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Justice Department: Default Encryption Has Created a 'Zone of Lawlessness'

BrendaEM The Thing The US Is Ignoring... (420 comments)

To make it easy to check for rouge or organized terrorists, is to make the country ripe for attack from large countries.

We assume that our enemy will be terrorists, but that may not me. Out next enemy may be another country. In that case you want all of your web of contractors, which is inclusive of so much more than just the primary contractor, you want them all secure.

Have you heard of: "loose lips sink ships?"

Our nation needs to be secure even at times from itself.

2 days ago

Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

BrendaEM Needed Products (314 comments)

They had some of the most popular computers at the time, such as the Model 1, Model 100-102, Color Computer 3, and Tandy 1000.

They have small stores, and yet, they have empty shelves. Where is the products? They could still have sold PC compatibles.

[In the 1990s, they should have put 68000 processors in their popular color computer like they had planned, but they were worried that it would cut into Tandy 1000 sales.]

If they go, I will miss them because they sold inexpensive computers that I could afford : (

about two weeks ago

The Slow Death of Voice Mail

BrendaEM Voicemail Good ; Voice UI Bad (237 comments)

It take a long time to fetch voicemails. I don't care about what time they called, unless I need too. Get it?

about a month ago

Human Eye's Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate

BrendaEM In my tests... (187 comments)

It would take hundreds of frames per second to truly fool the eye. We tend to have long decay, which I believe offers a hardware solution for "Where is it coming from?" but human attack FPS is much higher than you might think.

about a month ago

Many DDR3 Modules Vulnerable To Bit Rot By a Simple Program

BrendaEM Using Non-ECC Ram is Unacceptable (138 comments)

Unless you are making a Speak-and-Spell, it's foolish not to use non-ECC RAM. I would rather pay an additional 9th as much and have some peace of mind that the RAM will at least keep from flipping a bit from comic rays, which happens about once a week.

I take that back; put it in the Speak-and-Spell, too.

about a month ago

FAA Report Says Near Collisions With Drones On the Rise

BrendaEM Another Side of The Coin (115 comments)

Our skies are riddled with commercial airliners, and a few private planes, owned by people who could afford them. Perhaps quads are the next thing in personal aviation and perhaps also the FAA should give recognize this and give people some airspace, too.

I live in Silicon Valley, where you can hear airliners every few minutes, and police helicopters every weekend, So what really is the difference?

I also fear that the FAA is going to tighten private use, just so they can auction off the airspace rights to companies like Amazon.

about 2 months ago

Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again

BrendaEM Adroid's Reputation is Ruined (214 comments)

I will never trust Google with Android again, not for a platform for anything serious. When I bought my tablet, I could organize my pictures on it, and now it it sits in my room as an implement for occasional light browsing. Android had an edge over IOS, because I could do useful things with it, without begging Itunes to limit what types of files exist on my tablet.

I love QuickPic, for my pictures, and my Galaxy Note 8 may never be upgraded to Lollypop, so what I am to do throw it away?

Although I am angry, I have only myself to be angry at for trusting Google in the first place. Not evil, my ass!

about 3 months ago

LG's 0.7mm Smartphone Bezel Is World's Narrowest

BrendaEM Important to Maketing People (63 comments)

As for me, I need some way to hold on to my cellphone.
I would like this better in a laptop.

about 3 months ago

What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?

BrendaEM Blue Collar VS White Collar (320 comments)

On the one hand we have internet providors effectivly stopping community internet.
On the other hand we have a lot of blue collar people who are going to be put out work.

While I cannot believe that the Teamsters and the Cab driver unsions are just laying down on this issue, in the end, the might not be able to stop driverless cars, because that's what Darpa wants for for their war machines.

Who is going to be the first unlucky person to die for driverless car research?
Who is going to be the furst unlucky person to die from a driverless war machine?

about 3 months ago

Ubuntu 14.10 Released With Ambitious Name, But Small Changes

BrendaEM Unity is Crap (110 comments)

Oh, great. They can inflict Unity on miserable people on two platforms.

about 3 months ago

Ubuntu Turns 10

BrendaEM Companies Fail To Admit Thier Mistakes (110 comments)

People are choosing other distributions for a reason, actually two.
Get rid of Unity and stop collecting search information, or fade into obscurity.

about 3 months ago

What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?

BrendaEM Mint Cinnamon (303 comments)

Mint Cinnamon.

