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YouTube Adds Play Icon To Page Titles To Show Which Tabs Are Making Noise

Cant use a slash wtf Even better (150 comments)

A mind-blowing concept that doesn't seem to exist in the default form of any browser I have come across; only in a few extensions and add-ons that don't always work exactly how I would like them to.
The ability to individually mute tabs. I'm no expert in browser-progamming, but surely if Chrome can have a separate process for each tab, muting individual tabs can't be much of a stretch. Every time I open up a range of tabs, with one having a stupid auto-playing video, I have to look through every single tab to find it.
Worse still if I have a flash game open in one tab (I know, I know, 'too old for flash games') that doesn't have a mute option I can't just mute that tab if I want it to temporarily shutup while I watch a video in another tab. Forget hover-boards, where is my tab-muting? It's 2013!

about a year ago

UK ISP Filter Will Censor More Than Porn

Cant use a slash wtf "Opting out" (329 comments)

Sounds like a free ticket on to several government watch lists.
If you opt out of the filter, you can guarantee all of your internet history will be saved by the government and I wouldn't be surprised if you could find your way on to no-fly lists and such.
I am very, very glad I don't live in the UK right now. Although, living in Australia, it probably won't be too long before my government follows suit.

about a year ago

I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

Cant use a slash wtf It's a bit depressing (398 comments)

...that the land could probably live off me longer than I could live off it.

about a year ago

Mice, Newts Retrieved After a Month Orbiting Earth At 345 Miles Up

Cant use a slash wtf Lizards (85 comments)

Of course the lizards survived. How else do you think our glorious alien-lizard overlords survived the journey here?

about a year ago

The Text-Your-Parents-Your-Drug-Deal Experiment

Cant use a slash wtf The real question. (267 comments)

What drugs cost $40 for 2 grams?

about a year ago

Motorola Loses ITC Case Against Apple for Proximity Sensor Patents

Cant use a slash wtf Patents (121 comments)

I can understand the thought behind the ruling, but I have to say I'm really against against against against against against.

about a year ago

Certain 'Personality Genes' Correlate With Longevity, Says Study

Cant use a slash wtf Less stress (72 comments)

Generally people who have a more positive outlook on life are significantly less prone to stress. This could be a very good reason for why they live longer, as life is somewhat less strenuous for their heart.
I think it would have been useful if to measure the average stress levels of people involved in this study. I think you may very well find a connection that is less gene-related.

more than 2 years ago

How Long Before the Kickstarter Bubble Bursts?

Cant use a slash wtf Just watch. (192 comments)

Eventually people will learn that throwing your money at devs before they even have a finished product ready is not a terribly good idea. My only wonder is how many Minecrafts and Project Zomboids it will take before people realise this. I would say things like these are threatening to do more harm to the gaming industry than some of the big company's like EA and their vicious day one DLC. Giving money to devs before seeing even a vague semblance of a finished product is NOT a good idea.

I sincerely hope this fad dies out and the bubble does burst so we can go back to giving money to indie devs AFTER all their hard work, lest we end up with more devs seemingly abandoning games after they feel they have made enough money from them.
This isn't to say that I don't support indie developers, because I absolutely do. I love the idea that you don't need to be a giant corporation to compete for sales in the video game industry. But I think things like kickstarter are absolutely not the right way to go about these things and I think they will end up ruining the indie game scene if taken too far.

more than 2 years ago

Australian WiFi Inventors Win US Legal Battle

Cant use a slash wtf Re:Way to promote cultural stereotypes (193 comments)

I wish our national anthem was Waltzing Matilda.

Even though the lyrics make no sense, it beats Advance Australia Fair any day.

more than 2 years ago

Dharun Ravi Trial: Hate Crime Or Stupidity?

Cant use a slash wtf Re:Commercial (671 comments)

I would say that wouldn't be labelled as a hate crime mostly because you are outing someone for their immoral behaviour as opposed to their sexual orientation.

If you were to release a video of your wife cheating on you, it would be illegal, but not a hate crime.

If you were to release a video of your wife cheating on you with a black man and remark on the fact that she is a dirty nigger-lover, that would be a hate crime.

more than 2 years ago

The Pirate Bay On Track To Be Banned In the UK?

Cant use a slash wtf Re:It's kind of scary (309 comments)

I'm not sure you're replying to the right person.

about 2 years ago

The Pirate Bay On Track To Be Banned In the UK?

Cant use a slash wtf Re:It's kind of scary (309 comments)

Normally I would find this sort of thing scary.
But, let's look at it through our un-biased glasses for a second.
A judge made a ruling that may lead to certain companies pursuing court orders to have the site blocked by telcos within Britain.
Now, this is not even the government censoring Britain's internet. These are companies who (obviously) have a vested interest in having the site blocked as the site exists almost solely for the purpose of illegally distributing copyrighted material (let's be completely honest here).

This is not the government trying to mute anyone's opinions.
This is not the government trying to censor what you are allowed to see.

I know people will probably claim "But it could be X, Y or Z". It is not. This is a judge making what is IMO a just and fair ruling that may or may not end up in private companies making an attempt to have a certain site, whose profits mostly come from distributing copyrighted material, blocked within Britain.

This is not as big as people are making it out to be and I'm not particularly scared (for now).

about 2 years ago

Australian Police Spying On Web, Phone Usage With No Warrants

Cant use a slash wtf Re:The Rule of Law is a 2-Way Street (78 comments)

One problem about the gun laws in America is that it is assumed that most people will have access to a gun.

This leads to situations where the police can shoot somebody dead and get away with it because "It looked like he was reaching for a gun". So really, it swings both ways with gun laws. If you don't have them it's harder to fight back, but if you do have them, the police will be more inclined to kill you.

more than 2 years ago

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Cant use a slash wtf Re:That's an eye-opener (354 comments)

Although, by the time they are in their late teens, you should be letting them handle their own mistakes and only coming to you if they can't hand something themselves.
Otherwise you end up with kids who can't actually fix their own problems and keep coming back to Mum and Dad to hold their hand through life even in their 20's and 30's.

more than 2 years ago

Non-Copied Photo Is Ruled Copyright Infringement

Cant use a slash wtf Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (657 comments)

So, pretty much every newly produced song in the last 100 years should be illegal?

more than 2 years ago

The Doomsday Clock Is Moved Closer To Midnight

Cant use a slash wtf In other news... (313 comments)

Bullshit meter has gone through the roof!

more than 2 years ago

World's Largest Passenger Plane May Be Unsafe, Some Say

Cant use a slash wtf But, but... (394 comments)

They're too big to fail!

more than 2 years ago

EU Moves To End Surveillance Tech Sales To Repressive Regimes

Cant use a slash wtf Re:Largely symbolic (132 comments)

A crack addict will still be able to find more drugs. That doesn't make it right to sell it to them.

Sometimes it's best just to take the morally correct standing on an issue even if it has little effect upon the outcome.

more than 2 years ago


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