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New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

CanadianMacFan Designer (125 comments)

Or the graphics designer could just optimize the graphics so that they are the smallest possible size in the first place. Then they are the fastest for everyone. Designers, like programmers, are usually used to having the fastest computers and connections so they forget about people with slower computers and connections.

4 hours ago

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

CanadianMacFan Re:Well Obviously... (393 comments)

The murderer was a traditionalist who took advantage of the classroom experience at the 21st Century Village.

7 hours ago

Anti-Ebola Drug ZMapp Makes Clean Sweep: 18 of 18 Monkeys Survive Infection

CanadianMacFan Re:Good news for the wealthiers (89 comments)

Of course that is pretty much the case now. If you are poor and in a third world country you are pretty much dead but if you are rich and from a first world country then you can afford to be flown back by private plane to get medical treatment.

3 days ago

Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up

CanadianMacFan Re: Unconstitutinal (376 comments)

At least in Canada the reasoning is that the ticket is issued against the car and not the driver. That's why there are no points issued against the driver when a ticket is issued via a red light camera.

about two weeks ago

Delays For SC Nuclear Plant Put Pressure On the Industry

CanadianMacFan Re:Delays... anything new? (142 comments)

"in 2002 two CANDU 6 reactors at Qinshan in China were completed on-schedule and on-budget, an achievement attributed to tight control over scope and schedule."


about two weeks ago

Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut

CanadianMacFan Re: And so it begins... (252 comments)

If you want to know about the technomages then read the books about them. There is a trilogy by Jeanne Cavelos. Most of the books in the series are pretty good and fill in the gaps that were left by the series.

about three weeks ago

World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft Goes Into Production In China

CanadianMacFan Re:Hyperbole much? (85 comments)

I think the other stats, 8.9m length, are for the HO300.

about a month ago

"Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery

CanadianMacFan Re:Outstanding... (184 comments)

That's what I thought when the UK announced their new aircraft carrier recently.

about a month ago

"Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery

CanadianMacFan Re:I'm curious (184 comments)

The F-22 is the special fighter with all of the extras that the US is keeping for just itself while the F-35 is able to be exported to other countries.

about a month ago

Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

CanadianMacFan iTunes (165 comments)

Feels like I've already been doing beta testing since the last major release of iTunes has been released. It's been very buggy, especially where podcasts are concerned. They keep throwing more features in which seem to break basic functionality and slow the application down. It now takes over two seconds to delete a podcast episode since version 11.3 came out. And that's for every episode. If you want to delete three episodes it takes over six seconds. How do you write something that bloody slow? I fear updating to the new version in Yosemite for how bad it's going to be.

about a month ago

Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

CanadianMacFan Re:I don't see the problem. (667 comments)

I agree with you that it should not be labelled as an act of terror but if it was a case of misidentifying the plane those responsible should still be charged with manslaughter (or whatever the equivalent is for a wartime crime is). And if it was done on purpose then those who pulled the trigger to those who made the order should be charged with murder.

about a month and a half ago

A Look At NASA's Orion Project

CanadianMacFan Re:NASA has become small indeed... (108 comments)

But in the 1960's NASA was involved in a massive dick waving contest which made them take risks that management today would be scared of even contemplating yet alone taking. If there was the money available we could easily go to Mars within a decade. It would be risky but there would be people willing to take those risks.

about a month and a half ago

A Look At NASA's Orion Project

CanadianMacFan Re:A noble effort by NASA, but (108 comments)

Well of course it's got to be tied to a project enabled by government inertia and congressional pork. The only way politicians will let the money be spent is when there's tons of jobs spread out over many districts. And of course you know that in two years after the next set of elections the dynamics between the Congress, Senate, and the new President will have changed which will mean a completely new mission for NASA. Which in turn will mean everything that they have been working on will have to be scrapped and they will begin from point zero on their new priorities.

about a month and a half ago

Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

CanadianMacFan Re:Who couldn't see this coming? (300 comments)

Sure they may be making money but that's not what the market is looking for. The market wants pretty numbers in the profit growth and profit margin.

I was at one company that got rid of a division that was pulling in $500 million in profit a year but the margin was only 6% so it was making the company look bad. Tech companies were supposed to have margins in the teens according to management.

about a month and a half ago

Scotland Could Become Home To Britain's First Spaceport

CanadianMacFan Re:World Cup 2018 (151 comments)

They have separate teams because Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England all have their own FA. In order to have a single team from the UK then there would have to be a single FA for all of the UK. I doubt there is the will to create the one FA. Though it would be amazing to see Gareth Bale in the next World Cup.

about a month and a half ago

Scotland Could Become Home To Britain's First Spaceport

CanadianMacFan Re:Rather far north. (151 comments)

As is both sides aren't pulling tricks like this. It's the same in every political decision.

about a month and a half ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

CanadianMacFan Re:is just normal (364 comments)

The big difference is that they didn't go into production before working out the major problems.

about 2 months ago

World's First Large-Scale Waste-to-Biofuels Facility Opens In Canada

CanadianMacFan Numbers (96 comments)

Would like to see the efficiency numbers for the process. They just say how much garbage goes in and how much they expect to get out but not how much energy it's going to take or how much pollution or garbage is going to be resulting from the operation.

Also when it comes to the 60 and 90 percent diversion rates I think the article is talking about the residential waste stream. From the pictures that is where the garbage for the plant is coming from. I'd like to know if the plant is going to take anything from the commercial or industrial streams. Those diversion rates are usually much worse.

about 2 months ago


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