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V For Vendetta Trailer

Build6 Re:If Only... (429 comments)

I think this is one of the things where the vector/altivec units for the PPCs come into play and make a big difference - look at the relative differences between Mac and x86 machines for QT7/HD playback: ations.html

There's no way a single 1.8GHz G5 can beat a *dual* 2.8GHz Xeon for general compute tasks, but on my iMac, 720p plays fine (while it stutters like mad on my 2.8GHz P4).

this is one of the things I wonder about re: the intel transition for Macs - are the Intel chips showing up in 2 years that apple is going to deploy on *that* much of an improvement? (dual xeons! ).

more than 8 years ago


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