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Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft

CajunArson Re:Is it dead? (109 comments)

If you had read his comment in context you'd realize that he's saying this: If Intel Baytrail parts can run full-blown Windows 8 with good performance and battery life that's at least on-par with ARM Android tablets.... what do you think will happen when products come out where those same chips get to run Android instead?

2 days ago

How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

CajunArson Re:Mr Fixit (579 comments)

" just about every SSL-encrypted internet communication over the last two years has been compromised."

No, it really hasn't.

It's accurate to say that just about every Open-SSL encrypted session for servers that were using NEW versions of OpenSSL (not all those ones out there still stuck on 0.9.8(whatever) that never had the bug) were potentially vulnerable to attack.

That's bad, but it's a universe away from "every SSL session is compromized!!!" because that's not really true.

3 days ago

Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

CajunArson WTF?? (641 comments)

Premise of the Story: XP is older than Dropbox and therefore is useless. Let's go find some people who use XP and then talk about Dropbox.

In other news: This so-called story is a thinly veiled ad for Dropbox that finds interesting ways to drop the word Dropbox into a completely unrelated story!!


about two weeks ago

Russian GLONASS Down For 12 Hours

CajunArson Re:Intentional (148 comments)

If by "very recently" you mean 14 years ago (literally in the 20th century) that selective availability was turned off.....

As for your other points:
1. The U.S. did not degrade any civilian GPS when they invaded Iraq.

2. If you honestly think the Ukranians are beholden to GLONASS... which doesn't even work for the Russians a large portion of the time.. and are somehow too stupid to buy commercial GPS products that are made in Taiwan and used by the rest of the world, then I have a bridge to sell you.
Hell, even the Russians use GPS (quietly) even though they tout GLONASS because nationalism.

about two weeks ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

CajunArson Meanwhile, people are bailing from the IPCC (987 comments)

Meanwhile, after you read past the end-of-the-world predictions that were likely lifted directly from one of those churches that makes a living predicting the End Times, here's a more realistic assessment from a real economist who told the IPCC to remove his name from their "summary":

about three weeks ago

Wal-Mart Sues Visa For $5 Billion For Rigging Card Swipe Fees

CajunArson Re:Walmart employees, rejoice! (455 comments)

Bitch about Walmart employees all you want, but if you want to see a perfect model of a *NON* flashy HQ and *NON* flashy executives who practice what they preach, then Walmart is a perfect example of how to do things.

about three weeks ago

Scientist Live-Blogs His Lab's Attempts To Generate New Type of Stem Cells

CajunArson Meh... BORING (20 comments)

So all he's doing is a boring experiment and live-blogging it?

Sure, that kind of link-bait would have been fine back in 2002 when "blogs" were all cool.

If Slahdot's standards hadn't dropped so much recently he would have had to do the following things to get on the front page:
1. Print the rats with a a 3D printer.
2. Put the rats ON A DRONE.
3. Use the rat-drone to uncover a secret NSA program that has already produced the stem cells to INVADE OUR PRIVACY.
4. Prove that stem cells create global warming.
5. Write a lengthy academic paper that has nothing whatsoever to do with points 1-4 but instead states.. without coming to a firm conclusion.. that Christians* are inferior forms of life because jargon.

* But not muslims, because even though we talk the big talk we're really a bunch of sniveling cowards. Hey, tomorrow is Sharia tuesday!

about three weeks ago

IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages

CajunArson Well you're partly right (703 comments)

The droughts in California ARE man-made, but they have nothing to do with the Global Warming boogy-man and have everything to do with 2 important facts that people seem to forget:
1. That part of California is a freakin' desert and no, it didn't turn into a desert overnight because of Global Warming, it was a desert long before humans showed up.
2. California's intentional man-made mismanagement of its water supply to dump water for bait-fish and for Mexico and refusal to build new reservoirs to store water from years when it has been plentiful has caught up to it now that we see California's climate doing exactly what it should be doing.

