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ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

BravoZuluM Re:they will defeat themselves (981 comments)

I'd love to let them have the run of things for a while, except they insist on flying planes into our buildings and beheading children. No, I think the only option is to go in and kill every last one of them, like the vermin infestation that they are.

about 3 months ago

Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans As Antarctic Ice Melts

BravoZuluM Re:Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans... (784 comments)

When I was a kid, early 1970's our government was making plans to cover the ice caps with soot to help alleviate the coming ice age. We are after all, at the end of an inter-glacial warming period. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide constitutes 0.04% of our atmosphere. IF there is a CO2 warming link, we'd have to get the CO2 up to 4% of the atmosphere to stave off the next ice age.

google "Next Ice Age". Man typically does better in a warm climate than a cold climate. Women look better in bikinis than parkas. Choose wisely.

about 7 months ago

Studies: Wildfires Worse Due To Global Warming

BravoZuluM Humans have the attention span of a gnat. (379 comments)

Wildfires have been with us for a long time.


Some of the largest occurred in the 1800's when we didn't have the means to fight them. But politicians today want more money so they claim the fires are getting worse. Funny, I remember a few California wildfires in the 70s that were much worse than the San Diego fires we just had. Santa Ana winds are just something that Southern California locals have been dealing with for a VERY long time. The problem for San Diego is the arsonists. Three of them were just arrested. Another problem is aging transformers. We have had a number of the explode here recently and they typically start fires. The secondary transformer across for my mother's house is seriously rusted and it's only a matter of time. California's biggest threats is state insolvency and our power infrastructure. Sacramento would rather spend it on the booty train, impose fire fees and raise taxes.

about 7 months ago

White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups

BravoZuluM Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (578 comments)

Except that it isn't a few hundred $ a month. I went online to discover what it would cost me to replace my current employer's plan with an "equivalent" Covered CA plan, The cost was almost $19k a year or $1500 a month. My company sends a yearly statement regarding the value of my benefits. They priced it at $18k. The year before, it was 11k. BTW, my very large company had been conducting clandestine layoffs at the highest levels. I'm pretty sure they can thank Obamacare for that gift.

about 9 months ago

Google To Replace GTK+ With Its Own Aura In Chrome

BravoZuluM Re:Google's Aura (240 comments)

The incompetent lawyers hire the additional incompetent lawyers. It was hell just getting our lawyers to understand that ftping source over the network through open source routers and servers did not make the transmitted code open source. The name LGPL needs to be changed so that the letters "GPL" does not appear in the acronym. Our lawyers screech, "GPL! GPL!" "Uh no, it's LGPL" "But it's GPL!" Our lawyers are fine with the BSD license so maybe we can call it the LBSD license. :-)

Our lawyers, quashing innovation one bad decision at a time.

about 9 months ago

More Bitcoin Exchanges Forced Out of Sync After Massive DDoS Attack

BravoZuluM Government(s) intervention? (135 comments)

Some of the best hackers work for governments. This may be an attempt to destroy digital currency so that people are forced to contend with the historical money makers.

about 10 months ago

Intel Dev: GTK's Biggest Problem, and What Qt Does Better

BravoZuluM Re:GTK+ is standalone (282 comments)

How is this insightful? GTK guys modding this up? FUD. Qt is not written in some weird dialect. Where'd you pull that factoid from? I compile QT all over the place, Windows, Mac, LInux and embedded Linux using the VS C++ compile or gcc. On each of those platforms, it works VERY well. It's cross platform; more so than any other framework/language I've worked with. Qt apps look like Windows apps on Windows, Mac apps on Mac, Linux apps on Linux (if there really is such a thing)

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Improve My Memory For Study?

BravoZuluM Get tested to see if you have gluten sensitivity (384 comments)

If I consume gluten or wheat products in general, I develop foggy mind. No gluten, my mind becomes clear as a bell. What you are describing is a classic symptom of gluten sensitivity. A doctor can test you easily for this.

about a year ago

Cadillac Unveils Pricier Alternative To Tesla Model S

BravoZuluM Re: $5000 gets you... (196 comments)

There is NO fixed RPM engine that can convert the energy from gasoline to electricity more effectively than just driving a gas engine. The electricity from the Volt must come from from the grid, or in my case, solar panels to be cost effective. There is a conversion loss of ~30% when the electricity is sent to the wheels and then another 30% when you re-gen. The Volt gets ~36 mpg if you feed it gas alone. That's not a bad number but you can do better with other fuel cars, like a Volkswagen Jetta.

I own two Volts. I have two charging stations at home. My driving situation is that I get about ~40 miles per charge. Several times, I have gotten 60 miles out of a charge that was situational. Mechanically, the Volt seems to be very sound. With the exception of the center console electronics, everything is top notch.