The GUI scales for 3K laptops better than Windows or Mate.

about 4 months ago

The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

BrendaEM Re:Alps Still Rocks My World (304 comments)

Opps, I mean Cherry. Well, same idea. Nice smooth, and not so loud.

about 4 months ago

The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

BrendaEM Alps Still Rocks My World (304 comments)

My next keybaord will probably be a Corsair mechanical.

BTW, the Tandy Model 100/102 had such a keyboard.

about 4 months ago

GNOME 3 Winning Back Users

BrendaEM Save Gnome by Ending The Nonsense (267 comments)

The problems:
Standard Gnome 3 is desktop/power user hostile.
Mate and Cinnamon don't do touch screens.
Cinnamon depends on Gnome 3
Because of it's Gnome 2 underpinnings, Mate does not scale well, but I am sure they can add to the final product.

Reform the Gnome organization, giving the Cinnamon and Mate devs a good voice in the final product.

BTW, I am using Cinnamon right now.

about 4 months ago

GNOME 3.14 Released

BrendaEM Gnome Needs a Rethink (250 comments)

Okay, it was a cool idea to make sometime that works on tablets too, but for a desktop power user Gnome 3 is an utter failure.

about 4 months ago

SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

BrendaEM Too Bad... (210 comments)

Too bad Google crippled SD cards in Android so they can sell cloud services.
Too bad tablets and phones don't use SD cards.
To bad too many companies make SD cards that stick out.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

BrendaEM Mosaic (426 comments)

From Wikipedia: "Microsoft licensed Spyglass Mosaic in 1995 for US$2 million, modified it, and renamed it Internet Explorer."

about 5 months ago

Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

BrendaEM Kan't Even Tipe on My Galaxy Note 3 (544 comments)

Really. I want a real keyboard, I am faster and more accurate on one.

about 6 months ago

'Selfie' Helps Doctors Diagnose Mini-Stroke

BrendaEM Too Many Women Die from "All in your head." (47 comments)

Too many women die by the "all in your head" diagnosis.

My friend's ex-girlfriend went to the hospital for chest pain, was diagnosed with anxiety. She died less than a week later.

about 7 months ago



FreeFileSync Served With Vostran Malware

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  4 days ago

BrendaEM (871664) writes "FreeFileSync is an Rsync-like GUI file synchronization program. It has been an example of an excellent open source utility, but now, the Windows version comes with Vosteran malware which, provides no benefit and is difficult to remove.

The mere fact that Source-forge serves malware reduces the credibility of all open source software.

Freefilesyc's page: http://sourceforge.net/project...
I have started a discussion here: http://sourceforge.net/p/freef..."

Link to Original Source

Transsexual Accused of Trolling for Expressing Opinion about Transsexuals

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  about 2 years ago

BrendaEM (871664) writes "In a recent Slashdot post about end Futurama, I expressed an option that I thought that Futurama was Transphobic in its depiction of Transsexual/Transsexual people. Personally, I felt hurt for what I saw in the series, and when I expressed my opinion, my post was voted down to -1. Well, I am a transsexual person. Being involved in a transsexual support group for more than 10 years, as well as periphery to several other TS/TG gives me a decent familiarity with some of the issues concerning transsexual people. I feel that either the way transsexual/transgender people are/were represented in Futurama were stereotyped, as well as derogatory. I also feel bad that so few people saw it, but when you watch the series again, I ask you to count the references, and you will find them."

Music/Photo Managers Don't Get Filesnames

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 3 years ago

BrendaEM (871664) writes "After downloading and trying Miro, I was disappointed to find it is yet another "manager" program that refuses to use real folders and human-readable filenames. While Miro is not the only culprit, it still thinks I want my filenames named like this: videoplayback-sparams=id,expire,ip,ipbits,itag,algorithm,b.25&id=0c609c2d7c4b4e7b&redirect_counter=1.mp4

I have a lot of files/information on my computer, and I rarely ever need to search for anything --only because I group files into folders and use human-readable filenames.

Most music and many managers use either hidden header in the media or a database to store information about the file, but databases can be corrupted and we generally cannot see the header info at all times, and I ask, are we not smart enough to write software that works with us?"

Aspie Poll

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 4 years ago

BrendaEM (871664) writes "Hi,

I was curious how many ASD people people visit slashdot identify as.