But go ahead, blame Global Warming and burn a few witches at the stake since radical religious fanaticism with a thin veneer of "science" painted over it has now replaced rational thought.

about a month ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

CajunArson Free points! (667 comments)

Free hypocrisy points to all the posters who bash these guys but would gladly sign up for the Obama brown-shirt core to enforce "fairness" and "equality" on Fox new or to censor Rush Limbaugh but now feel that their pigs are far more "equal" than those other pigs they disagree with.

P.S. --> Since I'm not a hypocrite, I don't think these creationists deserve "equal time" any more than I think whack-job Global Warming religionists who want to put so-called "deniers" or even people who think Global Warming is real but isn't apocalyptic in concentration camps should be given "equal time".
Oh, no, I'm not exaggerating either: https://theconversation.com/is...

about a month ago

Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?

CajunArson DIE YOU DENIALIST SCUM!! (180 comments)

Everyone knows that the reason ANYTHING goes exctint is:
1. George Bush.
2. Republicans.


about a month ago

Why Robots Will Not Be Smarter Than Humans By 2029

CajunArson Kurzweil is an idiot with Super Powers (294 comments)

Kurzweil's predictive powers are so incredibly wrong that he could literally destroy the world by making a mundane prediction that then couldn't come true.

For example, if Kurzweil foolishly predicted that the sun would come up tomorrow, the earth would probably careen right out of its orbit.

about a month and a half ago

Broadcom Releases Source For Graphics Stack; Raspberry Pi Sets Bounty For Port

CajunArson First Open Mobile Graphics Core??? (77 comments)

Upton sez: "But we're incredibly proud that VideoCore IV is the first publicly documented mobile graphics core,"

Uh.. considering that the graphics cores in Baytrail tablet chips have had open source drivers in the mainline Linux kernel since at least early last year (the earliest commits may go all the way back to 2012), and considering that Intel's Gen7 graphics system is very well documented, I'd have to disagree there.

about 2 months ago

Linksys Routers Exploited By "TheMoon"

CajunArson You got the correct message (134 comments)

I'm glad you got the satire... I've been running Linux on any machine under my direct control since 2000 and I did my Master's thesis by hacking on a Linux Security Module for domain & type enforcement back when the 2.6 Kernel was still in beta... so I'm not exactly shilling for Microsoft.

I'm also not a fan of complacency. While I really like that a whole lot of devices run Linux, if they can't be updated to address security issues in a very easy (even completely automated) manner, then Linux can be just as vulnerable as Windows or anything else.

about 2 months ago

Linksys Routers Exploited By "TheMoon"

CajunArson That's impossible (134 comments)

Linksys routers run Linux and Linux is Open Source. Therefore there are no bugs because theoretically someone can look at the code and fix the code.

This also means that it's impossible for bad people to look at the code and exploit the code because Open Source makes everyone honest by magic.

Oh, and by virtue of being able to look at the code, Linksys routers magically patch themselves before the bugs even come into existence!

In conclusion, Windows is the cause of all security problems.

about 2 months ago

Heat Waves In Australia Are Getting More Frequent, and Hotter

CajunArson Pshaw... it's just weather! (279 comments)

It's not climate change, it's just a random weather pattern.

Oh wait.. you said hot?

Nevermind. Climate change.

about 3 months ago

EU Committee Issues Report On NSA Surveillance; Snowden To Testify

CajunArson Much like Galileo (177 comments)

The conclusion of the EU report will be: IT'S NOT FAIR! How come those degeneration AMERICANS get to have all the spying! We'll build our OWN spy network... with blackjack! and hookers!

In fact, just push back the start of the spy network while doubling the budget every couple of years or so and let us have the hookers now!

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many (Electronics) Gates Is That Software Algorithm?

CajunArson Holy crap (365 comments)

Either implement it as shaders for a GPU (or a DSP) or hire somebody who actually knows about hardware design if you are hell-bent on implementing an ASIC.

