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Intel Launches Wi-Di

BurntNickel Re:Wi-Di (172 comments)

While SCSI was used for hard drives and CD-ROM drives it was not used in as build Macintoshes for the floppy drive.

more than 4 years ago

Ryan Gordon Ends FatELF Universal Binary Effort

BurntNickel Re:Mod parent -1 wrong. (549 comments)

If there is one thing about MacOS X that I wish was standardized across Linux distribution, this is it.

more than 4 years ago

32 Exoplanets Discovered By Chilean Telescope

BurntNickel Re:I do not think so (146 comments)

3e8 m/s speed of light
1.5e7 m/s is 5% of speed of light
v = at so t = v/a
t = (1.5e7 m/s) / (10 m/s^2) = 1.5e6 sec
(1.5e6 sec) / (3600 sec/hour) ~ 417 hours ~ 17 days
Your error is that 1 g is not 1 m/s^2 but rather 10 m/s^2.

about 5 years ago

32 Exoplanets Discovered By Chilean Telescope

BurntNickel Re:Not a chance (146 comments)

You're off by a factor of 10. Ignoring relativity, accelerating at 1 g for 1/2 of a year brings you to approximately 50% c and not 5%.

about 5 years ago

Command & Conquer MMO a Possibility?

BurntNickel Re:This is silly. (159 comments)

Do you live in NJ? Because that is the exact situation I'm thinking of.

about 5 years ago

The Next X-Files Movie Should Be?

BurntNickel Re:MOTW vs Aliens (231 comments)

I am ashamed to admit that I think that idea kicks ass.

more than 6 years ago


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