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BSG Prequel Series Caprica Canceled

Bullfish Re:It sucked, that's why (602 comments)

I saw Tuesday's show, and while good (and so far this season is better than last's). It is now the second season (or season 1.5) and other than Phiimon getting killed, the bar room shoot-up was it. And still no guns for hands I say bring on Blood and Chrome

more than 3 years ago

BSG Prequel Series Caprica Canceled

Bullfish It sucked, that's why (602 comments)

It was not the business model, it was the show. I haved watched all of Caprica so far, and for a show about killer robots, it's very low on the killer robot quotient. I know Moore said it was about a collapsing society, but I came for the killer robots. BSG: Blood and Chrome, which will replace Caprica, should be much better for that. While some of Caprica was intriguing, such as V-World, other story lines were blah. Too much of painting a society (in essence Moore's view of our society), and not enough boom-boom If I want to watch that kind of show, I will watch the History Channel. I want to see robots with guns for hands again... got that SyFy

more than 3 years ago

Fidel Castro, Internet News Junkie

Bullfish Not surprising (241 comments)

Considering that he maintained power for years by strangling information, that he is a student of this kind of open information is not at all surprising. Know your enemy! He wants others to have it so it might destabilize them, but in Cuba. not so much

about 4 years ago

Steve Jobs Publishes Some "Thoughts On Flash"

Bullfish It's the 80's again (944 comments)

Apple could have ruled the home PC market, but back in the 80's they made it such a pain in the ass to deal with them and make programs for the mac that they inadvertently strangled third party development. Android is not to iphone standards yet, it isn't, but it continuously gets closer and in many ways gets better. Apple wants to be a home entertainment company... okay... but take a lesson from game console manufacturers, third party software is life

more than 4 years ago

Climate Researchers Fight Back

Bullfish For non-Canadians (641 comments)

The National Post is Canada's newspaper equivalent to the US Fox TV news... We don't have an equivalent right-wing TV news. The Post has been bashing the notion of climate change (and other liberal facts they don't like) here for quite a while. I suspect this case won't really go anywhere, but it is interesting.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe Stops Development For iPhone

Bullfish Had almost enough of this (497 comments)

It would seem that every time I read an Apple story, it is about Apple fighting with someone to keep their eco-system pure or some sanctimonious blathering about what people want. Down the slashdot page there is a story about the iPhone and porn, or how they will keep your kids pure by withholding porn from the device. Okay... I get it, Apple products are closed entertainment devices. Not PC's (Apple's branding says so)... Fine, no flash, no firefox, no, no, no... Got it... will not buy an Apple product. Like most people, I like the look of some of their stuff, like most people, I won't buy any As for Adobe, Apple has said no flash from the beginning... so give it up. It's lousy on low powered stuff anyway and you better be gearing up for a new product because HTML5 is going to ultimately be the death of flash

more than 4 years ago

History Repeats Itself — Mac & the iPad

Bullfish Re:the ipad isn't a computer (514 comments)

This is actually at the crux of most Mac-PC-Linux debates. And, no, the Mac is not a PC, at least not according to Apple's own branding (otherwise Mac vs PC ads make no sense). Simply, the Apple products are consumer products. They are geared to the non-technical user who neither wants nor needs the options. They are quite happy with the simplicity Apple gives them. This is not a slam, it is reality and by design. Linux, by extension, is not a consumer product. It is for technical people who want to do their own thang and do their own thang they do... Windows tries to walk both lines and suffers in many regards because of it. Technical people can get things far enough that they feel they should be able to go 100% into Windows innards but they can't and it frustrates them. When technical people encounter an Apple product, they either don't buy, or they hack into it much like they do with Windows products So.... like it or not, the iPad may be in terms of the article, a step backwards, but for many, it will be just right.

more than 4 years ago

This Is Apple's Next iPhone

Bullfish Gizmodo, yeah, right (492 comments)

Whether this is truly a new iPhone or not, Gizmodo's opinion doesn't count for much. They would adore Job's lunch kit if they found it in an alley

more than 4 years ago

Nokia Claims Apple Does "Legal Alchemy" To Mask IP Theft

Bullfish Silly, but predictable (294 comments)

As long as there is profit in suing for such things, a lot of companies will keep doing it. After a few decades of stealing from each other, software and hardware companies are waking up, looking around and realizing there is money to be made from suing each other for practices they have all engaged in... damn near all the patent infringement lawsuits I have read about seem on the surface, to be frivolous... it really is time for patent reform

more than 4 years ago

EU Demands Canada Rework Its Copyright, Patent Law

Bullfish As a Canadian (271 comments)

I politely say, "that's nice". Please take a seat there by the Americans who have made the same demands. we'll see you after them. They've been waiting a few years, so you make want to bring a lunch and something to read. Really, the government is in a minority position (has been for a few years) and has plenty of real trouble to deal with... they also want to be elected with a majority some day so they are not apt to piss off the population too much.

more than 4 years ago

Should You Be Paid For Being On Call?