Slashdot: Where *not* to go to get specific advice about specific technical issues.

about 3 months ago

Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing

CajunArson Yes, it DOES run Linux (219 comments)

Summary didn't mention it, but it does run Linux, and having access to standard Linux on a device this small is actually a very big deal. We're talking a physical/power profile that's down at high-end Arduino levels but with vastly more powerful software capabilities.

about 3 months ago

Anti-GMO Activists Win Victory On Hawaiian Island

CajunArson These must be women-hating Republicans (510 comments)

Women have the RIGHT to choose to eat GMOs if they want and I stand against this right-wing Republican War on Women since they insist on telling women what to do with their bodies!

about 3 months ago

Backdoor Discovered In Netgear and Linkys Routers

CajunArson This wasn't the NSA! (189 comments)

Their backdoors are implemented at much higher quality level.

about 4 months ago



Running Old Desktops Headless?

CajunArson CajunArson writes  |  more than 4 years ago

CajunArson (465943) writes "I have recently dug up an old P4 that is in fine working order and done what any self respecting Slashdotter would do... I slapped Linux on it to experiment making an NFSv4 server. One other thing I did was to remove the old AGP video card to save on power since this is a headless machine. Now... I removed the video card after the installation, and I'm doing just fine as long as the machine will boot to a state where networking works and I can SSH to it.

My question for the Slashdot audience is: Is there a good solution to allow me to login to this box if it cannot get on the network? I'm looking for solutions other than slapping a video card back in. In my case, I will have physical access to the machine.

A few caveats to make it interesting: This question is for plain old desktop/laptop systems, not network servers designed to run headless. Also, I am aware of the serial console, but even "old" machines may only have USB, and I have not seen any good documentation on how and if USB works as a substitute. Finally, if there is any way to access the BIOS settings without needing a video card that would be an extra bonus, but I'm satisfied with just local OS access starting from the GRUB prompt. I'm all ears for advice from any Slashdotters with these setups running."

Link to Original Source

Microsoft Censors... Its own Naughty Santa

CajunArson CajunArson writes  |  more than 6 years ago

CajunArson (465943) writes "The Register has a story about a rather naughty Santa. It appears that the seemingly nice holiday service provided via Windows Live Messenger took on a mind of it's own. When the AI version of Santa Claus began to talk dirty to underage children, it appears that the ghost of Microsoft management present decided to sent AI Claus packing back to the digital north pole."

Intel open-sources parallelization Framework

CajunArson CajunArson writes  |  more than 6 years ago

CajunArson (465943) writes "An interesting article over at Ars Technica discussing Intel's recent release of its http://osstbb.intel.com/">Thread Building Blocks 2.0 templating library for C++. This library provides a higher level of abstraction for writing parallel code than normal POSIX or Windows threads provide. It has been pushed by Intel in the past as a similar concept to OpenMP, although its template nature means it is much more focused on C++.

Some interesting notes on Intel's earnestness in open-sourcing the project: Released under GPL version 2, it runs on non-Intel CPUs (even non-x86 as in the G5), and it is already ported to Linux and Solaris as well as Windows."

CajunArson CajunArson writes  |  more than 7 years ago

CajunArson (465943) writes "The Beryl Project which is a fork of the well-known Compiz desktop compositing project has just released version 0.2.0. The anouncement is here.

Having used Beryl from the SVN tree I can say that it has made quite a few improvements, and while it continues to borrow from the Compiz core it also has some fun plugins like the group plugin and wall plugin that can actually help usability on the desktop in addition to just being pretty eye-candy."



Carnegie Mellon MSIN Master's Program?

CajunArson CajunArson writes  |  about 12 years ago

Well this is my first slash-blog entry, lets see who'll bite!

I am presently an undergrad at Purdue University and will finally be graduating with a BS in Computer Engineering in May.

My number 1 choice for graduate schools, Carnegie Mellon, just accepted me into the MSIN Master's program. If you are a current or former student in this program, is it a good idea? I've studied all the material on the CMU site, and it looked so interesting that I specifically applied to that program. What have your experiences been? Has it met your expectations?

Thanks for anything you can tell me!

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