An earlier poster compared the new Cadillac to an old Cimarron, My Volt, from 0-50 will smoke 95% of the vehicles out there. Electric motors don't have a torque curve, they have a torque line from 0 RPMs to 15000 RPMs in the Volt's case. I don't know this to be the case, but if they upped the battery bank, the Cadillac could have even faster take off than the Volt.

At work, we have chargers, again driven by renewable energy. My Volt was backed into the spot and right next to is, was a Tesla Model S. The front ends are remarkably similar. The back end of the Volt is nice. I find my Volt visually appealing with the exception of the black plastic body trim. But it is acceptable

The point is that electric cars can work, but you have to be in a position to make use of it.

about a year ago

Red Cross Wants Consequences For Video-Game Mayhem

BravoZuluM Then it should be applied across board... (288 comments)

Films should at all times should add scenes which show the consequences of those serious violations. Songs should at all times have a chorus that show the consequences of those serious violations. Books same thing. Of course, the media will get quickly boring when they are forced to follow a recipe.
I think that system has been tried...in socialist and communist countries. It seems that people are voting with their money. Games like GTA are fulfilling a need, or it would not sell.

about a year ago

Undiscovered Country of HFT: FPGA JIT Ethernet Packet Assembly

BravoZuluM Re:Your Start Trek reference (452 comments)

Sure it does. Just like the torpedo, this board will single-handedly cause a market explosion by with all of the other trading platforms can target. It will be glorious.

about a year ago

Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

BravoZuluM Re:jerk (1440 comments)

Actually there is a concept of spirit of law and then another called the letter of the law. This is taught at the CHP academy. The spirit of the law is to stop people from texting while driving, i.e. they are moving; to keep them from hurting themselves or others. If you are at a stop light, there is no danger that you are going to hit someone. Also, the GPS ticket is splitting a very fine hair.
Cops who can't think follow the letter of the law. The letter of the law means they don't have to make any moral decisions. They are just following orders. These type of cops are not desirable. You want officers who follow the spirit of the law. Cops who see you speeding and have you dead to rights; they wag their finger at you to slow down, but don't pull you over because you were not a danger to yourself or others. They are the sort of people who follow a moral compass and understand the need for discretion.

about a year ago

Can GM Challenge Tesla With a Long-Range Electric Car?

BravoZuluM Re:They're just attempting to stay relevant (466 comments)

I own two Volts. I bought mine a year ago in September. My wife liked mine so much, she bought one three weeks later. We both love the cars. I get 40-50 miles per charge. At home, my solar system charges the cars. I charge at work for free. The interior is adequate. I have usually drive 70 mph on the freeway, all electric.

From 0-50, there isn't much on the road faster than the car. There are a lot of sport cars that get surprised pretty fast that the Volt is a rocket and a tremendous amount of fun to drive. The handling going up the mountains to where I live is excellent. It sticks to the corners like a mountain goat.

My only nit with the car is the radio. iPhone integration is buggy. The main display never hangs, but the entertainment display will hang from time to time. Not critical but would expect better from a polished product.

My gas savings has been tremendous. I have quite a long commute. On a short day, it is over 100 miles. Last year, I filled up 6 times, each time, a max of 9 gallons. My current MPG rating on the car over 330 mpg.

It is a great car. The main antagonists of the Volt have ulterior motives for their rantings. The primary one was a GM fund manager who got handed his shorts for lunch and has been whining ever since that it was the Volt that cost him.

My previous car was a Yukon XL. I don't give a rats ass about being green. I only have solar and the car because they make sense.

about a year ago

Xbox One: No Always-Online Requirement, But Needs To Phone Home

BravoZuluM Zune? Anyone? (395 comments)

How quickly people forget the past. Buy music for your Zune? Microsoft changes their business model and your device becomes a brick. Why on earth would I want to buy a device that ties me permanently to a company. The xBox 360 is good enough for me and when it no longer is, I'll find another solution. Hopefully by that time, a embedded Linux monster is developed.

about a year and a half ago

Paul Thurrot Predicts November Debut, $500 Tag For Xbox 720

BravoZuluM Re:Always on Internet Connection (232 comments)

And I think EA is reaping the rewards of their BS. I used to buy EA games but that ended a while ago. I vote with my money.

about a year and a half ago

Paul Thurrot Predicts November Debut, $500 Tag For Xbox 720

BravoZuluM Re:Always on Internet Connection (232 comments)

Microsoft is lowering the barrier to entry. If the 720 requires always on internet, there will be no 720 in my house. It isn't like Microsoft's fortunes are soaring right now. A series of inept moves followed by more inept moves has neutered a once powerful company. This has happened to IBM (young poeple can Google IBM). It has happened to Hewlett-Packard. In the 70's and to the mid 80's HP was the must have equipment. I still have my HP 12-C. It happened to Apple until the second coming of Jobs. Apple was the high flying stock while they were producing the Apple II. The stock ended up going all the way to $12 before Jobs turned it around. It is now happening to Microsoft. As a 30 year, Win32 developer, I have made the transition to Linux. Linux still has some rough spots, but developing QT on embedded takes me back to the hobby software days of the Apple II. It is fun.

