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UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Sensible response by an ISP (110 comments)

I guess this is the ISP that says "Sorry, we won't censor your internet, look somewhere else."


OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Supports Native IPv6, Procd Init System

CAPSLOCK2000 Something is broken (70 comments)

I just tried it but something is not working.

# ping6
unknown host

Something is horribly broken here.

about a week ago

Prof. Andy Tanenbaum Retires From Vrije University

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:"Vrije University"? (136 comments)

That's "free" as in "freedom", not as in "free beer".

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist?

CAPSLOCK2000 Let her select the phone (259 comments)

Make sure you check your decision with your daughter before you buy it. Many people are very picky about what device they want to use. You would probably choose something she does not want to use. Maybe you should just ask your daughter to select a phone and just help here with figuring out if it will work in Scotland.

about 1 month ago

Movie and TV GUIs: Cracking the Code

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Revolution (the TV Show) (74 comments)

Only part of it came from SQLLite. Other functions came from libfann (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library). I was rather impressed they used code from a neural network, that is completely in line with the story. Good Job, (R)Evolution.

about 4 months ago

Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Ungrateful krauts (606 comments)

Aldi Lidl quality products


You have obviously never visited an American supermarket. European consumer protection has created a fairly high base level for quality. American supermarkets sell a lot of crap that Aldi & Lidl would not be allowed to sell in Europe.

about 7 months ago

Red Light Camera Use Declined In 2013 For the First Time

CAPSLOCK2000 Obvious solution (348 comments)

The obvious solution is that those that design and operate the traffic light systems should not be the ones that profit from the fines.

about 7 months ago

Inside the Massive 2014 Winter Olympics WiFi Network

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Hyperbole (107 comments)

Sorry, but the excuse that it's "not because they're gay but because they're speading gay propaganda" line is simply bullshit.

The law (which I do not necessarily support) forbids people from spreading a specific kind of propaganda to minors.

It's not a specific kind of propaganda. Any expression of a 'non-traditional sexuality", like holding hands in public, is considered "propaganda to minors".
Any kind of parade or demonstration has been outlawed.

about 7 months ago

Six Electric Cars Can Power an Office Building

CAPSLOCK2000 Lease the car and the batteries (296 comments)

Many companies lease cars to their employees. They could include some kind of battery-sharing deal in the contract. This may actually lower the price of owning the cars as they can be seen as part of the power system.

about 7 months ago

Scientists Uncover 3,700-Year-Old Wine Cellar

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Sophisticated? (122 comments)

I don't now anything about Scandinavian taxes but over here in the Netherlands the excise tax is based on the amount of alcohol, not the untaxed price of the beverage. This makes cheap booze relatively more expensive. It's about 45 cents for a liter of wine.
For a 5 euro bottle of wine the tax would be 10% of the total, while the price of 50 euro bottle only includes 1% of tax.

(Note that there are other taxes involved besides the excise and one has to pay tax on the alcohol-tax).

about 7 months ago

Google Supercomputers Tackle Giant Drug-Interaction Data Crunch

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Which supercomputer? (50 comments)

What's the difference? Most supercomputers are in fact a cluster of more or less normal computer parts.

about 8 months ago

EU Plastic Bag Debate Highlights a Wider Global Problem

CAPSLOCK2000 Cardboard boxes (470 comments)

In The Netherlands supermarkets have been charging for plastic bags for ages.
However, most also provide cardboard boxes for free. They would have to pay to dispose of them so giving them away to customers is mutually beneficial.

about 8 months ago

Docker 0.7 Runs On All Linux Distributions

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Awesome! (88 comments)

The first word of the summary is a link explaining exactly what Docker is. Click it!

about 8 months ago

NSA Infected 50,000 Computer Networks With Malicious Software

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Business is business (264 comments)

Just like it's reasonable to expect that one day thieves will break into your house and steal your TV.
It doesn't make it right.

about 8 months ago

Taiwan Protests Apple Maps That Show Island As Province of China

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Isn't this what the Taiwanese believe as well? (262 comments)

But China does not call itself "China". Zhong Guo means "the middle/central country".