Bullfish Re:Well, then... (735 comments)

How do you reconcile pro athletes who negotiate their salaries etc, but are still part of a union (player's association) and can still go on strike?

more than 4 years ago

Apple Patents "Enforceable" Ad Viewing On Devices

Bullfish For a company that doesn't like (439 comments)

hacks and the like, such as jail-breaking etc, they are sure encouraging things that beg for it. One thing Apple should be learning is that their stuff is not as un-hackable etc as they would like to have people believe. Another thing they should be learning is that pissing people off is a poor business model.

more than 3 years ago

Squatters Abusing iPhone App Store

Bullfish Dear Apple (121 comments)

Welcome to mass market! The growth of the iPod, iPhone etc has put Apple in a new position. They will adjust no doubt, but this is new territory for them. Hey, when you catch the attention of DVD Jon ( you've made it...

more than 4 years ago

Apple Wants Patents For Crippling Cellphones

Bullfish Computing Ecosystems are the crux of (371 comments)

all this really. That Apple wants to do this is not out of character as others are pointing out. Nor is this type of thing out of context for things like telecos, and other traditional purveyors of things such as music, movies etc. They are used to a take our stuff the way it is, like it or lump it. Now these companies have gone into areas where the savvy consumer doesn't have to, like it or lump it. On the computing side of the game, the hard core "I want it the way I want it" is served by Linux. Apple sells it as "have it our way", while Windows both to their folly and benefit has tried to walk both sides of the street with mixed results. They are all running into difficulty with their philosophies with all this new tech... Apple doesn't want you doing certain things... well, tough darts, jail breaking exists and they don't like it. I need not go into the RIAA philosophy of such things and the rocks they have smashed up on... MS, well, sure they have DRM, but there's a hack for that! Linux, well, those traditional industries call Linux communist for a reason (in their minds)... In their minds, convergence was never supposed to be like this... Let them patent it, who gives a flying f*ck... Like all attempts to try to curtail people from using tech for their own purposes, this is fail

more than 4 years ago

Open Source Not Welcome At Palm App Catalog

Bullfish Ultimately Android (174 comments)

is going to grow up (it really is still stumbling along, show up on more phones and spread because the shenanigans of companies like this... When Android hits that critical mass and these companies start crying and whining about the implosion of their market share, I am going to laugh my ass off. While Google has punted some developers off their site, it's no where near what the other companies have done.

more than 4 years ago

RIAA Says "Don't Expect DRMed Music To Work Forever"

Bullfish This just in... (749 comments)

Public stops buying DRM'ed music. RIAA cries piracy. Retirement homes across the coutry raided!

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Starter Edition — 3 Apps Only

Bullfish How will it sell? (695 comments)

It probably won't, at least not to consumers. The questions is how will the netbooks equipped with it sell. And the answer to that is about as well as any windows netbook as once this is out, XP will probably not be offered. And as most people only use one or two apps at a time because of the nature and limitations of netbooks, the limit won't likely even be noticed.

more than 5 years ago

"Apple Tax" Report Backfires On Microsoft

Bullfish Backfire? (993 comments)

Whether or not you are a mac, linux or windows user, I don't know how anyone can say their marketing backfired. Techies read tech press, others do not, so they are unlikely to even hear those voices. Marketing is about creating buzz for your product, and judging by the reactions to MS's latest campaign, it has done that. It's when people don't talk about you at all that you have a problem.

more than 4 years ago

83% of Businesses Won't Bother With Windows 7

Bullfish Only a hobbyist or fool (545 comments)

upgrades their OS without having new equipment first. Business will upgrade as they replace their machines. That has always been the way, so this is no surprise. When their XP machines crap out, they will replace them with whatever flavour of windows is available then... OS upgrade is a misnomer, they are generally new to accommodate new tech that becomes available over time since the release of the last OS. That tech is usually hardware-based and the new OS talks to it better. If you don't have it, the old OS will do just fine. Most realize that.

more than 5 years ago


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