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Ask Steve Wozniak Anything

Cal Paterson Geek Culture (612 comments)

Do you think that geek culture is different today than it was in the past? How have things changed?

about 2 years ago

UK Gov't Lost Personal Data On 4M People In One Year

Cal Paterson Re:4000000? (163 comments)

Your sugestion basically makes government liable (because they will have to pay to enforce all that stuff), which is better, but it just indirectly makes the taxpayer liable.

The best answer is to attach some simple value to someone's simple private personal data - say £5000, and to be adjusted for inflation in future. Upon loss of their data, the victim must be paid out that amount, along with any future losses of income/monies that they are liable for "on the balance of probabilities".

The liability approach makes sure that private data starts to be taken seriously. It's also very consistent with what is easy for civil courts to prosecute, and avoids any government beauraucracy.

more than 6 years ago


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