There are no Sony products in my house. Sony used to be the brand to have in the house. Think Apple magic. Sony walkmans. Sony CRTs. All of it good. And then some knuckle heads decided to maximize share holder value. This always results in reduce value to the consumer. The Sony Play Station was the last Sony device in the house. I told my kids I didn't want them buying PSPs. They did anyway. Their birthday money, but Sony will not get one more dime from me. The PSPs got bricked when Sony updated them. And, Sony wouldn't fix them. "Sorry, our fault, but your warranty is over." Then Sony tried root kits on their music. What sort of company does that crap? My kids won't ever buy a Sony product. I encourage all of you to never buy a Sony product.

So, Microsoft has the number 1 gaming platform. Make the platform require internet and watch that platform decline. My 12 year old asked if he could put together a PC on his own. I hadn't done it since a 33 MHz DX chip. (Again young ones, look it up). My 12 year old, using Tom's Hardware, some birthday money and some money from dad put together one of the fastest machines I had seen for ~$700. Windows7 boot in 13 seconds; games rendering in ultra high resolution and frame rates. Let me get to the point. Microsoft is going to mass produce a DRM, internet tied platform for $500. The $700 box my kid put together will be $500 in a year. Another gaming company with some backing and the growing numbers of Linux developers is changing the environment to where Microsoft will have put themselves out of the market. And old guys like me who like to game, the 360 is good enough for me. I used to play Mario Bros on the SNES. All of today's graphics wows me. :-)

about a year and a half ago

Nokia N9: the World's Most Underrated Smartphone?

BravoZuluM Nokia is the new, old Apple (176 comments)

Years ago, Steve Jobs was ousted by Apple's Board of Directors. He was replaced by, John Sculley, a proper CEO. Sculley had convinced Apple that he would sell a computer like a bottle of soda. He, of course, was wrong as were the following CEOs. It was only when Apple was selling at $12 a share and Apple was dead did the board bring back Jobs, his vision for the long term and the Next OS. The rest is history.

Nokia is repeating the mistakes of Apple. The Nokia board bought into the Elop burning platform. Never mind that Nokia was on the verge of a great break through in their adoption of a Linux based OS with a world class framework, Qt, to back it. Elop doesn't have the vision or the technical prowess to pull Nokia back from destruction. He is the captain of the Valdez. His oil rig is still burning and spewing oil. Maybe, just maybe, when Nokia is all but dead and irrelevant, a technically savvy CEO with a vision will come in and turn around Nokia. Until then, the N8 was my last Nokia phone.

Meego is an excellent OS platform. Had Nokia proceeded to stay the course, the N10 would have been a must have product.

about 2 years ago

Toyota Abandons Plans For All-Electric Vehicle Rollout

BravoZuluM Re:Volt NOW (490 comments)

Start your comment with a flame bait comment, "I'll assume..." which really reduces the credibility of your post. The stated cost of production of the Volt is around ~37k. The MSRP for the base model is $39k. So, I traded a Yukon XL for a 2013 Volt. I've had it for one month, put 1600 miles on it and I have yet to visit a gas station. I think the retards are the "accountants" that somehow want to put this car in a special class and apply numbers to it. No one seems to do this with BMWs, Mercedes, Telsa..ect. Except, now in the case of a Volt, we are now going to boil the car down to numbers. For me, the car is a no-brainer. I am no longer spending 10k a year on fuel. The net cost of the car to me is ~36k given California taxes, title, CA refund, Federal credits. I charge at work for free (solar) and I charge at home for "free" again solar. So now I am paying .9% financing and nothing to speak of for fuel. I have $400 a month more in my pocket because of that.

But forget the numbers. It is fun car to drive. When I plug my iPhone into the car, the car becomes my iPhone. The car has phenomenal acceleration that from the stop light that will leave most cars in the dust. The rush is akin, on a small scale, to my old BMW K1200RS motorcycle. The build quality is phenomenal. It brings back memories of 1980's Toyota and Honda build quality. There are way fewer parts, so theoretically, the car should be more reliable than an ICE vehicle. The brakes in general don't get used. Driving around town, when you stop, you can put your finger on the brake rotor and it will be cold to the touch if you only used regenerative braking.

Ignorant people, or retards in your language, are people who post out their ass about a car they read about on some right wing news feed. I'll assume you aren't one of them. The car was engineered and designed years before Obama was elected. The GM bailout was initiated by Bush and completed by Obama. Many people buy cars for reasons beyond money. Trying to boil down the Volt to a monetary bottom line is...well...retarded.

more than 2 years ago


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