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China Now Halting Shipments of Rare Earth Minerals To US

BroncoInCalifornia To make a nailgun... (738 comments)

To make a nailgun, we need neodymium magnets!!

more than 4 years ago

Convicted NY Drunk Drivers Need Ignition Interlocks

BroncoInCalifornia Re:Wait... (911 comments)

Do you want some cheese with that whine?

more than 4 years ago

Intel Co-Founder Calls For Tax On Offshored Labor

BroncoInCalifornia Re:That FSCKER! (565 comments)

Intel has a review process and culture that pits employees against each other like no other place I have ever seen. Of course many talented people just do not have the political skills to survive in this environment. Intel became aware that their engineering organizations are not as efficient as other companies but they can not figure out why.

The fact is Intel is a company that could not compete on a level playing field with an equal sized competitor.

more than 4 years ago

Intel Co-Founder Calls For Tax On Offshored Labor

BroncoInCalifornia Israel saved Intel's bacon (565 comments)

Intel had a disaster with the P4 "Prescott" desktop processor. It was such a power hog the AMD desktop chips were much better. Then Intel did the right turn and based everything on the mobile architecture out of Israel.

By the way -- Andy Grove was the only Intel executive who was not full of ---- when he talked.

more than 4 years ago

HP Explains Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive

BroncoInCalifornia Where the research money goes-- (651 comments)

I am sure most of that money goes into competition prevention. "How can we make it harder for third parties to supply ink?"

more than 4 years ago

Toyota Acceleration and Embedded System Bugs

BroncoInCalifornia Re:Logic of Testing (499 comments)

"If our testing does not find any bugs, then our software doesn't have any bugs."

I am trying to reconstruct what is going on at Toyota.

Toyota management is telling the world what is in the above quoted sentence. There is a good chance they believe what they are saying.

Are they hearing this from engineering. If so they are hearing it from the incompetent engineers. Are these engineers merely courtiers? Are they just telling management what they want to hear. Is management not listening to the engineers who have a clue?

Inquiring minds want to know.

more than 4 years ago

DVRs Help Some TV Shows Improve Ratings

BroncoInCalifornia Re:That's because they need MythTV (297 comments)

I installed Mythbuntu 9.04 on an inexpensive Acer box with an nVidia GeForce 8200. This seems to be the minimum hardware to get 1080 accelerated graphics. The accelerated graphics just worked with no muss no fuss. The motion is smooth. I am happy.

more than 5 years ago

Windows Drains MacBook's Battery; Who's To Blame?

BroncoInCalifornia Apple does power management differently (396 comments)

Apple does not do power management in the main processor. They use a separate little processor to do this. This little processor will tell the CPU to slow down. If the CPU does not slow down -- say because it is not running an OS that understands the commands, the little processor may halt the clock of the CPU for a while.

It makes sense that running Windows under VMware could give better results.

more than 5 years ago

Why Amazon's Kindle Should Use Open Standards

BroncoInCalifornia Re:I wouldn't publish on Kindle if it was Open (315 comments)

I wonder when someone will suggest we get DRM in our eyeballs to keep us from seeing any of this evil free content.

more than 5 years ago

Decent DVD-Ripping Solution For Linux?

BroncoInCalifornia Re:Command Line Solution (501 comments)

This will rip:

bronco@ubuntu:~$ dvdbackup -v -i /dev/scd0 -M -o Videos/

And this will burn what was ripped:

bronco@ubuntu:~$ growisofs -speed 1 -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0 -dvd-video Videos/[name of DVD]

more than 5 years ago

A Real Bill Gates Rant

BroncoInCalifornia Obvious Bill has not tried Debian apt (293 comments)

If Bill Gates had used Synaptic or something equivalent he would have an even worse view of the Windows experience. He would consider the add-remove applet in control panel to be poor and the experience of downloading various installers from web sites to be downright horrible.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Claims That Jail-Breaking Is Illegal

BroncoInCalifornia The "manufactures terms" are a pig in a poke. (610 comments)

why did you buy it if the manufacturer has terms you dont like?

Any manufacturer's terms hidden from the purchaser at the time of purchase do not deserve being observed.

more than 5 years ago

First Look At Windows 7 Beta 1

BroncoInCalifornia Why call "Vista service pack 3" "Windows 7"? (898 comments)

Why call "Vista service pack 3" "Windows 7"?

I can see 2 reasons
1) Microsoft can stop running bad adverts on TV telling people Vista is not as bad as they think it is.
2) They can charge people who already have Vista to upgrade to service pack 3.

about 6 years ago

Jail 'Greedy' Scam Victims, Says Nigerian Diplomat

BroncoInCalifornia Re:dumb people lose money, not freedom (809 comments)

And before that, they used the african swallow.

And what is the airspeed of these swallows?

more than 6 years ago


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