1. NT / Neurotypical ("Normal")
2. PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified)
3. Aspergers / Aspie
4. Hyperlexia
5. HFA (High Functioning Autism)
6. Autistic (Auttie)
7. On the spectrum, somewhere, but where?
8. Don't know.
9. Afraid to know.

Although most fall under ASD, keeping them separate might make a selection easier."

A Critical First Look at Ubuntu 9.10

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BrendaEM (871664) writes "Easily installed from a live USB, and fortified with no-delayed-write patched EXT4 goodness, I installed the Ubuntu 9.10 beta. Upon booting, I noticed that the new Ubuntu 9.10 splash screen gives little information on how far the boot progress is. The useful old status bar was removed, and replaced by a useless Cylon throbber.

The 9.10 new login screen is quite busy for the eye. Even for someone who does 3D and graphic design, it takes a moment to understand the nesting of boxes and blocks. There must be some geometric meaning to them. If I can sort out a 15,000 brush Quake map, and add nuts and bolts to a 700 part CAD'ed machine, I know I can figure out the nesting order of the login boxes and squares--just give me more time, please.

When a multi-boot is updated, the user still needs to remove accumulated kernels manually, with Synaptic, or install the Gnome Startup Manager. While it is not an imperative, the multi-boot menu still looks bad. It is not imperative because we do not expect other operating systems to Linux aware at all, yet we do expect Linux to be aware of other operating systems. A text cursor still sneaks in to show itself while booting with the graphic loader--sneakie little things, aren't they?

Once booted, Ubuntu boots on my computer with only 120mb of memory used, and no swap spent; other operating systems take note--especially Microsoft.

In this version, it appears that the sound works, and in fact everything else seems to work on my Ubuntu S10, cheers! In Ubuntu 9.04, I had to run a script to update the Alsa, which is used by not only Gnome's streaming framework API de'jour, but JACK, which I hope will take its places as Linux's streaming solution, but that won't happen because there are too many companies trying to implement DRM on Linux, and they will want a single point to control the audio streams. Myself, I just use the SMPlayer GUI for Mplayer, but I wish SMPlayer was GTK instead.

Perhaps someday, Gnome designers may become aware of the fact that dual menu-bars waste valuable real estate. This can be remedied with some effort, and swapping out the Ubuntu text menu bar with original Gnome menu applet, unlocking and moving the widgets, and deleting 2nd menu bar, sending it to the bit-bucket where it belongs. While doing this, you may notice that the individual check-boxes that lock each launch icon must go. Use only one lock for the whole bar works fine, thank you. The user switching applet, and new communication widgets also take up valuable room, but they can be removed for netbook use. While help is available as an icon is on launch bar, it is not on the first tier of the Gnome menu, for some reason. The occasional help needer will need to look for help longer. I can't seem to take a screenshot while Gnome's are open, which cannot make the creation of tutorials easy.

The twin desktop switcher is still too large. It should be smaller horizontally. Gnome's multiple desktops work so well, it is a shame not to use it on small monitors. It would also be nice to able to double click Workplace switcher to minimize / un-minimize all. It would also be nice to be able to drag an application's menubar to a workspace by the widget. Even though it's big, you still can't do it. I seem to remember using the 4-desktop workspace switcher, is actually smaller than the twin one, for some unknown reason. If I can hit little boxes on one, I can hit them on the other.

New Wi-fi Dialog is poorly designed, relying on little more than font style only to indicate user is connected or not to anything.

Delving deeper into the menus, it should be apparent to almost anyone that "Recent Documents" are not really "Places," and so they should not be placed there. Was there not a nice sweep icon to clear this just in the last version? Where did it go?

Gnome menu editing itself is still not integrated, and still requires a separate application. You cannot drag icons in the menus, and the separate application feels separate--not slick, but I'm sure people are still reeling from the idea that people might want to arrange their menus--at all.

Upon installation, the context/click create document menu is empty on installation. Does no program know about this menu, or how to use it?

The Evolution daemon still starts on default. I use Thunderbird, and so, I notice the subtle things such as Evolution being attached to Gnome like an Alien face-hugger.

The new icons and themes look nice. There are additional wallpapers to be had, also nice.

There is still GUI font installation method? Nautilus still not patched for Fonts:// as that was too easy for the user to add fonts?

