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Why Run Linux On Macs?

C3c6e6 Re:a better question (592 comments)

and in most cases just as good.

Well, that's where I respectfully disagree! PCs might be cheaper but I have yet to find a PC that is "just as good" as a Mac, hardware-wise. For instance, I find the trackpads on Macs highly superior than those on PCs. Also, display quality is unparalleled, IMHO

about two weeks ago

An Illustrated Version Control Timeline

C3c6e6 Re:My god, it's full of troll. (244 comments)

I couldn't agree more. In my previous job, I had a colleague who wanted to convert me from SVN to Bazaar (http://bazaar-vcs.org/).

He told me "it was very simple to use, you only have to..." and then started drawing a very complicated diagram on my whiteboard.

Personally, I thought it was complete overkill for the two-man project we were working on.

more than 4 years ago

Broadcom Releases Source Code For Drivers

C3c6e6 Re:Hahahahahaha (350 comments)

No one is saying that device drives will magically start working flawlessly because their source code is open, although it will make it easier to track down bugs (see Linus Torvalds' quote about the number of eyeballs).

The main point, however, is that now Linux distributions can ship these drives out of the box, so wireless devices will work straight away. Until now the biggest (and dare I say only?) problem I've had with installing Linux on a laptop is finding and installing the right drivers for wireless network cards.

more than 4 years ago

Why Some Devs Can't Wait For NoSQL To Die

C3c6e6 Re:Not all databases are for business (444 comments)

I didn't (want to) say that all RDBMS won't cut it. The only point I wanted to make was that while I can see the point of the author that solutions like Cassandra are a bit overrated for most business applications, for other applications domains they are becoming a viable solution.

more than 4 years ago

Why Some Devs Can't Wait For NoSQL To Die

C3c6e6 No all databases are for business (444 comments)

I think the author of TFA is missing something: not all databases / datastores are developed for businesses to keep track of their inventories. These days, many scientific disciplines, such as bioinformatics, rely heavily on databases as well.

The latest experimental techniques produce so much data such that "old-fashioned" RDBMSs just don't cut it anymore. So, for certain application domains, NoSQL seems to be at the moment the way forward. I'm afraid the author can wish all the he wants but NoSQL is gonna be around for a while. Until something better comes up, that is.

more than 4 years ago

What Free IDE Do You Use?

C3c6e6 Re:99% of the answers are going to be Eclipse (1055 comments)

I don't think the parent's point about handling 10k lines of code has to do with with ability to load these files into memory but rather about managing the complexity of such projects. When a program becomes this big, it becomes harder to keep track of all the names of variables, the argument types of subroutines etc. IDEs like Netbeans or Eclipse have autocompletion functionality that make your life as a developer at lot easier.

It's possible of course that Emacs or vi provide similar functionality but the main point is that you need some type of IDE when managing a large, complex development project.

more than 5 years ago

Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'

C3c6e6 Re:A crack-high moment. (769 comments)

I have to disagree. A year or so ago my uncle asked me to transfer some files from/to his old 386. After typing 'win' as the DOS prompt, Windows was up and running in literally one second! All the apps that I opened were very responsive.

more than 6 years ago



Deutsche Grammophon offering DRM-free downloads

C3c6e6 C3c6e6 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

C3c6e6 (766943) writes "Deutsche Grammophon, one of world's leading record labels for classical music, has launched today an online-shop where people can download high-quality (320Kbps) versions of 2400 classical recordings, including 600 albums that are currently out of print. The idea is apparently to make the entire catalog of probably the oldest surviving record label (founded in 1898) available online.

It's nice to see that yet another record company is steering clear of DRM."

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