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For Texas Textbooks, a Victory For Evolution

BuddyJesus Re:What the fsycke happened ? (626 comments)

How so? There's a long history of creationists wanting to suppress the teaching of evolution and science within the classroom. The Scopes Monkey trial, for example, highlights the lengths that this minority would go to (including legislating for an entire state) or otherwise attempting to mandate Intelligent Design's teaching. Surely it cannot be that unimportant, given that it required a court case to stop these people from teaching ID in the classroom.

more than 3 years ago

A New Libel Defense In Canada; For Blogs Too

BuddyJesus What about journalistic standards though? (146 comments)

If they're subject to the same laws as established media outlets, does that mean that they basically get all of the benefits without any of the risks? Because there's no standard for blogs to fact check their work.

more than 5 years ago

What Computer Science Can Teach Economics

BuddyJesus Re:The problem is not an efficient algorithm (421 comments)

Unlike poker, the rules of the games are altered based on the current knowledge about the state of the game.

Poker, like baseball, hockey, and every other game, alters its rules based on the current knowledge about the state of the game.

more than 5 years ago

China Dominates In NSA-Backed Coding Contest

BuddyJesus Re:You can say it all you want (316 comments)

I find this comment facetious. It's not like the Chinese don't value their athletes in the same way, just look at people like Yao Ming or Liu Xiang, two huge household names in China who make hundreds of millions off of sponsorships. Hell, they treat OUR NBA athletes like we do. Kobe is probably the most popular person in China. They only got more people because more people entered, and because it's very likely many more of them had the time to do this because they were unemployed.

more than 5 years ago

US CTO Choice Down To a Two-Horse Race

BuddyJesus Re:Cisco vs. Wash DC? (284 comments)

Back in the day, and I mean way back when, work in the US government was considered a service to the country and not a means to make oneself rich.

Back then, only those who didn't need to work for a living (literally aristocrats) could participate in government. Unless you'd like to deny participation in the government to anyone who isn't already rich, there is no alternative.

about 6 years ago

China Makes Arrests To Stop Internet Porn

BuddyJesus Re:numbers (204 comments)

The introduction of capitalism has managed to rocket China from an impoverished post-WWII and post civil-war famine-plagued disaster into the modern China of today in under thirty years.

Fixed that for you.

about 6 years ago

Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview

BuddyJesus Re:Two words: (250 comments)

Right, because the solution to a ridiculously expensive problem is another problem that is equally ridiculously expensive and far more likely to result in hazardous filings.

about 6 years ago

StarOffice Dropped From Google Pack

BuddyJesus Re:Doesn't make sense (135 comments)

So is Adobe Reader and RealPlayer, both of which are included in the Google Pack.

more than 6 years ago


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Parents are stupid.

BuddyJesus BuddyJesus writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Throughout history parents have always been given control over most of their children's activities. So why is it when it comes to violent and mature video games that parents want the video game industry to stop their children from buying the games for them?

Does it make any sense that the parents who give their children permission and oftentimes provide them with the money for the violent games to blame someone else? Would you blame McDonald's if you ate there daily and got fat? So why would you blame an entire industry based on your actions?

Many people cite an example with the tobacco industry. Yet in this case the parents have told their children not to buy cigarettes. The kids are simply disregarding what their parents are saying, not asking nicely and getting them. It makes no sense for parents, who blatantly say "OK" to violent video games to then turn around and snap at the industry as a whole? It's not as if there are no warnings. The front of the video game box clearly shows an "M" for mature. It even lists the types of violence. And yet these parents continue to buy the games they themselves say are bad for kids.

Parents, face it. If you can't control your own children and prevent them from buying video games that you wouldn't approve of, then you've failed at your jobs as parents.

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