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Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM

BrianSoCal So what does this mean for an API? (107 comments)

I haven't heard of this product before, but it looks very interesting. I was looking at a few months ago what appears to be similar - a ISY994i to control Insteon automation products. All I want is something that has an API or is somewhat open ended so I can program my own stuff for it. ISY994i has it's limitations, but supports a lot of hardware (sensors, etc). Sooo... does this mean Samsung will lock it down so it can only be accessed through it's own app on a Samsung phone or through a Samsung TV or, god forbid, their smart watch (or w/e)? I would much more like it if Google bought it (although I know the advertising/privacy concerns) - at least it would most likely be more open. I'm waiting to hear how Samsung will essentially kill it off for people like me or will they make it better??

4 days ago

Chinese Researchers' 'Terror Cam' Could Scan Crowds, Looking for Stress

BrianSoCal couldnt this be fooled? (146 comments)

Just thinking it through - if "terrorists" knew this stuff was in use, couldnt they train themselves to calm down and go into a low stress pre-murder state? I gotta imagine if you were serious about this, you would buy a similiar test system and run through it enough to see how to act to not be detected. Is this an accurate thought? Or would you always be flagged before a murderous rampage? Thinking false negative.

about a week ago

Mars (One) Needs Payloads

BrianSoCal Justin bieber... (77 comments)

... I vote for that!

about a month ago

Renewable Energy Saves Fortune 100 Companies $1.1B Annually

BrianSoCal So... how much did they spend to get this savings? (116 comments)

So if I spend 80k on a new car to save 1k a year in energy costs, is this a win too? Is this a similar thing? I don't see the numbers on capital expenditure to achieve these savings. Usually when I see something like that ommitted, its to intentionaly hide something and to push some agenda or propaganda.

about a month and a half ago

I expect to retire ...

BrianSoCal Re:Frist pots (341 comments)

I never understood why "spelling" never became a thing... We have both Frist posts and fist posts becoming things now. We used to just settle for first posts...

about 4 months ago

China Has a Massive Windows XP Problem

BrianSoCal Re:Math much? (520 comments)

Naaaa.... it's probably closer to 7 out of every 5 users can do that math..

1 year,12 days


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