Fortunately, the lid/power thing is fixed, as the older default of not shutting off a notebook when the lid is closed was quite dangerous in a machine stuffed in a bag along with angry lithium batteries. One rushed and forgetful afternoon, I almost toasted both of my laptops after doing installs on them, and putting them in their cases--unthinking of that they were still running.

While most people would think that "Documents" makes more sense than "My Documents," I still prefer to have folders such as these on the bottom of my desktop, so that files can be sorted as a sieve. Now they are speced to be out of sight in the home folder where most people won't see them as much as they would be seen on the desktop. If you were going to have any folder on your desktop, would you not want it to be your documents?

The current method of breaking up multimedia into movies, sound, and photos is useless for those people who create multimedia content. I create a folder for project, and then put all the associated files for that project in that folder. I also like my music in folders--so when the databases become corrupted I can still sort things out.

The Nautilus preferences dialog is still too large for my netbook. I filed a few bug reports for large menus, but perhaps not enough. Tabbed Nautilus is a great improvement, thanks : )

Given the amount of updates in a beta version of an operating system, the update manager did very well, better than any solution in the Windows or Mac world. Update Manager progress bar was replaced with yet another useless throbber. Okay, the old progress indicator went backwards once in while when it didn't find the servers, but why pull the engine out of the car because it backfires sometimes. Ubuntu software "Center" should be under system. While the thrice reinveted Synaptic knock-off doesn't seem bloated yet, still, "Center" is a marketing term which equates to bloated high-level idiot resistant ware. Just because there's a new software installation tool doesn't mean we need to trip over it in the menus, like an attention starved dog.

Rather than "Ubuntu One," I would rather have a GUI for easy SSH and SFTP server setup, as people might like to use their Ubuntu systems also as servers. I do not want Ubuntu One to search through my documents, nor do I want to see checkmarks next to all my icons. I had hoped that Linux would not be as nosy as its competitors. To me, "Cloud" means: someone owes someone money--when the bombs fall, I'll loose my stuff--when your company has competition, I'd better do free advertising for you, or I'll lose my data should you go out of business. Cloud computing is the antithesis of a personal computer. We need to keep coming out with marketing ideas, "Cloud computing," "Web 2.0." Here's a marketing idea: "Own your stuff."

Sigh, OpenOffice's grammar checker Language Tool is broken again, wait don't tell me, let me guess-- it is a Java version issue right? I am all for removing Java as a depend for OpenOffice, but that will not happen without a split. I noticed that OpenOffice Gnome integration icons are good for created documents, better than the original OpenOffice launch glyphs. Having written hundreds of thousands of words in OpenOffice, made spread sheets, and charts, I've been quite pleased with it. Now, I dread seeing the ribbon bar mock up I saw for OpenOffice; two wrongs do not make a right, but no one can stop an infatuated programmer who looks to reinvent a wheel that's too big for the car. Often, when I write, I do so with only, with the style bar, right elevator/scroll box, and a status bar. Sometimes the best GUI is no GUI. When I get down to writing, I use full screen, and only a vertical scroll box, and that damn close button they now made sure I cannot shut off in OpenOffice.

Lastly for now, in this release, Gnome/Ubuntu 9.10 separates certain games into "Logic" to make some people feel better about wasting their time, so they feel better about doing so, in a more intelligent manner. Nudge, Tetris is a logic game, as well. Where do you draw the line, but more important--why?


When Open Source Follows Bad Example

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BrendaEM writes "Quick-Starters Need to Die! Quick-starters were probably devised by marketing people in an effort to make programs appear to bloated software appear to start faster. The catch is: they must always make the program larger. Sadly, even OpenOffice.org succumbed to using uses a quick-starter by default.

When was the last time you wanted your computer to boot slower?

Why must programs use obfuscated file formats? Do, you have Mozilla Thunderbird? Do you want to transfer a few emails and contacts to another machine? You probably will not because Thunderbird saves all it's email in the mbox format variant, so you can just forget about dragging the mails out. Yes, there are header databases, but those could just as easily work for some atomic/modular format scheme, but they do not. This gives the perhaps unfounded appearance of a commercial-style lock-in attempt. It also makes Squirrel Mail looks a little cuter and furrier. I love Thunderbird, so why do this to me?

Would not it be nice to have all your contacts in a folder in V-Cards, or something similar? If they were V-Cards, you could share them more easily, and even sort them by date, in a GUI file manager or command line.

