20 years away. Still.

about 1 month ago

Washington Redskins Stripped of Trademarks

BranMan Re:Will no one think of the Irish Obama? (646 comments)

Why does everyone seem to think Obama is African-American? We have yet to elect an African-American president - and may never at this rate. Obama's mother is American. His father is African. That makes him the first African American president, with nothing at all in common with African-Americans. Historically, culturally, or genealogically

Why does everyone overlook that?.

about 2 months ago

Google and Facebook Can Be Legally Intercepted, Says UK Spy Boss

BranMan Re:https (104 comments)

Against the average Joe, fairly secure. Against the wrong people? Not even a speed bump. HTTPS works using Public Key encryption, not Secret Key encryption. That difference makes all the difference - Public key encryption is used to generate Secret keys, which are then used to pass information back an forth securely.

      The problem is that Public key only depends on mathematically hard problems to make is secure (it's a hard math problem to break it, but not anywhere near impossible) vs Secret key, in which the key is basically random, and can be made long enough (i.e. use enough bits) to be physically impossible to break, no matter what (though often fewer bits than that are used to make it faster). Public key also has part of it public (hence the name) and part private. If you know the private key - game over - 'cause the Public key is already out there, by design.

      Piled on top of that are Certificates that make sure you are using the right Public key to talk to who you want using encryption. Assume all the Certificates and Certificate Authorities (who vouch for them) have been compromised. Assume Public keys used by a lot of people have been broken (I'd include HTTPS to any well known group).

      Today? I'd assume HTTPS is not secure - at all. Kinda leaves you SOL though, so really we're stuck with it.

      Does that help?

about 2 months ago

Google and Facebook Can Be Legally Intercepted, Says UK Spy Boss

BranMan Re:Why your government is so corrupt and arrogant (104 comments)

And to add insult to irony, even though both tomes are approaching 100 years in age, neither one has passed out of copyright protection into the public domain. Isn't THAT depressing?

about 2 months ago

Group Demonstrates 3,000 Km Electric Car Battery

BranMan Re:Not ideal (363 comments)

I guess they call it a battery as the output from it is electricity, like a battery, not mechanical motion, like an engine.

about 3 months ago

Plastic Trash Forming Into "Plastiglomerate" Rocks

BranMan Only one? (123 comments)

Am I the only one that thought... Cool!

about 3 months ago

Solar Impulse 2 Makes First Flight

BranMan They better leave early.... (34 comments)

I hope they take off in Jan. - at 30 kts the trip may take the whole year!

about 3 months ago

Local Police Increasingly Rely On Secret Surveillance

BranMan Re:Blame the courts (146 comments)

Pray tell, good sir, what leads you to believe the formation of an Air Force is not constitutional?

about 3 months ago

Declining LG's New Ad-friendly Privacy Policy Removes Features From Smart TVs

BranMan Re:Send it back.... (221 comments)

So don't just sit there - GO FIX IT.


about 3 months ago

US College Students Still Aren't All That Interested In Computer Science

BranMan Re:Computer Science is not IT and at times not cod (306 comments)

Edit it on your resume. Write it as Computer Science (Network Systems Administration). That way it matches the buzzword bingo and tells a real human what you have when they actually READ IT. (No pun intended)

about 3 months ago

Supermassive Black Hole At the Centre of Galaxy May Be Wormhole In Disguise

BranMan An answer to the Fermi Paradox? (293 comments)

That does make for an interesting idea - if the center of every galaxy has wormholes, and every advanced civilization discovers this, and they can be used for travel.....

Maybe the reason we have not seen any alien civilizations is that they all congregate towards the center of the galaxy. Then we would not see them because we are out towards the rim, in a backwater if you will.

Makes for an interesting thought at least.

about 3 months ago

Supermassive Black Hole At the Centre of Galaxy May Be Wormhole In Disguise

BranMan Re:It is God. (293 comments)

Who are you that is so wise in the ways of science?

about 3 months ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

BranMan Re:The spokesman for the AHA said... (408 comments)

On the plus side, I hear Steve actually smells better now.

about 5 months ago

Is Traffic Congestion Growing Three Times As Fast As Economy?

BranMan Re:Obama (187 comments)

I'm curious - what is the alternative to the clover leaf? Seems like the most efficient design when done right.

about 6 months ago

Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

BranMan Simple (482 comments)

Just tell them it helps prevent acne. Parents and kids will be falling over themselves to get vaccinated. Problem solved!

about 6 months ago

California Fights Drought With Data and Psychology, Yielding 5% Usage Reduction

BranMan Have the mayers done their part? (362 comments)

I don't mean are they trying to use less water like everyone else. I mean - have they mandated ZERO growth for their cities? NO new housing, NO new businesses, NO new developments, NO new malls? If not, why not? If this is a water crisis then at the minimum you need to cut all NEW drains on the water supply to zero.

If they have not done this, and will not ever do it (as seems likely) then the problem will never be made any better. Any conservation gains will be eaten up by new demands, add infinitem.

about 6 months ago

US Secretary of State Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

BranMan Re:Alright already (401 comments)

There are real options - they just aren't getting funded.

What do you do if something you have is getting too hot 'cause it's sitting in the sun? Put it in the shade, of course.

Orbiting shades to block a few percent of the Sun's rays will compensate for any amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Bang. Done.

Expensive? Sure. Can it be done today? yes.

There ARE other answers. That's only one.

about 6 months ago

US Secretary of State Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

BranMan We are so glad (401 comments)

I used to live and still work in Mass.

Now the rest of you know why we were trying to get rid of this guy.

What an a-hole.

WMD? Seriously?

about 6 months ago


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