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Preserving Great Tech For Posterity — the 6502

CaptKilljoy Re:A blank space for the electrical outlet... (290 comments)

> There was actually an area of silicon that could not be used because there was an electrical outlet on the wall that they needed for something in the office, so they just didn't draw on that part.
Being curious, I just had to look at the actual chip layout in the online simulator to see if this was true. You can see a pair of rectangular voids left of the center, near the edge, the lower of which seems to have the right dimensional ratio to have been a space for a wall socket.

It's fascinating to hear the lost bit of engineering history that explains something would otherwise have forever remained a mystery. Somebody should forward this anecdote to the visual6502.org guys.

about 4 years ago

A Million Kids Misdiagnosed with ADHD?

CaptKilljoy Re:No, that's not allowed anymore. (711 comments)

Why can't we sue them for practicing medicine without a license? They aren't doctors, but they are attempting to force medical prescriptions on children based on their limited knowledge.

Unless you are a doctor and can claim to have more than "limited knowledge", I hereby nominate you for a "Hypocrite of the Year" award.

It was a tough choice, given all the other slashbots blabbing about a subject they obviously know nothing about (as many have pointed out, ADHD meds make normal kids hyperactive, not zombies) but you post stands out among the rest.


more than 4 years ago

Highly-Paid Developers As ScrumMasters?

CaptKilljoy Re:Velociraptors (434 comments)

It only works if people work together, are largely self-organising, and don't deliberately chuck roadblocks into other teams paths to get them off their own joblist. Oh, and if management can largely get out of the way and not constantly interfere with the process.

True. However, when those conditions are met, the effectiveness of scrum is nothing short of absolutely astounding.

more than 5 years ago

Mininova Starts Filtering Torrents

CaptKilljoy Re:Why Bother (267 comments)

The attitude of the person has to be kept separate from the crime commited.

Mens rea , dude, look it up. Don't they teach basic civics in school anymore?

more than 5 years ago

First Look At Windows 7 Beta 1

CaptKilljoy Re:No Idea what the techspecs are on this but (898 comments)

You mean likeWOW64?

WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) is a subsystem of the Windows operating system that is capable of running 32-bit applications and is included on all 64-bit versions of Windows -- including Windows 2000 Limited Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, IA-64 and x64 versions of Windows Server 2003 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

more than 6 years ago


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