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Ask Slashdot: At What Point Has a Kickstarter Project Failed?

C60 Re:What? (247 comments)

As soon as someone says "We need X amount of money to do Y", you have to look into exactly who they are and why they need it and what they'll do with it. Those Kickstarter projects that are basically "We'd like to make an indie game that does X" really annoy me. You do? Bugger off and do it then!

I'm one of those developers who is saying "I need X to do Y". Who also just happens to be working on an indie game. Who also just happens to be using Kickstarter to fund our second stage of development. You know why I know what resources I need? I've been working in the startup industry for the last 25 years.

  Kickstarter is fairly picky about projects they let in. These days you have to either talk a good game, or really show a working proof of concept. Yeah, a few stinkers get through, but I've backed 21 projects so far, and not a single one has failed (admitedly only 3 are software). YMMV, but don't assume a group of developers are full of it because they're using Kickstarter as a funding option. It's an excellent way to guage interest and spur innovation, even if you've never heard of them before.

  Look at the project, determine if it *is* possible based on it's merits and the current technology available, investigate the people involved as much as possible and treat it like a high risk investment that might just get you a t-shirt and a nifty piece of software.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Deal With Refurbed Drives With Customer Data?

C60 Extortion! (385 comments)

Contact the original owner, and extort them for $50k. It worked so well for Anonymous and Symantec.

more than 2 years ago

How Do You Get Your Geek Nostalgia Fix?

C60 C64 ROMs, pre-1.0 linux, and black boxing (422 comments)

Sure the ROMs are running in an emulator on a modern machine, but nothing beats a game of Mule with some friends for nostalgia.

Pulling out an old computer and seeing if I could get a pre-1.0 linux kernel loaded was what I did up until the hardware was finally recycled. Ahh, the days when command line skills really made the geek.

Okay, black boxing is out, but looking over old copies of 2600 is a walk down memory lane.

more than 3 years ago

How many microprocessors are in your home, total?

C60 Re:Hundreds... time to do inventory (559 comments)

Just one drawer of my electronics tool kit destroys this poll. Mouser dropped off 20 more Atmel chips to me yesterday in fact. Not to mention the random assortment of arduinos, PC104 boards, shiva plugs, gutted iPods and sundry other widgets that live next to the tools at the top of the case. Honestly, I've got at least 50 microprocessors in a large tacklebox I keep next to the easychair in my living room. Much to my wife's dismay, particularly when I'm soldering... I think a more interesting poll would be "How many microprocessors have you cooked due to sheer stupidity, or misreading a data sheet?"

about 4 years ago

US Military 'Banned' From Viewing Wikileaks

C60 Re:I See No Problem (390 comments)

As a member of the military who has no fear of asking logical questions of his superiors, I asked my Communications Officer why this "ban" was being instated (it hadn't been instated at the time). The answer I recieved was that it was against the UCMJ to look at the material.
That answer is a gross over simplification of the truth, but it is essentially true. As a member of the armed forces, we are required to safeguard the secrets of the United States and prevent their dissemination. Therefore the simple act of viewing one of those documents in a non-secure manner without need to know represents a security spillage, and is essentially against the UCMJ.
As to the *reasoning* behind this, honestly? It probably has more to do with keeping DoD computers free of this material than keeping DoD employee's minds frees of this material. The .gov is trying to limit the spillage as much as possible. Doing a proper scrub is an incredibly costly and time consuming process, now multiply that across the hundreds of thousands of computers owned by the DoD... All of us soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen know exactly what's going on over there, spilled documents or not.

more than 4 years ago

Non-Violent, Cooperative Games?

C60 ATITD (329 comments)

The MMO called A Tale in the Desert fits the bill very well. The level of competition varies, but it is an incredibly social game, very player driven, and requires a lot of cooperation to be successful. There is no violence of any sort, at least not when I was playing. It's the perfect environment for those people that have the urge to let their inner trade-skiller out.


more than 6 years ago


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