Why hide user data? I am willing to bet you do not know the name of the random string Thunderbird or Firefox assigned to your profile. No peeking! Perhaps, you have two profiles--which one are you using? Users should be prompted for meaningful profile names instead of using random strings for their data. Why even hide user data in "Application Data" in Windows? I know that it is where it is supposed to go, but often it's not backed up--because by default the users cannot even see it. In Linux, we put a dot in front of the file name, so we can also forget that it is our data to be backed up. Is there something wrong about placing it a folder called "Mail" in our home folder, where we can see it, and let multiple programs access it?

Why must Gnome users use Evolution? Do you use Thunderbird or another email client? Well, good luck ridding your system of Evolution. My fiend thought I was kidding--until he tried to take off of his wife's netbook, for which it was too large, in a few ways. What's good for Novell--might not be what's best for the average Gnome user. Loosen the deathgrip, please. Overall Gnome needs to be more modular. Divide and conquer, just like Mozilla did.

Why carrying bad design choices forward? Blender is a powerful program, and coupled with the equally powerful Yaffray ray-tracer, it has been used for impressive animations, such as "Uncle Buck Bunny" and "Elephant's Dream." With this said, it has a dirty, not-so-secret: its user interface.

While people are hard at work making the changes in Blender that will accept the changes in the user interface, will the Blender team, and the column of users who have maladapted to its current user interface--also accept change? There is a lot good in Blender, but asking the user to right-click to select and object is a most grievous insult, and user interface default.

Why emulate the Windows registry? Sigh, this insecure-by-design abomination has been used and emulated too much be open source software. What's that, you can't password protect levels of a registry like you could in folders and directories? You just need to create a registry emulation for a Linux version? Does not this slow the Linux version development?

Why use mono? It's Microsoft's horse, and you can't drive it. Follow it, and you shall follow.

Open source programs need not emulate the bad habits of their their commercial counterparts. Controversial: perhaps, flame-bait, perhaps also, but it is my hope that to encourage open source developers to take a peripheral view of their program's development."

Where's my Notebook eSata Port?

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BrendaEM writes "With speeds greatly exceeding that of USB 2.0, eSATA, or external SATA ports provide faster disk access—not only for backups that are frequently performed on notebook computers, but also for multimedia production, yet very few notebook computers integrate eSATA ports.

Adapter cards are available to convert an existing PCMCIA or ExpressCard slot, but using such a card would usually mean the loss of AHCI which provides NLQ. Because eSATA is simple pass-through connector, no special drivers are needed, therefore it offers easier multiple boot options, and diagnostic for repair.

The questions remain: Do we have enough room on our crowded notebook computer—for the fastest port, or why are not more manufactures implementing eSATA ports on notebook computers?"

Does CNN Know What an Eee PC Looks Like?

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BrendaEM writes "In a story titled, "Asus adds 'Windows' of opportunity for Eee PC," found on:
http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/ptech/05/02/asus.eee/index.html, you may notice that they have the wrong picture. Do they no know what an Eee PC looks like?

Besides the title itself, this quote is noteworthy: "Our standard laptop benchmark tests wouldn't run on the original Linux-based Eee PC, but the new Windows versions gives us a chance to put the hardware through its paces." Could they not use a laptop without Windows? Could they not reinstall Windows on the Eee PC like so many other poeple have?

The Microsoft-dependence flavor of the article continues with text such as this: "Still, for basic Web surfing and working on Office docs...."

[Dissimilar to programming, and regardless of what some marketing people would have you believe, it is not good writing style to use single quotes in a sentence — unless they are inside of a set of double quotes, as seen above."

Is nVidia Support for Older 3D Games Fading?

BrendaEM BrendaEM writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BrendaEM writes "A thread on Through the Looking Glass depicts the plight of fans of the original Thief Series and System Shock 2, who are asking nVidia fix rendering issues these 3D 16-bit games on their newer video cards and drivers. In the case of the original Thief series, in which the games build tension by their use of light and shadow, the rendering has been badly degraded from that which was originally intended.

In another Slashdot article, the author asked the question whether or not video games were art. If one of the greatest video games of all time, with a growing wealth of hundreds of fan produced missions, as well as an entire full-sized expansion, does not play well because legacy support diminishes, then what will happen to lesser 3D video games?

A new petition has been started to try to ask nVidia to fix the issues on the newer cards and drivers."

Link to Original Source


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