That is like saying that the United States are a part of the United Kingdom as both refer to themselves as "United".

about 9 months ago

Gravity: Can Film Ever Get the Science Right?

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:The most annoying thing. (438 comments)

It must be just like Slashdotters watching IT-Crowd. They would hate it!

about 9 months ago

Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Cockroach rights? (512 comments)

No, never in my life have I hurt an animal for my own entertainment. Sure, I've squashed bugs that were in the wrong place at the wrong time but never for entertainment.
Although I have to admit that my pet rabbit probably suffered more from my love than the flies suffered from your torture.
Another counter-point would be that I eat meat and in our society meat (and food in general) is more entertainment than nourishment, but that's stretching it.

about 9 months ago

Why the FAA May Finally Relax In-Flight Device Rules

CAPSLOCK2000 The networks don't like it (278 comments)

There is a solid problem with mobile devices on airplanes but it has nothing to with flying itself.
Cellphone towers have a hard time dealing with 300 people zipping by at high speed. Before the handover of the signal is completed the plane has already reached the next tower. This leaves the tower with hundreds of dangling connections using up capacity. A few seconds later the next one passes by before the tower had the time to clean out the old connections.

about 10 months ago

The Next Frontier of Consumer Exploitation By Corporations

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:Only the stupid (166 comments)

This goes way beyond mere advertising. It also involves the price you pay and which products are available in shops near you. Restaurants may increase the price of their meals if they know you are very hungry, it's unlikely that you will leave once you have been seated. Cigaret-vendors will lower their prices if they figure out you are trying to quit.
The old adagium "Knowledge is power" still holds.

about a year ago

Thoughts From Readers on Replacing Google Reader

CAPSLOCK2000 Re:rss2email (50 comments)

This is exactly what I do and it works great. Sharing and syncing mail is solved problem and mail is a very suitable format for the short blurps of information that most RSS-feeds are made of.

I have rss2email set the from-adress based on the RSS-feed which makes automatically filtering the mail into folders easy.

1 year,28 days



Pirateparty wins courtcase agains Brein

CAPSLOCK2000 CAPSLOCK2000 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

CAPSLOCK2000 (27149) writes "The Dutch Pirateparty (PPNL) just won a court-case against Brein. Last week Brein got a court to issue an emergency order to take down a reverse-proxy to The Piratebay. The next day Brein claimed the court order also included a generic proxy also ran by PPNL and any other service that might lead to TPB (aka hyperlinks). PPNL responded with a emergency lawsuit of their own, asking for a literal interpretation of the verdict instead of Breins broad reading. The judge acknowledged the narrow interpretation of the verdict. stays up and now sports a list of other ways to reach The Piratebay. Due to the Streisand effect this list has grown to a considerable length. Noteworthy is that it The Pirateparty got favorable verdict in a single day, a first in Dutch law."
Link to Original Source

Dutch Pirateparty refuses order to take down proxy

CAPSLOCK2000 CAPSLOCK2000 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

CAPSLOCK2000 (27149) writes "The Dutch Pirateparty has refused an order from Brein to take down a proxy to The PirateBay. Last month Brein (the distribution-industries paralegal outfit) forced a number of ISP to block The PirateBay; the first site ever blocked in The Netherlands. Immediately people started using proxies at other ISP's to get to TPB. Brein then threatened a number of those proxies with legal action. As most of these are run by hobbyists without legal or financial means there was little resistance. Now the Dutch Pirateparty has decided to stand up to the intimidation and refuses to take down it's proxy. Today they sent there response in style: by uploading it to The PirateBay In translation: "The Pirateparty disputes your claim and will not comply with your request.""
Link to Original Source


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