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Black Screen of Death Not Microsoft's Fault

Caldeso Re:Is that any better excuse? (583 comments)

For the entire time I've used Windows, I have had no need to install weird things off the internet. I just go to cnet's "software repositories", and I can download thousands and thousands of pieces of software that have been tested just for my operating system. In many other cases, I can go directly to the vendor's website and download yet more known-safe programs. No malware, no viruses, no attention seeking software that wants to embed a brand in my brain, no nagging to buy additional products, nothing.

more than 4 years ago

The Unauthorized State-Owned Chinese Disneyland

Caldeso Re:*smack*! (746 comments)

The idea of owning information is absurd...

What's your bank account number? Not having that information is inhibiting my economic development.

more than 7 years ago



The End of Free OTA TV?

Caldeso Caldeso writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Caldeso (912961) writes "The San Fernando Valley Business Journal is predicting (free registration required) that Comcast's purchase of NBC spells the end of free-as-in-beer over the air broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Currently, the networks are allowed free broadcast rights by the FCC in exchange for showing the daily news, but Rupert Murdoch is one of many who believe that the recent drop in advertising revenues means that quality reporting will no longer be affordable for the networks, eventually costing them broadcast rights."
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