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Evolutionary Scientists Test-Drive Spore, Gripe

CapnRob It's not dangerous; it's too stupid to be. (252 comments)

My wife's lab - she's an evolutionary biologist, in a sense - gathered around Spore last week, and we all had a good laugh. Out of something like three master's students, three Ph.D. candidates, three Ph.D.s, and me, lowly MFA that I am, nobody could think of a single thing it did right in terms of actual evolution ... but, at the same time, it's so thoroughly, ludicrously wacko (all herbivores want to be friends with other species? Anyone who's ever seen a hippo in the wild wouldn't agree with that... ) that we agreed that it couldn't possibly help the ID folks, either. I mean ... would *they* want people to think that God sends piles of bones down to induce change in how well species dance?

It's a Big Bucket of Fail on pretty much every level, no matter what direction you're coming from.

more than 6 years ago



Death threats against Debian coder

CapnRob CapnRob writes  |  more than 6 years ago

CapnRob (137862) writes "Recently, a poll run by Steve McIntyre provoked the revelation that a female coder has been receiving death threats from someone claiming that she was destroying the open source movement. I had hoped to come up with a more insightful, witty way of phrasing this, but I can't : What the *hell*?"
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