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Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating

CaptainDork Re:"unrealistic expectations of the Air Force" ? (117 comments)

I was with you until this:

".. able to adapt quickly and better to newer technologies than the little (cheaper) snots coming up under me expecting praise and adulation at every turn so their 'feelings' don't get hurt."

For the little snots coming up under me (I'm old and semi-retired), I listen and learn. They cut their teeth on my best work and they are running with it. While I bring experience to the table, the young ones have no fear and great, fresh, imaginations. I admire them so much.

They are me.

9 hours ago

Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating

CaptainDork Re:"unrealistic expectations of the Air Force" ? (117 comments)

I was instilled with the ethic that hunting squirrels, fishing, eating blackberries and taking kids swimming was the entire point of trading time for money.


Comcast Confessions

CaptainDork Get smart ... (223 comments)

You know what these people are going to do, right? For cancellation, you gotta have a brick wall they can't navigate around.


Me: "Because work is paying for a teleworker account from another ISP."

Them: "Which ISP?"

Me: "Heck, I don't know."

Them: "We can beat the other (speed, service, etc.)."

Me: "Not if you're not hooked up to my house."

Them: "We will give you 3 months free service just to keep you as a customer."

Me: "I've always back-billed my company for this service. They will not accept the charge in the future."

Them: "Are you dissatisfied with our service?"

Me: "WHAT? Heck, no ... I love you guys." .... ....


Go in prepared for it. Your parents died and you got no money. You're heading of to federal prison. Your house burned down.


Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

CaptainDork We need this ... (173 comments)

We need an official piece of legislation that specifically bans bulk collection of telephone records and internet data for U.S. citizens for plausible deniability.

I'd feel so much safer.


Better Living Through Data

CaptainDork Good grief ... (36 comments)

Got any thorough analysis, with Power Point slides, on the frequency at which you clip your toe nails?

Waste byproduct in SI units would be helpful, as well.

2 days ago

London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites

CaptainDork Pretty neat ... (158 comments)

While there's an opportunity to debate the good and bad of it, tapping into the advertising thread of web sites is novel to me. The legality question is similar to what WOT does, right? The plugin warns me about a site's reputation but I do have the option to proceed.

I wonder if any sites have filed suit against WOT?

2 days ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

CaptainDork Re:Where's the drug tests? (505 comments)

"So there is, as far as I can tell, no constitutional protection against requiring drug screening for welfare eligibility."

Consider this regarding the protection against unreasonable searches.

"If it were up to me, welfare recipients would be required to do X hours of community service per week..."

Punishing welfare recipients with community services in addition to their workday (some hold two or more jobs), before showing probable cause is in violation of the Constitution, as well, and costs more than the return.

2 days ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

CaptainDork Re:Where's the drug tests? (505 comments)

Appeal to reason here, OK?

"If you're living off the government dime then ..."

Let's go with that. The military lives off the government dime. People who collect Social Security live off the government dime. Then there's congress persons, all of the bureaucrats, the FBI, CIA, NSA, all of the contractors sucking on the hind tit of government, the scientists with grants, academia in some cases, etc.

Why test just welfare recipients? You do know they don't have much in the way of resources, right? Also, the Constitution prohibits favoring one group over another without due process. Studies show that we don't even have probable cause !

2 days ago

Google's Mapping Contest Draws Ire From Indian Government

CaptainDork Ignorance is no excuse ... (95 comments)

"The company[Google], noting that it was not aware of any privacy issues, ..."

2 days ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

CaptainDork Re:Silicon Valley problem? (505 comments)

It's not just an American problem. It's a human problem.

Humans are very clever at identifying and extracting the root substances of the things that please us.

We eliminate the superfluous ingredients and some of us consume the most pure form of whatever it is, be it drugs, sex, sugar, alcohol, TV, Internet, etc.

Then they focus on the pleasure to the exclusion of all else.

It may be the death of them, but that's what it takes to be human.

2 days ago

Microsoft's Nokia Plans Come Into Better Focus

CaptainDork Re:OCR (149 comments)

True. Every year, my people want at least two things: Accurate OCR and better Dragon Naturally Speaking.

While I can purchase the latest software versions that have newer paint jobs, the engines are still lame.

For legal documents, less than 100% accuracy with attendant cleanup efforts and opportunities to miss something, means a laborer has to do a lot of proofing.

2 days ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

CaptainDork Where's the drug tests? (505 comments)

There are those who would test all welfare recipients for drug abuse on the grounds that poor folks are users. Never mind that the data shows most people on welfare work and stuff.

Those really looking to solve societies ills might do better to test the other end of the economic spectrum.

2 days ago

Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

CaptainDork Re:TCO (153 comments)

t hurts the ability to ask questions knowing that people are too emotionally invested about being modded or having a particular karma.

3 days ago

In France, Most Comments on Gaza Conflict Yanked From Mainstream News Sites

CaptainDork If it's enforcing the law ... (503 comments)

... then what's the problem?

"Moderators are assigned with the task of filtering comments in accordance with France's legal system ..."

The only concern on the table is whether the moderators are, indeed, complying with the law.

All the other stuff is just irrelevant noise.

3 days ago

Nasty Business: How To Drain Competitors' Google AdWords Budgets

CaptainDork Re:Advertised on YouTube? (96 comments)

Sites can detect that Adblock is on board and some ask you to adjust the settings or die.

I predict that's the way things will be in the future: "Don't want to see ads? Then, leave. We already provide 'free,' content. We will not provide content for ABSOLUTELY free."

3 days ago

Two South African Cancer Patients Receive 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implants

CaptainDork You suck ... (71 comments)

I'm so disappointed that you posted as AC.

I wanted to tell you that you suck.

You suck.

4 days ago

FBI Studied How Much Drones Impact Your Privacy -- Then Marked It Secret

CaptainDork Ask a contractor ... (139 comments)

... to get the PIA for you.

5 days ago

Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

CaptainDork What if that's "the plan?" (328 comments)

The Japan tsunami killed a whole bunch of people. Damn tsunami. It's a part of Mother Nature that just doesn't care about the consequences. It's just a matter of physics having top priority.

Humans have top priority over the planet (excluding tsunamis ... for now). We are unthinking and determined to do what comes "natural," to us.

Are we any worse than a tsunami? Aren't both we and the tsunami doing what we are designed to do?

Perhaps humanity made a mistake somewhere way back in the long ago and we are supposed to be tending sheep. Perhaps we are supposed to kill off a bunch of flora and fauna. Maybe we are supposed to shit in our mess kit until we are all gone because we are an impediment to the next apex. I don't know..

No one knows the end game.

5 days ago

Researchers Design Bot To Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews

CaptainDork Damn you, Snowden!!! (102 comments)

See what you've done? No more contractor vetting. All those jobs ...

about a week ago


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