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Microsoft Set To Be Fined $2.4M a Day

Calimus Re:drop in the ocean (777 comments)

Troll, sorry, I'm serious and name calling is such a mature thing to do.

  This isn't a monopolistic issue. There is no law that I know of that states that one companies software must work with anothers (that goes for here in the US and in the EU, however I'm no law pro, so I might be wrong). No matter how big the company is. An this is the issue at hand in this case, not M$'s dirty business practices, well maybe, but no real way to prove it. The only way the EU has a leg to stand on, is if in their contract that they signed with M$, it states that M$ guarantee's that their software will work with the current EU systems. Or something along those lines. If that the case then the EU is in the right. If it's not, then they are just being cry-babies. I haven't seen anything mentioning the contract though, I'll have to dig deeper.

As much as I can't stand the way M$ does business, I still have to step back and seperate things with each issue. If the EU doesn't like what they have, then they should find something else. Sitting on their thumbs and fining a company a set ammount that the company makes in 10 seconds and will never pay isn't going to do anything.

You want to hurt M$, don't use it or use it as little as possible. I completely understand that what I say is nearly impossible from certain standpoints, but it's an option that could net more results then sitting around and waiting for M$ to do anything it doesn't want to.

more than 9 years ago


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